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Author Topic: A simple method to inject dense plaques of Peyronie's disease - Abstract  (Read 1883 times)

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A simple method to inject dense plaques of Peyronie's disease - Abstract
Published on 15 January 2014


OBJECTIVE: To present a novel method to increase injection force of medication into very fibrotic and sometimes calcified plaques in patients with Peyronie's disease and try to improve infiltration of the drug inside the plaque.

METHODS: We adapted a simple commercial inflation device, commonly used in other surgical fields, to improve injection force.

RESULTS: The device was easily used in 8 patients, enabling injections into hard, most resistant plaques, without local or systemic complications.

CONCLUSION: A simple technical method to improve the force of an intralesional injection is introduced.

Written by:
Stein A, Dekel Y.   Are you the author?

Reference: Urology. 2013 Nov;82(5):1179-81.

PubMed Abstract
PMID: 24358490 Peyronie's Section


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Does anyone know where the full text of this paper can be found?

A bit of history...

I have the hourglass indentation really close to the base, almost adjacent the pubic bone. It started in 2011 and developed into three very large, dense plaques. The third urologist I consulted said it was one of the most expansive set of plaques he had seen. Fortunately, and surprisingly, it hasn't affected the my sexual ability too much, but the psychological aspects are very depressing.

A year ago I began a course of Xiaflex injections. The first round went pretty well with minimal bruising and swelling and some improvement. But, during the second set, the needle was bent by the very hard plaque. Needless to say that was painful! 

Two days later I started getting a lot of swelling and a very dark pool of blood collected at the site of the injection. Then, I started getting an erection while asleep and it got painful, and I felt a huge pop. I woke up in a cold sweat. Over the next few days the swelling continued and even my balls swelled up, black and blue. I went back to my urologist about five days after the last injection, and he said it was a large hematoma. It took five weeks for the blood to dissolve. Very strange, indeed. The bruise slowly moved all around and eventually faded and traveled all the way by my navel. A friend who is a paramedic explained to me that it is not unusual for hematomas to go through stages like this.

Anyway, I don't know if it was the trauma of the bent needle or the pop, or both, but it went into another cycle of swelling and plaque development. I decided not to continue the Xiaflex injections. Unfortunately, I do think I would have benefited from the complete course of injections. So, I am very curious to learn about this device that injects into dense plaques.

I do not think the urologist was incompetent. On the contrary, I think he was meticulous in his diagnosis and treatment. Also, I think it must be very difficult to inject in the base area since it is so close to the urethra.

Any information on the complete paper would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck, men, sorry we're all going through this.

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