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I'm looking at purchasing a traction device. I've read really positive things in regards to the comfort of the phallosan device. Specifically that it can be worn during sleep. I'm just looking for any input if someone has purchased one and worn it.  


Until you will get some answer, you can search in the link below:

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


There seems to be no info about that device on this forum. It looks like a good option to me, especially after trying the Peyronies Device from SizeGenetics for the first time today. I kind of wish I would of went with the Phallosen Forte now. I had trouble getting strapped in and then deciding what was to much traction / more like not enough etc. lots of questions! My device has a springs and I felt like I was stretched enough with no movement on those springs. Is that normal? I can't imaging someone using it with the springs compressed even half way. Wow!  Anyway I really like the look and idea of that Phallosan device. If I can't get use to the Size Genetics Device I'll probably give it a try. It looks way more comfy and less cumbersome!



4-I've been using size genetics about a year. I use the tubing that comes with it. I got pinched with the strap at the first use and never went back to it. The tubing works fine. I started with not turning the screws with one end attachment and have moved  to the next larger end attachment and a good bit of screw turning during the sessions. Regards Inkhorn  


Did anyone ever try the Phallosan Forte? I am about the purchase an extender and can't decide between the SizeGenetics or PF.


Long time lurker and first time poster.  So a quick thank you to all the long time members of this forum who gave me both options and hope when there was little coming from the conventional medical community.

I've been using a Phallosan Forte since December 2014.  This is my first traction device (other than an inexpensive silicone cup w/a bungee cord) so don't know how it compares to conventional traction devices.  I also haven't used it long enough to report on the benefits.

That being said, I like it.  It's comfortable.  Have worn it for up to 5 hours w/o removing it or reversing the belt (it stretches the penis to the left or right depending on which direction the belt is worn).  Although it's a little bulky, I wear it w/pants out in public and can move comfortably.  It provides a good constant stretch.  At first I barely feel it - after a couple hours, a slight burning sensation begins where the noose of the belt pulls against the base of the penis.  I then reverse the belt and keep going.

It's main drawback is it's a little awkward to put on/remove.  I also expect different parts (the belt and silicone condom sleeves) will wear out over time and need to be replaced.  The sleeves that came in the original package were an older design and quickly ripped - the company immediately responded to my emails and I received new sleeves from Germany within a week!

I'm presently being treated by Dr Stephen Morganstern in Atlanta.  He's a Urologist specializing in ED/Peyronies and it's the first traction device he's recommending for his patients.


Just wondering how do you like add length to the device. I'm guessing the longer you use it the longer it needs to be or something. Thats how the Andropenis nose traction device works. But adding rods on that is difficult.


Hi Steve,

Unlike conventional traction devices that attach to the top of the penis with a strap, noose or some type of suction device and create tension by pushing against the pubic bone, the Phallosan attaches to both the shaft and the head of the penis by combining a condom sleeve (along the shaft) w/a plastic bell w/a pump creating a vacuum (over the head).  I believe distributing the attachment pressure over a larger area increases comfort and allows the the device to be worn continuously for hours at a time.  The belt creates a pulling tension by connecting to to the top of the device and pulling it around the waist to the right or left.  Tension is easily adjusted by changing belt length (there's a green/yellow/red gauge on the device, kinda like a fish scale, used to measure tension).  Since the belt is elastic, my gut feeling is it will stretch over time (as will the condom sleeves) and need to be replaced.

My suggestion would be to find a video online to see how it works since it's difficult to describe with words.


Thanks! With my device i have to stretch my flaccid penis quite hard to then strap it in.... quite hard... also apparently the length of the device will exceed erect length so i have to push down on these very stiff springs to then strap my penis in... seems ridiculously hard...


Is the traction force with this device the same in terms of grams/force comparable to other conventional devices with rods?


I don't think so.  The gauge on the Phallosan doesn't have any absolute measurements (like conventional traction devices), just an indicator whether the tension is in a safe range.  And the tension constantly varies.  Things like my body position (am I sitting or standing), the vacuum level in the plastic bell (vacuum sometimes releases over time and my penis slides back), even the type of pants I wear all affect the amount of pull.  In less than 3 months, the color on my gauges has worn off in spots because of movement.


What gains in terms of length have you found with the Phallason Forte?


Minimal.  I've only been using it since December and had to take several weeks off (once when the older style condom sleeves tore and again for a vacation) so I think it's unreasonable to expect significant progress in 8 to 10 weeks.

