Ultrasound or Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy?

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Hi, Michaelmarks here.
One year ago began having painful erections, googled painful erections, found Peyronies likely self diagnosis. Bend upwards near top of shaft almost 80degrees. Pain disappeared after about 2 months, no progress (worsening) of shape for a year now, and intercourse good and without pain, though entry more difficult and staying in after ejaculation more difficult. (I always like to remain inside while my partner enjoys the closeness.)
Going to see urologist again after first consultation over six months ago, so it will be a year exactly, the time the first consultant said should pass before making decisions.
I wonder if anyone has tried ultrasound, which is supposed to be good at dissolving scar tissue.
Or Electromagnetic Pulsed Therapy (Painsolv device for example)

I would attribute my condition on an emotional level to being humiliated verbally by a boss a month before problem began; physically I had noticed a condition for about two years previously in my hands of slightly tightened tendons and small lumps near palm side of finger joints which I believe is often a co-symptom. I also enjoy a few pints of real ale most days, so alcohol may be an attributing factor. I don't smoke, nor ever have.
Always had a great sex life, many wonderful partners over the years and still do.
Peyronies hasn't affected my sex drive - I'm not happy with the idea of taking any meds, though would consider natural supplements if necessary.
As long as the condition does not worsen I am happy to go to the grave with it; certainly I wouldn't consider surgery.
I am a healer by profession so the condition intrigues me!
All the best,

Joe Garcia

Have not heard of this type of treatment.  I just completed 4 rounds of Ziaflex injections with very little improvement although have 2 more rounds of injections schedule.  Will keep you posted.  Please let us know if you get any info on the ultrasound treatment.



I don't know how you got to the conclusion:
Quoteultrasound, which is supposed to be good at dissolving scar tissue.
We have a board named "Ultrasound and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)", you may want to read it:
Ultrasound and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) - PDS - Peyronies Society Forums
A search for Electromagnetic on the forum home page gives me 10 posts.
You may want to read them also


Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum