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Author Topic: Can I use VED with Mondors  (Read 1077 times)

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Can I use VED with Mondors
« on: December 08, 2014, 04:08:53 PM »

Hi guys,
I’m new to the site. I have a few questions, so I’ve listed them below and hopefully I can figure out some answers here with your help.

I’ve described my case below just to have all my details together for possible reference.

Reading posts on this site has given me a bit more hope than I’ve had for a long while! So already…thanks!

I’ve been diagnosed with Peyronies by 2 different urologists. I have a 25 degree ventral chordee. The bend is immediately above the head of the penis, and is present in both the flaccid and erect states. I’ve had it for 5 years, and it’s stabilized. ‘Wait & See’ didn’t work for me!

I haven’t been having sex for 5 years. Here is why: I feel like I’m going to damage my penis by flexing it during sex. As soon as I have sex, a raised cord like vessel appears on the dorsal side of the penis. It runs around the penis at least 180 degrees, just above the sulcus and very much parallel to the sulcus. It has the quality of a rubber band. It seems my bend is causing the penis to flex during sex, and this stress causes the raised vessel. I just feel like sex could cause other damage too, even apart from the appearance of this vessel.

My urologist suspects the raised vessel is Mondors disease, but I also think it might be a thrombosed lymphatic vessel.

He reckoned he could feel a plaque on the ventral side, close to the bend, and partially hidden under the corpus spongiosum/ urethra. Personally I can’t feel it no matter how much I search!

I haven’t tried any therapies or surgery or medication (apart from that mentioned below) for my Peyronies.

My urologist recommended the use of VED. I would really like to try it but I have a reservation, and here is my top priority question…:

Question 1: Is the use of VED likely to worsen my recurring Mondors or Thrombosed Lymph vessel?

I’ve seen on the web that VED can be the primary cause of Mondors/ thrombosed lymph vessel. So I feel in a bit of a catch 22…Flexing at the bend seems to CAUSE the raised vessel, but using VED to reduce the bend might aggravate the raised vessel. If anyone has experience of this situation, I’d love to hear.

Many thanks,

1.1 Summary of my Overall Problem:
My penis has a downwards bend that occurs at the point where the head meets the shaft. I don’t have sex because I’m afraid of incurring damage to the penis. A raised cord-like vessel always appears just above the sulcus during sex. Straight after sex I feel some short sharp stinging pain around the bend/ head area.
1.2 Original Occurrence of the Problem:
The following changes in the penis occurred 5 years ago:
-The bend
-A slight change/reduction in sensation.
-A 20% shrinkage of the shaft (in length and girth) most noticeable when flaccid.
-The shaft of the erect penis feels less ‘fleshy’.
-A blue ‘varicose vein’ approximately 5 mm long, and raised 2 mm appeared once (and only once) just above the sulcus. It remained in both the flaccid and erect state for several days.
1.3 Drug Use That May have caused my issues:
I used 1mg finnasteride per day to stop hair loss. I starting 7 years ago and did this for 2 years. 1.5 years into this period the changes in my penis started. Once I stopped taking it, my penis did not stop changing immediately.

1.4 Penis in the Erect State, but Before Sex:
I get firm erections, and for the same duration as before.
Since the problem, when the penis is in the erect state, the corpora cavernosa & corpus spongiosum can be more readily discerned by touch. I recall they were better ‘insulated’ by a ‘fleshy layer’ before.
1.5 Penis During Sex:
After a minute of having even gentle sex, a vessel becomes raised. It seems to be Mondors, or else a thrombosis of a penile lymphatic vessel. The vessel is raised approx. 3mm, and has the quality of a rubber band.
There is discomfort but no severe pain in the area of the raised vessel. It seems flexing at the bend causes the raised vessel. The vessel stays raised for a while even after sex, but then returns to normal.
Due to the bend and the raised vessel, the penis feels delicate/vulnerable. I have a strong fear that anything but the gentlest sex would cause damage.
After sex, I feel some stinging pain around the head area/ bend area for approx. 20 minutes.
1.6 Penis During Masturbation:
I do not feel any pain, but need to handle gently to avoid discomfort around the bend. Masturbation if the penis is not fully erect results in some discomfort afterwards.

