Erectile Dysfunction vs venous leak

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Hi guys, Is there any way to tell whether you have Erectile Dysfunction or venous leak. I mean, aren't the symptoms essentially the same anyway?


I believe that Erectile Dysfunction is characterized by not being able, or having extreme difficulty in achieving an erection. Venous leakage may be suspected if there is an inability to maintain an erection.


Venous leak is one of the possible causes of Erectile Dysfunction. So you aren't trying to find out if you have Erectile Dysfunction or a venous leak, you're trying to find out if your Erectile Dysfunction is caused by venous leakage or something else.

Put in a logic frame, venous leakage = Erectile Dysfunction, but not all Erectile Dysfunction = venous leakage.

How to find out? Gold standard is duplex ultrasound while the penis has a chemically induced erection.
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Quote from: Jonbinspain on September 22, 2015, 01:46:01 AM
I believe that Erectile Dysfunction is characterized by not being able, or having extreme difficulty in achieving an erection. V

Actually I believe that Erectile Dysfunction is ANYTHING less than a 100% firm erection. Anything less is considered the onset of Erectile Dysfunction. As Skunkworks pointed out there are multiple issues that can cause Erectile Dysfunction. And I only point that out because no one should wait until they cannot achieve an erection at all. Men should seek treatment at the early onset of any type of Erectile Dysfunction.

I believe if I had sought treatment earlier that I might not have contracted Peyronies. My Erectile Dysfunction came first and caused my Peyronies.
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See, I can get basically a 100% firm erection but it takes much more stimulation than it used too. And whereas before I could get rock hard erections just by looking, now it takes much more touching or else nothing most of the time. Then again, my erections also shrink fairly quickly. Perhaps I have a little of both but i don't know.


Don't discount the possibility that excessive porn use can weaken and even eliminate erections.


True but I'm doing good with porn right now. What I wonder is if the venous leak is not causing the Erectile Dysfunction then what is?

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Hey guys:

Venous leakage in my personal experience over the years since I was 55 only caused erections not to stay up. Penetrative sex was impossible without using a cock ring to hold up any resulting erections, etc.

Nowadays, there are many therapies/treatments that can be followed to help with Erectile Dysfunction problems. One just has to find the right combination with the right physician to combat it.

Also, in my experience Erectile Dysfunction has not caused Peyronies Disease. Peyronies Disease usually results from some sort of trauma to the penis. And that includes many and varied causes.

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Les...  I couldn't agree more with your comment. Just wish more people would seek help when they have Erectile Dysfunction. Things would be so much different...


So last night was one of the most depressing nights of my peyronies stint so far. For the first time, I was unable to get a hard enough erection to have sex with the gf. Keep in mind I'm only 23 years old. Worst feeling ever. Now, with my erections, I'm able to get some sort of erection if I stimulate enough but it's extremely soft, especially in the head but also everywhere else.  It also dies down quickly. From those with experience with venous leak/Erectile Dysfunction, what do you think this sounds like?


For quite some time, I was into porn enough that I could not get hard often, and would not last long.  Be careful with the "Erectile Dysfunction" drugs as they are oversold in my opinion.  Without additional information, I really don't have a solid opinion on what you are dealing with.


 I don't understand this Porn thing you guys are talking... I always watched tons of it and found no difference what. So ever. But what do you mean by over rated?


prfact, I don't know how scientific it is but some people believe that porn use can cause erectile dysfunction or at least decrease quality of erections. For me, I don't know if it affects me negatively but I did notice that I had decreased pleasure from sex when watching porn so I'm kind of in the midst of quitting right now. Sunday night was the first time I watched in two weeks and before that I had gone another two weeks. In my opinion, I notice negative effects when I watch for long periods of time. I think if you watch for say ten minutes while you rub one out its probably no big deal. However, for me, I fell into somewhat of an addiction post peyronies where I would sit and watch for three to four hours at a time. This in my opinion can be quite detrimental to your sex life and or erections. Basically what I decided, at least for the moment, is that porn is too addictive for me to control so I am giving it up completely. And honestly, the less you watch it and the more distance you get from it, the less appealing it is anyway.


The theory behind porn use and deficient/no erections is as follows:

Mammals are wired to seek "new" mates.  Men are visual.  The sight of a "new" potential mate, whether real or in a pornographic image, causes a small hit of dopamine.  This hit is relatively minor in itself, but this is the thing that makes you "interested" in a "new" girl.  Enter the Internet and high speed presentation of "new" females visually.  The repeated small hit of dopamine becomes its own goal, and the deeper goal of actually mating with a female diminishes in power and desirability.  The end result can be that you won't even get an erection without the intense porn stimulation.  This is known as Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED).  It is actually real, although using porn at that level indicates other life problems/issues.  I have been there, done that.

The generally accepted method of "getting over" PIED is a period of total porn, no masturbation etc.  It is believed by some, myself included, that this total abstinence can contribute to Peyronie's (PDS) in that use of porn at the level which results in PIED can cause micro injuries to the Tunica.  When these heal without physically manipulating the tissue...attaining erections etc...the scarring can become full blown PDS.  I was PIED, and it was during my abstinence-to-get-over-it phase that I developed I naturally associate the two.

If you are a heavy porn user...daily or multiple times daily...I strongly encourage you to consider its potential effect on quality or even presence of erections.  While I encourage men to avoid the use of porn at the level which can lead to PIED, if you are already there, I encourage a staged approach to getting away from it in order to avoid the potential for scarring...and PDS.  While the porn itself can be dropped completely at any time, the daily manipulation of the tissue in order to prevent plaque buildup is what I encourage.




that was a very useful bit of information, thank you. It had been my belief that simply stopping the porn and use of the penis would not fix but aid in the recovery of the Peyronies but you are saying that you cant actually stop using the penis totally because that will or can cause the Peyronies... Am I understanding that correctly?

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I have torn a muscle before.  If you allow them muscle to heal without stretching and/or deep tissue massage, the tear will heal as a scar of rigid tissue within the muscle. 

I believe that the same concept applies to the tunica.  In retrospect (elsewhere on this form is a list of my "potential contributing factors" to PDS) I am quite literally astounded that I did NOT develop it years ago.  I attribute my porn and masturbation habit to holding off the development of the plaque, which only happened after a six month abstinence effort.  I "conquered" the Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm habit by divide and conquer...dropping Porn first, Orgasm second (but still allowing Masturbation, just not to Orgasm), then after I stopped Masturbation, I developed PDS.  Anecdotal to be sure, but I associate the progression.