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I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should undergo Xiaflex treatment. After going through some severe curvature and changes during the acute phase, my penis has settled on less than 5% degrees upward and less than 5% to the left towards the head. I'm happy with and count myself lucky for my lack of curvature but I've lost over an inch in the process (from 7" to just under 6").

This process has not been without additional side effects, mainly a loss in sensitivity and a definite decrease in erectile quality. I'm 30 and gay so this has had a significant dampener on my sex life.

Originally (last year) my Doc (Dr. Munarriz - Boston) was against Xiaflex due to my lack of curvature, but over the past year he said that significant side effects were less common than initially reported and that he would initiate treatment if I wished.

My main goal for treatment is to soften the plaque a little in the hopes of gaining some of my old sensitivity back. My apprehension against would be the risk of significant side effects (fracture) or a worsening of peyronie's/curvature.

Could some folks on here share their own personal insights on this and specifically whether or not anyone gained sensitivity from the treatment? I'm still very much on the fence.


Did you mean 5 degrees instead of 5%.

That is a very slight curve and to me would not be worth the hassle of the injections. Most men have more than a 5 degree curve naturally. But just my opinion.
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