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It has been 8 months since my first symptoms. Right away, I found this board and started collecting data that so many have been so generous to share.

I started at a 30 degree ventral curve, advanced to perhaps a 35, and now I would put it at 10. The doctor felt the lump, and did an ultrasound. It was not calcified at all.

As it's only been 8 months, I do not feel out of the woods, but I am hopeful.

Here are some things I feel have helped, some things I have done, and what I feel I learned.

1. DIET I'm on an anti-inflammation diet. There are lots of good books out there, but here is what I've been doing: No grains, no added sugar, no or very low saturated fat, no juice, no red meat...lots of water, vegetables, fruit, beans, fish and organic chicken. I have had occasional treats, but they are moderate and not often. I lost almost 40 pounds. I am OFF statins. I also haven't had a drink in about 4 months. I'm not saying I will never have these things again, but I know they will never be part of my regular diet. I absolutely enjoy everything I eat. It does take some preparation, but eating out is easy once you know what to avoid.

2. CIALIS 5mg. I was trying to cut it to save money, but it was definitely not working properly. Now I am back on full 5mg. My doctor said that if the medicine is not equally distributed, you will not get the full effects, and the blood flow is what promotes the healing. (Canadian pharmacy half price)

3. EXCERCISE reduces inflammation. I run, swim or lift weights at least 5 times a week.

4. CAUTION during sex. For now, just missionary and careful entry.

5. TRACTION I was doing this 3 hours a day for almost 5 months. I just stopped about a month ago because I was unsure if it was causing a dent up top. And now that I've seen so much improvement, I don't know whether it's done its job or I should resume.

6. SUPPLEMENTS I'm taking that have been recomended by various members of the forum:

PENTOX 400mg- 3 times a day
ACETYL L-CARNITINE 500 mg- 3 times a day
UBIQUINOL Q-H 200 mg- 2 times a day
VITAMIN E 400 IU- once daily (Stopped after 6 months at advice of doctor)
L-ARGININE  500mg- once daily (Stopped after 4 months for no particular reason)
FISH OIL OMEGA 3 with Vitamin D 1000 IU- once daily
ZINC 25 mg- once daily
1 B Complex with B12- once daily

And 1 tablespoon of Natto everyday.

I think that's everything. I really hope this good course continues for me. I hope you all are doing better too. I can't thank you all enough for your sharing, it's helped me tremendously.

*Update: Ventral curve is gone- completely straight. Still have that  slight indent. Considering VED for that. Athough, because here is no pain, no tightness and it's REALLY not that bad, I'm considering just leaving it alone.