Improvement - Plaque or Inflammation?

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Hi guys, so lately I have been improving in the curve of my penis, thank God!  But I can't seem to figure out what I have? 

A Little history:  I have had this condition for over 13yrs and 3 surgeries.  now my under side is straightening out. 

I have never felt any plaque and my penis isn't inflamed, nor was this ever congenital.  I do notice the area where my bend is-is kind of discolored.  It's a darker shade of skin and I can see veins inside and what not.  Is scar tissue deep within to where I can't feel or touch?

My corpus spongiosum kind of gets lost mid way on the area where my bend occurs on underside of my penis.  The corpus spongiosum is starting to become more present week by week making my penis straighter.  What could it be?  Any help would be appreciated


I also have a bend on the ventral (underside) part of my penis. Are you suggesting that the curve is going away and your penis is filling out again?

You would need a smart urologist or specialist and an ultrasound before you could begin to speculate accurately.

I theorize that the veins of our penis, coming straight from out penile arteries are damaged or swollen and that causes the bending. I have no evidence for this other than what I feel and see in my own experience. I will get an ultrasound in two weeks and see what's going on.

Congrats in the improvement.
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I moved your topic from the improvements board as your post is more a questionnaire than improvements report.
One short sentence about improvement and three questions.

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I am suggesting that I may have scar tissue deep within the chambers of my corpus spongiosum, not hard plaque that you can feel to the touch.  I think this is the case because of the different skin colors and the way the bend is present.  If the scar tissue were to be removed, my penis would be straight as an arrow.  It has been improving over the weeks and is now a lot more movable than before so that means the scar tissue has decreased. 

I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever had this issue?

James1947, thanks for moving this post