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Hi guys,
I'm new to the forum. I've been concerned over the past couple of months regarding my sexual performance and the curvature of my penis. It seems that I've been having trouble maintaining my erection during intercourse and I think it may be because of progressive worsening of curvature to the left side. I don't even know where to start to get help so I'm hoping for some suggestions on your part. I'm only 23 yrs old and I'm still on my parents insurance so I don't even know how to ask my parents to arrange for a urologist appointment, especially since I come from a minority family where talking about sex before marriage is taboo. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you thank you! :( :-\


As difficult as it may be, you really do need to see a urologist. Maybe telling your parents that you're having sex with your girlfriend is out, but I'm sure there are other ways of bringing the subject up. Maybe tell your father of your concern over the increasing curvature?

It would be best if you saw a urologist who specialises in, or is at least familiar with the most up to date treatments for Peyronie's. That's not to presuppose that it is Peyroniies, but if it is, you want it treated quickly and effectively. Do not be fobbed off with "let's wait and see how it goes" and Vitamin E.  


There are only a couple of sayings my mother used that made any sense.  One of these was "the sooner the quicker".  The sooner you get this looked at by a real professional...a Urologist with Peyronie's experience...the better off you will be.  


Thank you for the encouragement. I am working up the courage to talk to my parents about it and schedule a urologist appointment. In the meantime, I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were on going ahead and ordering a Quick Extender Pro for Peyronie's & Curvature and trying to wear that. Has anyone had any experience with this device and do you think its okay to do before I see a urologist. Thanks!



I would not do traction or use any other device until you go to a urologist.

As for telling your parents, at 23 your health is your business, not theirs, even if you are on their insurance. If you have your own insurance card, you do not need to ask them to help you call for an appointment; you can do that yourself.

It is possible that your parents might ask what's going on because they are concerned. However, the choice is your how much you tell them.



Agree with Skjaldborg. It does depend what kind of financial independence you have from your parents, but doctor's offices, insurance companies, hospitals etc. are not allowed to talk to anyone about your condition except you. It's against the law unless you give them authority to do so, even if you are under your parents insurance. HIPAA regulations apply.

All providers follow the "least amount of information possible" guidelines when answering injuries from third parties.

Best of luck to you...you are not alone.


Thanks for the replies guys. Any general ideas on how to bring up the conversation in a general/more discrete manner with say my dad? I don't want to jump right to it and tell him I think I have peyroine's disease because when I'm having intercourse, I get pain etc.




You don't need to tell your dad anything about Peyronie's or intercourse if you don't want to. If you must tell your parents, all you need to say is you have a problem and need to see a urologist. That's it.

AT 23, your body is your body.