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Lost Rocket

I'm 29 and used to frequent these forums years ago.

I developed Peyronie's after what I can only attribute to a girl shifting her weight awkwardly and damaging my penis. Don't really know, what started out as a "dimpling" or "small divot" and no pain near the tip on my shaft has turned into lost girth and curvature and no more the rocket I once had.

I was taking Pentoxifylline ER 400 MG Tab x3 daily but abandoned taking it because I was tired of the constant headaches associated with taking it. Meals seemed to help, but not much. Should I get back on it and just suck it up?

I am excited about Xiaflex just as much as I am scared of it. Who is hands down, the "Peyronie's Expert" in this country?

I am willing to move anywhere in the United States to be close to my Peyronie's Doctor. Currently, I am in Texas. I was seeing Dr. Mohit Khera out of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.


The well known experts are Dr. Milam (Vanderbilt), Dr. Levine (Chicago), and Dr. Lue (California).

There have been very favorable reports of Dr. Larry Lipschultzs who I believe is in Houston.
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Lost Rocket

Ah, I believe Dr. Khera is Dr. Lipshultz' protege. Perhaps I will try and schedule with Lipshultz and get treatment/consulting started again.