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Just had my results for the UK trial.

I went from 45% to 20%.

My plaque was very hard so took a lot to break it down so didn't get any reduction until cycle 2 and then got 25% in cycles 2 and 3.

No change on last cycle.


Hello Ive,
I have had Peyronnies for 8 months now. The pain has gone and the curvature appears complete. The NHS urologist has said operating is the only way and I go back on May 1 for another 'chat'. I'm desperate not to go under the knife and try Xiaflex (or whatever it's called in the UK). Is it available to all as a treatment in England? I don't want to be 'bullsh***ed' by this NHS guy who seems totally disinterested in anything other than getting his scalpel out.


If the NHS urologist is really saying that then he is very wrong.

Xiaflex or Xiapex as it is known in Europe is very much available (including England) but not on the National Health unfortunately.

Why don't you give us some more details of your condition and we will try and help.