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"Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering - an image of death."


I think it looks terrifying to be honest, having had an adult full circumcision to alleviate the symptoms of Balanitis, and all that entails afterwards (waking with an erection which tears the stitches and the incredible frustration at not being able to gain sexual satisfaction for the better part of three weeks) I really dislike the concept of having to undergo further penis surgery. But having said that, sometimes needs must. I've watched a few episodes of Embarrassing Bodies where they have successfully operated on guys severely deformed members, and the results have been incredible. I think it is one great tv show, because it addresses issues that so many blokes try to ignore, and hopefully prompts them to seek help.


Watching videos like that is what scared me away from surgery for over three years. I am so glad I found my doctor, who has condensed plication surgery down to one 2cm incision. De-gloving is just medieval to me. Especially when it is not necessary. I am living proof of that.
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All three of these guys deserve a lot of credit for their willingness to be open about the problem and to be "exposed" on video.  This helps promote public awareness, as we have often discussed on this forum.  Naturally, any surgery videos are bloody and gory.  I actually found these videos reassuring, because all three had good results and happy outcomes.  I realize, however, that's obviously why the doctor, who doesn't mind the publicity, chose these three patients to air on video.  I wonder how many others, not publicized, had less satisfactory results.  Also, in none of these videos was there follow up, months later, to see if the patients were able to resume good sex lives..  Also, all three of these were Nesbit surgeries.  I wonder if there are similar videos of excision and graft surgeries.  And finally, in all three cases, the doctor went straight to surgery without explorinf other options (perhaps less interesting for TV).


It does not help public awareness at all. Because it presents a completely bogus picture of the disorder. The viewer gets the impression that it's just fixed by surgery. But long-term results are not good at all. And the disease is not cured either. The plaque is left in and Peyronies Disease often will easily recur later. (It can also easily recur with excision.)
"Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering - an image of death."


It is terrifying, but so is the thought of facing the rest of our lives with Peyronies Disease.

In my opinion you are just too negative emasculated. I appreciate your passion but if its all doom and gloom than what's the point? As stated before there are MANY happy gentlemen on this very forum that are very satisfied with the results of their surgeries. Who are you to say the long term results are always negative? Yes, there are risks and nothing is prefect when dealing with Peyronies Disease. If you have a better solution please share it as there are MANY (including yours truly) who would love an alternate solution.

And it DOES help with public awareness. Just because you don't like the fact that the videos describe a happy ending doesn't mean they don't enhance public awareness. NOBODY even knows about this condition unless they are a sufferer or directly connected to a sufferer. Thus anything that brings it out in the open for awareness is awareness. You can't change or deny that.


If I'm too negative everybody else is just too lenient, uncritical, diffident.. don't know what the correct term is. I'm trying to point out what everybody knows anyways, namely that treatment is totally inadequate and unacceptable. BUT I'm pointing it out in the hopes sufferers turn their sorrow / depression into anger and that may lead to some progress. Can you just imagine for a second what it would be like if women got a disease like that? Can you imagine how much research money there would be immediately available? All the public events, charity marathons and what not... just like for breast cancer. And idiotic dudes running along of course. Because women tend to complain a lot more and very effectively. $872 million funding for breast cancer versus $390 million for prostate cancer etc..
EDIT: We should mount the barricades is what I'm saying...
"Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering - an image of death."


Negativity will drown out your true point. If you insult someone they will not hear what comes next. Did you post the videos just to turn around and once again tell people their opinions are invalid? And by the way, I think we need to be careful suggesting that if a woman had a disease like this there would me more funding and more awareness. Gender equality, at least here in the United States is an ongoing battle. Look up the history of Pap smears and you'll find that many hospitals found it unnecessary simply because they were men who didn't understand the test. We are more to blame than our gender because we live in fear of people finding out our secret. It's an embarrassing condition we'd rather not talk about.


Let's stay on topic here. This went way off topic on a debate regarding Peyronies awareness compared to breast cancer awareness. I've split this off on its own.
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