Injection as a Peyronies trigger or a Peyronies cure

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We had a debate in the subject regarding "Leriche technique" that was breaking the scar tissue by a needle. 
Is the Leriche technique successful? - Peyronies Society Forums
Maybe this what happening when someone injecting the plaque.
Same with Xiaflex, injecting in the plaque.

Yes, James, that is a very valid point. The part of the Xiaflex trial conducted before they started using the modeling showed a substantial reduction in curvature even in those who received the placebo injection, which was saline.  What saved Auxillium in those trials was that the Xiaflex plus modeling group showed a statistically significant improvement over the placebo plus modeling group.  If the modeling was not put into the protocol, I don't think Xiaflex would have been approved, as the difference in the early, pre-modeling part of the trial was not significant.  Therefore it appears that a 27 gauge needle puncture of the plaque gives a substantial reduction in curvature, with a slight additional benefit if the needle injects Xiaflex rather than saline.  It also appears that the benefit of a 27 gauge needle puncture of the plaque with saline injection is negated by modeling, but the benefit of a 27 gauge needle puncture of the plaque with Xiaflex injection is enhanced with modeling.  Auxillium tried to explain away this observation by proposing that there may have been a difference between the numbers of participants with stable disease in the two groups.  However, the studies with Verapamil injections showed exactly the same effect, namely substantial reductions in plaque size in the placebo groups but greater reductions, usually (but not always) statistically significant, in the Verapamil groups. As there is no known physiologic effect of saline on a Peyronies plaque, it has to be the needle puncture itself, and perhaps the hydrostatic pressure of the injected fluid, whether saline or Verapamil or Xiaflex, which causes the effect on the plaque.  One possibility is that the needle puncture and hydrostatic pressure of the injected fluid causes a wound in the plaque which results in the release of the platelet factors, such as those being studied in PRP injections

Any opinions on the subject?
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good thread, i made a similar one recently with you guessed it, no responses

i wonder the same question since studies both suggest injections cause and fix peyronies
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Anbil.  What are you talking about??

The last post on this topic was 7 years ago.  Why are you posting here ?
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