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Hello-and happy I found this site!!!

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I am married to a great guy who has about 6 months ago developed this condition. 
We have found ways to work around it and are learning more about it still.
I have found a great amount of new infro on this site and I look forward
to learning more and communicating with others with this condition.


Hello Grace357

Welcome to the group, I am happy you have found us and hope we can be helpful. We do have a Ladies Only board however I have been the only Lady in there so while we can get you access if you want to just chit chat with another lady for now it might be good to just email me directly LOL.

There is so much information here and everyone is very helpful, if you have any questions please ask. I am glad to hear you are working with your husband and together are finding ways to deal with this disease and not let it beat you. This is very good news.
Please look around and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Moderator since 2015- Missouri- I work in the medical field and have strong knowledge of insurance and how to obtain coverage for medication and other treatments. Being a woman I do not have Peyronies but you can ask me anything. I am happy to help.



We have a lot of info on this forum, try to read this link first:
Peyronies Survival Guide - Information for New Members - Peyronies Society Forums
As Stabler wrote, any question will be answered here.
Write a PM to  LWillisjr to get access to the ladies only room.

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Got amazing support on the forum



Welcome to the forum.  There is a ton of information here and a wide variety of degrees of this condition, and experience with ways to mitigate, treat and otherwise deal with it.




You don't say if your husband has been medically diagnosed or not?  I'm assuming he has. If that's the case, what treatment has his Urologist prescribed or recommended? 

If, by any chance, he hasn't been to a Urologist, see one ASAP.


Access granted to the ladies only forum
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