Is it possible to correct irregular girth with a VED?

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Basically im asking you because no urologist or doctor will give a hoot!

I made the mistake of doing penis exercises, and now I have a wider shaft at the top than the base.
I assume the top expanded a little bit.
Now, is it possible to wrap your penis with something and just VED therapy the base in order to avoid expanding the top any more?



Using a tub in the size of your expanded part of the shaft will let inflate just the narrower part.

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That is a good idea. But I have no idea where to get clear tubing that would be the exact girth or close too it.


Some people on other forums used a bicycle tire tube, put their penis in it and then put that inside the VED tube.

In theory anything would work, but I'd advise you to be very careul. Ideally you would buy a 3-cylinder VED and use the small tube, assuming that fit you exactly right.
I also think that in general, VED evens out the penis and has the potential to fill out dents and hourglassing if done regularity with low pressure and low holding times. Always be extremely careful, and always pump less than you think you need to.

I wish you luck, keep us updated.


I'm sure Old Man would have something to say. If he doesn't drop through, you should PM him.