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Hello all, I was just diagnosed with Peyronies, altho I knew I had it when I noticed a curvature and decrease in size of my erection about 4-6 wks ago.  I originally felt pain during intercourse about 9-10 mos ago, then I stopped having sex with my wife for a few wks, and the pain level decreased.  At that time I had no curvature or shrinkage, just pain during intercourse, so I wasnt sure what it was.  The pain level eventually decreased, but as time went on the shrinkage and curvature started.  I just went to see a urologist, he confirmed my diagnosis and told me to take vitamin E and Advil, which based on my research here, is pretty useless. 

I've started taking AL-Carnitine, L-Arginine & Ubiquinol.  The urologist I saw refused to give me pentox and no Drs. in my area that I know of are Peyronies specialists.  I noticed that someone recommended using river pharmacy to obtain pentox.  Do you think this website is OK to get pentox from? I'm concerned with ordering from an online rx that doesnt require a scrip (am I really getting pentox pills?).  Also, is taking Pentox worth the possible risks?  Sounds like there's a lot of potential negative side effects.

Any suggestions are appreciated, the reality of living with this problem for the rest of my life is pretty depressing.


If you haven't already then read the following link for some basic information on how to deal with this. And then feel free to post or ask questions in the respective topic.

MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST - Information for new members - Peyronies Society Forums

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There seems to be some success with Magnesium Chloride, mostly in other you might consider that as well.  I've just started with it myself and will update when I see something.


I and many members here take or took pentox. The side effects are quite tolerable and diminish on the first weeks. Defo take it if you can. As for the website, I don't know, but I am interested too. Good night luck!