Working with Peyronies Disease

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So I work construction. Lately I've been running a piece of heavy equipment.  I do feel discomfort due to bouncing around. And sometimes notice slightly MORE swelling, but it goes away as I start to walk around. It looks as if i was starting to get an erection and it's just filled with blood. Can running this equipment make me worse? Should I find a new job?  Thank you everybody for your concerns and answering my questions. I'm really young (soon to be 21) and I'm terrified of this whole thing.
Also I was told a year ago when this I was "diagnosed" that warm baths can help and I've been doing them since. Is the bath unnecessary?


I'm not sure how warm baths alone can do anything. And it seems odd that you have had inflammation and swelling for such a long time.
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My doctor said it helps for blood flow. And I've read other cases about inflammation 12 to 18 months and I just hit the year mark.