Traction, VED & Hanging Weights.

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Hi everyone. Since the beginning of my peyronies onslaught, I've devoted myself to the idea of traction first and foremost. I thought as though this was the best solution in combating the disease. Over time, I've found to my misfortune that my traction device has rashed up my scrotum and subsequently shrank my sack by 3x it's original size. Thus far, my testicles seem to be okay, but I'm obviously very concerned. I've posted months ago worrying about this issue, but no one seemed to have any info on the subject. It's reached the point as to where my testicles are quite literally inserting themselves within my pelvis. I no longer have hanging balls. It's simply testicles with a layer of skin slapped over them. What I'm here asking you all today is;

Does anyone have any significant info on hanging weights for your scrotum???? I need a sure plan on either a safety regimin or simply put, a viable/affordable product. I've checked secretleatherdotcom before, but it seems as though its more so a fetish site, rather a medical correction service. I've tried consulting with my dr. in the past and he quite literally told me, "You're the expert on the subject, not I." I'm baffled and confused where to go from here. All I know is, I need immediate action.

As far as VED goes, I'm very green to the process. I'll be sure to check old man's stickied threads to learn much more. I guess I'd like to know, has anyone purchased the AndroVacuum from AndroMedical? I trust their brand and hope that the simplicity of their traction devices will carry over to their VED.

Lastly, I would just like to say;

I've had a lot of issues regarding traction in itself. I've been using it for about 4 hours a day regularly for about 6.5 months now. And in the past two months, I've seen literally no results whatsoever. I definitely have had improvements in the past, but it just seems as though it's not doing me much good anymore. My stretching is still progressing further and further, however my erection quality remains to be at the same state in length, girth and curvature. It's an oddity to me and I feel stressed to pursue longer days of traction to compensate.

Sorry to the mods if this isn't nearly an appropriate place to post my thread. I'm sincerely coming to you guys as a cry for help. I don't want to offend the forum rules and I'm very appreciative of everything you do.
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You need to see a good urologist.
You are in the US so you have access to the best ones.

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I've used traction and never had an issue with my scrotum or testicles. Maybe you might want to take a short break for awhile and see if things get back to normal.
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