1.7 Miscellaneous
When the problem happened I had put on lot of weight around belly and my belt was very tight around my waist, possibly affecting circulation.
Coffee and dark chocolate seem to adversely affect circulation to my penis.
Dupuytren’s contracture affects my sibling. My uro says I’ve early stage Dupuytren’s myself…another lovely surprise ;-)
I’ve taken vitamin E supplements on and off but did not notice any effect.
I’ve started taking Acetyl L Carnitine (250 mg per day) recently.

I have some photographs in a pdf file that I could share via email if anyone ever wanted to refer to them…they aint exactly pretty mind .
1.8 Visits to GP/ Urologist:
PSA results always came back normal. Testosterone level was tested and judged to be ‘low’ by normal standards, but both urologists discounted it as being related to the Peyronies. They said I do not have the symptoms of problematic low testosterone. My blood pressure is slightly high, but has never warranted medication.

1.9 Effects of Cold:
When I’m cold, general circulation to the penis is not as good as it used to be. The bend in the flaccid penis is more pronounced.
1.10 Questions:

Question 1:
Is the use of VED likely to worsen my recurring Mondors or Thrombosed Lymph vessel?
Question 2:
I’m in Ireland. Does anyone know of a Peyronies expert urologist in Ireland? I searched this forum & couldn’t identify one.

Question 3:
Does anyone know of a Peyronies expert urologist in the UK? I could travel there.

Question 4:
I’m not 100% sure I have Peyronies. I have not had an ultrasound. My uro said no need. I’ve got a referral from my GP for an ultrasound though. The GP knows almost nothing about Peyronies. How can I be sure to get an ultrasound diagnosis? Do I just show up for an ultrasound & say ‘Please do ultrasound for Peyronies’. Not sure how to make sure the ultrasound collects the right information to confirm the Peyronies diagnosis. Does anyone have any ideas on how best to approach this?



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Re: Can I use VED with Mondors
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2014, 01:16:30 AM »


I will try to relate my answer to the points you have mentioned, but first regarding your VED question:
In my opinion (I am not a doctor!!!) Mondors or thrombosed Lymph vessel you should not use VED. I may be wrong but I think very not aggressive traction may benefit your Peyronies without additional damages to your mentioned problems.
Can you tell us how you was diagnosed with Peyronies?
* 20% shrinkage is not much compared to myself and some other forum members. VED (or traction) may give you some back.
* You should read on the forum what kind of treatments other forum members have done. Also see the Xiaflex board.
* Finasteride is a drug that many members think is the culprit in starting they Peyronies. In my case it caused me Erectile Dysfunction, also it reversed slowly when I stopped taking. You will find the related posts by making a forum search on Finasteride.
* You have stated that:
I get firm erections, and for the same duration as before.
So I don't understand why you are abstaining from sex for 5 years.
* You are also stating:
After sex, I feel some stinging pain around the head area/ bend area for approx. 20 minutes.
You mean before the 5 years of abstaining from sex?
* To my knowledge, vitamin E is not helping with Peyronies.
Testosterone level was tested and judged to be ‘low’ by normal standards
You want to be in the highest point (for your age) possible and not at "Low" normal.
* Cold effects everyone blood circulation, not connected to Peyronies. With increase in age, it effects more.
* If your urologist said you don't need and ultrasound to decide if you have Peyronies, I am advising you to change the urologist.
* An ultrasound is concentration only on your penis and should be done from all the directions covering all the penis. It is done in flaccid.
* We have a few doctors in the UK on our doctors list:,4063.0.html


Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum
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