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We offer our most sincere condolences to Old Man who lost his wife of 59 years on Monday night to Pancreatic Cancer.   
He is in our sincere thoughts and prayers.

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Author Topic: new life without (?) peyronies...  (Read 5274 times)

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new life without (?) peyronies...
« on: November 23, 2015, 06:51:53 AM »

hi guys!
it's quite some time now that I did not visit or at least not contribute actively to this forum; infact it's 5 years...
however, I feel like I owe you all an update on my situation and I hope this brings some hope to you guys!! the question "why now? after such a lot of time?" I can't really answer. maybe I was afraid of changing things back to worse? anyways, I think it does not matter and now I am here writing this post.

my peyronies disease started in summer 2008 with pain during erections and soon I noticed a lump closely beneath the head of my penis. I was 33 at that time. the following 2-3 years were a continuous up and down full of fear, panic, sadness, sometimes hope, sometimes resignation... but I think there is no need to tell you about that... who wants to know more about my early stages may search for my posts here in the forum. there I explained quite in detail what I was experiencing.
just to summarize the consequences: I never really observed a cure in my penis, but over 2-3 years I developed several plaques that always were connected to pain in the beginning for several months and I had some significant dents. I had phases of quite severe Erectile Dysfunction even if I never understood if that was all from the disease itself or if it came from the stress the disease caused. the only Erectile Dysfunction issue that was connected to an organic problem (in my opinion) was that at times when I was able to have a full erection my glans remained soft.
in summer 2009 one day I felt pain at the sole of my right foot and I could feel a lump of approx 1 cm of diameter. I was diagnosed with morbus ledderhose shortly after by a surgeon. I am not sure if the diagnosis was correct, but given my history with peyronies it made sense.

as if all of that had not been enough, in 2010 my long term relationship broke up after 11 years and I was totally destroyed. how should I find a new partner in my condition??

and now to the good part!! not long after the breakup things started to improve. Erectile Dysfunction was not a big issue any more and was still improving, no new plaques and hardly any pain during erections. the dents in my penis shaft were getting better and a new partner came into my life. at the beginning I was afraid of having sex since I did no know if I could trust in my erection and, due to the fact that my glans still was softer than it used to be before the onset of peyronies, if intercourse would work well.

so what is the situation like today? I am 41 now and I think and hope I have left the dark times of peyronies disease behind me. I know one can never be sure and I am aware it can come back overnight. but at the moment I feel good! the dents in my penis are nearly gone. there is something left, but to be honest, I am not even sure if before 2008 my penis really looked so much different... I still do not have any curve and during the last approx. 4 years I had nor flareups and no new plaques. sex works well! ok, my erections are maybe not as firm as they were 8 years ago, but hey, I am also 8 years older now... and my partner does not know about my disease and has not noticed anything so far... and as far as my morbus ledderhose is concerned the lump is still there on my right foot, but it is free from pain and did not grow at all during the last 6 years.

so, does that mean everything is back to normal? hm, I would say nearly! some minor things are different:
- in my pre Peyronies Disease times I was able to have orgasms up to 3 times a night. now this is the case only in rare occasions. and I must also say I try to avoid having sex more than once on one day since I still fear that this might be to much and hurt my penile tissue and start everything from the beginning.
- the sensation in my glans is somehow different than before Peyronies Disease. for some stimuli it is less sensitive now and some stimuli feel a bit odd. but this is not a problem at all.
- Peyronies Disease caused "scars" in my mind, I am not so self-confident in my sexlife any more as I used to be (even if there is no reason for it at the moment)

now just a few words on my treatment / medication:
the only medication that I really took consistently was pentox. I started to take it 3-4 months after the onset of my Peyronies Disease and took it for approx. 2.5 years. I am not sure if it really was because of the pentox that I improved, but if you asked me for my gut feeling, I would say yes. I have the impression that the inflammatory phase for every new plaque got shorter from one to the next and I had the feeling that it helped me with my erections. but as I said, that is only my feelings!!
for some time I tried also arginine and I think that helped with erections as well.
I also tried vitamines E and D and ACS (not sure if that was the correct name??) but not for much.
for my Erectile Dysfunction issues and in order to prevent further scarring I ordered also a VED device (the one recommended by Old Man) but I only used it a few times. I felt so uncomfortable sticking my penis into that pump and applying the vacuum that I decided not to use it. I am sure it is a good thing and of extreme value for many of us, but for me it was simply not what I wanted to do.

ok, that was a lot of information. I hope that my story is of interest to you guys and that it gives some hope. if any of you has questions I would be happy to answer them if I can. just send me a PN. I will check my mail here every now and then.

I wish you all the best and hope that this nightmare will end and/or never come back for all of us!!!
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