Andropenis or Phallosan Forte?

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I could use advice on what I should buy. I'm about to order a $110 bathmate and need advice on what to get alongside it. Does the Andropenis basic do the same job as the Phallosan Forte? The PF seems to provide less of a stretch. Not only that but for Peyronies, do you lean it towards the opposite side of your bend? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!


My opinion is that the Andropenis and PF are not the same. The Andropenis applies traction laterally along the entire length of the penis. It appears the PF only applies traction along the side that you pull from. I really don't know which to recommend over the other. I think the Andropenis would be better is more difficult to wear.
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Thank you for the response. I ultimately chose the Forte due to the fact it seems to be the most discreet. My peyronies is on the lower part and is curving to the left, so I'll use the Forte to pull right to stretch the plaque. I'm four months in the active and have been taking the peyronies survival supplements (coq10, l-car, l-arg and vitamin e). Haven't done any traction or ved so far but the Forte is on the way as is the generic viagra from riverpharm. I'm also ordering a VED soon (either a hydromax or a medical model). If I end up not liking the forte I'll just order an old fashioned traction and use that whenever at home.


You made a good choice going with the pf. I've used it for seven months with good results.  Make sure you alternate pulling to the left and right side regardless of which way your curve bends or which side your plaque is on. You will get much better results according to the clinical trials they did with the device. If you have any more questions about the pf, I'm somewhat of an expert on the device so I'd be happy to help out.

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Any thoughts on the Andropeyronies device?
I like the fact that it is used to stretch for longer periods, as opposed to the shorter durations with the Restorex device.
It is also half the price.
There is a guy online with a website called "My" that pushes the Andropeyronies device, not sure if the whole thing is a sales pitch.
Treatments for Peyronies are confusing and hard to navigate.
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