Anyone have experience taking Pentox + Cialis from time to time

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Hi everyone,

From my research Pentox is the best, based on the forum reviews, in attacking Peyronie's disease.

I'm basing this largely on the below posting -

PENTOX effect on Peyronie's - Forum Experience - Peyronies Society Forums

I am wondering whether anyone has had success with Pentox + Cialis. In my case I might take Cialis from time to time to be able to maintain a relationship with my partner (I can't have satisfactory sex without it, unfortunately).

This was my first posting on this website which also provides a summary of my current condition/history -

Pycnogenol + LArginine for Peyronie's disease - Peyronies Society Forums

I'm going to see a Urologist at the beginning of next month. I will request his honnest advice but typically a urologist has been of little help to me in the past. I would like to bring some suggestions to his office (especially if they would require a prescription).

Anyone have any feedback on the impact of Pentox + Cialis and/or any suggestions on what medical path I should take with my condition?

Thanks guys!