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Hello! I got this little lump in my penis about 1 month ago. Went to the doctor and she didnt know what it was, so she schedueled a time at the surgery. I am still waiting for my appointment there. But I have diagnosed myself with peyronie´s disease. I ate propecia/proscar for alopecia /Male pattern baldness and after a while my penis burned like crazy during sex. The pain went on for a while, but got better, and nothing special happened for about 1-2 years with it.

Now the little lump is in there, and my dick curves upwards. Not much 10-20 percent? But it interfers with my erections, just got a new girlfriend, and I went limp when trying to have sex to her. It´s like my tip of the penis, dont get full bloodstreaming up there (excuse my bad english)

So now I have ordered

1. Penis stretcher (The andopenis one)
2. Bathmathe
3. And some peyronies vitamins Neprinol Link deleted by moderator - James

That was expensive!

Continuing with the oral treatments..

4.Vitamin E
5. L - Arginine
6. L - Carnitin
7. Q10 (?) - Forgot the name on that one
8. Pentox
9. Colchicine
10. Vitamin D
11 . Tamoxifen

I am a bit worried about one side effect especially. And that is hair loss, due to my male pattern baldness, and thinking of going low dose on tamoxifen 10 mg/day because that is one side-effect. Should I skip it, or go for it?

I do think I have a pretty good chance of beating this, because its not that a severe case (For now!)

Please give me some advice. I am totally lost, and thinking of doing all of this in a combo, just to save my penis :/



I would not worry about taking tamoxifen or neprinol, people have taken it with no benefit. Pentox has better science behind it and a better track record imo. The other supplements are good too with the exception of vitamin E, which doesn't seem to help many people. Consider also the supplement Propolis. Here are two studies about it -

Propolis, Immunology and Peyronie's disease

Effectiveness of antioxidants (propolis, blueberry, vitamin E) associated with verapamil in the medical management of Peyronie's disease: a study of 151 cases


Solve any underlying problems with health that might lead to inflammation.
I came across some people that had penile problems due to hair treatment by now.
Let me say this: Most woman value a functioning penis more then hair on your head.

You can place some of the actyl l carnitine in your warm bathmate water(thermos jug)
with bathmate or extender dont go overboard. No new inflamamtion needed ..jsut slight traction and healthy blodflow.
Daily Transdermals and Traction/VED solved my Peyronies Disease https://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php/topic,12587.0.html (DMSO+X)