best supplements, and when to take them?

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My DH has peyronies, Erectile Dysfunction from prostate surgery, and major atrophy. I've been researching best supplements. I've read some should be with meals, some on an empty stomach. But its unrealistic to think my husband will take pills 5 times a day! i give him breakfast pills, send lunch pills and feed him dinner and before bed pills, but he forgets to take pills often at lunch.  How do you combine your pills? and when do you take them? what is your regime?

with breakfast:
pentox 400,
ubiquinol 100,

mid morning  on empty stomach:
l'arginine or l-citrulline mallate 1000,
pycnoginol 50

pentox 400

ubiquinol 100

before bed on empty stomach:
l'arginine or l-citrulline mallate 1000
pycnoginol 50

I usually make him a green veggie smoothy with  D3, K2, curcumin, at dinner also.


You are a good wife Sophie taking care of him like that :)

As I am also taking Pycnogenol 50 mg and L Citrulline Malate 750 mg twice a day always with meal.
I made a 30 minutes google search and read also on the written on the bottles.
I didn't find no where mentioned to take them on empty stomach.
In my opinion you can add the Pycnogenol and L Citrulline Malate to the breakfast and dinner. Three times a day more easy to remember than five.
About forgetting to take Pentox at lunch, I am proposing you to set an alarm on his phone or a note to popup, or call him at lunch :)
I may be wrong with my advice of taking Pycnogenol and L Citrulline Malate, but I don't trust doctors, just what I am reading
Hope other members with better knowledge than mine will chime in

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