Is the new VED appropriate for treatment?

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I have recently (a month and a bit ago) been diagnosed with Peyronie's. My urologist told me to get a VED but I postponed it for 3 weeks as I was afraid I could damage my penis even more. Anyhow, I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I am not sure if is the right type or if I am following the correct protocol.

It is not a medical pump. I got it from a sex shop as the doc said there was no point in spending 700 euros for something that can be found for a fraction of the cost. He recommended it was an automatic (electric) pump so the pressure applied would be uniform.

Here is the VED I have bought: Link deleted by moderator - James

The trouble is the ring that is applied at the base is rather tight. I am concerned if the erections generated by this device are beneficial to me as the base of my unit is rather compressed while using the pump. So my penis becomes erect pretty fast, as long as there is an ample amount of blood already inside it, but feels very constricted at the base.

I also have a varicocele near my left testical and I'm concerned I would be stretching it, using the pump. I do feel the varicocele area "annoyed" recently.

So I'm wondering am I causing more harm than good?

Thank you


I will just say that the electrical operated pump may be dangerous and make more damage.
On this forum we are advising the manual pump VED with a quick release button as a must.

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