My biggest issue w/Peyronie's is ED.  Specifically, the base of my penis gets stronger erections then the top and I believe it's partially due to blockage from the plaque.  So my erect length is affected.  Also, I'm 51 and my hormones are part of the problem.

Since I was first diagnosed over 4 years ago, the most effective treatment I've tried is VED (thank you Old Man!) which improved an indention with a 25 degree bend about half way up the shaft and helped flaccid hang significantly (In the cylinder, my erect length went from 13.75 cm to over 15cm).  But ED remains an issue.

Other treatments I've tried include a cheap bungee cord s/silicone cup traction (pretty comfortable but caused problems on the head of the penis), Pentox (six months = two harsh colds) and most of the supplements suggested on this forum (presently on Ubiquinol, L - Arginine, 5mg Cialis (helps), and others).

I can report that since starting w/the Phallosan my flaccid hang along with my erect length in the VED cylinder continues to improve.  Dr Morganstern is treating me with Endostim Therapy and that may be helping as well.

The Phallosan rep sent me a link to a very long discussion board on a PE Gym forum that I found helpful.  Moderators, can that link be posted here?



Can you give us some more information regarding "Endostim Therapy"?
It may help other sufferers. :)

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


Does the PF device with belt change the shape of the penis, because the belt with the product offres left or right traction, can this curvature possibly?



Are you asking if the fact that the Phallosan offers two different directional pulls somehow affects the curve/shape of the penis?  My understanding of science behind traction is a constant pulling force applied to the penis will encourage "adaptation" and new cell growth - I don't think the direction of the pull is that important.  Being able to switch directions with the Phallosan allows me to continue traction (often after one side feels slightly sore) w/o having to take a break.


I recently purchased the PF also on the recommendation of Dr. Morganstern.  I have had a difficult time getting it on.  The few times I have, when I create the vacuum, my penis head looks all twisted in the cap (probably not a good explanation, but hopefully those that have the device will understand).  

It is definitely comfortable and inconspicuous.  I just wish it were easier to put on.  I've watched all the videos online.  Any advice from users on how to get the condom sleeve on the penis???


I also found putting on/removing the Phallosan a little awkward at first, similar to learning to use a VED.  Over time, it's become second nature.

Does the head of your penis look twisted when you first put on the protective glans cap or after you put it in the plastic bell and create vacuum?

While I haven't had this exact issue, one trick that helps me is to suction the penis twice - first to get the head of the penis fully into the bell, then a second time after rolling down the condom sleeve to secure the fit (My penis head w/the protective cap on doesn't easily slide into the bell).

If you haven't been able resolve your issue, try contacting phallosan directly at  Jullian both answered my questions and replaced the old style condom sleeves after they tore.  


Thanks Ray-Zee.

Since posting that message it has gotten a little easier to put on.  I think what has helped is the condom sleeve has stretched some which allows me to roll up over the cup.

I actually have not used the protective cap.  I tried and found putting it on more difficult than the other stuff.  Also, it made the glans look even more distorted.  

On a separate note, I emailed the company (not the email you provided) and asked if I could return the small cup (which I will never use, but do not want to throw away) in exchange for a 2nd medium or large and they said no.  

How often do you wash cup/sleeve and apply baby powder to sleeve?


When you said you asked to exchange a small cup for a medium, did you mean condom sleeve?  They gave me all new sleeves when I first bought the device but I had the old style sleeves and two of them quickly tore.

I think the reason for the glans cap is to protect the head of the penis from blisters.  As long as you're not having that problem, I guess it's ok not to wear it.

My condom sleeves also stretched over time, at first it fits better and recently its gotten too big.  The company and other users say they last for around 4 months, and mine's six months old.

When I suggesting the double pumping technique on my last response, I was using the small bell (which was very tight).  I switched to the medium bell (with a small, stretched out sleeve) and don't need to do that anymore.

A little embarrassed to admit this but I only wash the cup/protective cap/condom sleeve about once a week.  I put on baby powder every time.


No, I meant the actual suction cup.  I thought it would be nice to have a back up so that when I wash one, I could use the other while it dries.  I was hoping they'd let me exchange, but no.

It seems logical (to me) to allow potential buyers to go to their website and print the very elementary measuring device and then order the correct opposed to shipping all 3.

And don't feel bad about the limited washing.  I've worn mine off and on for 2 weeks and have yet to wash.  Yikes!

Old Man

Hey Guys:

Have you forgotten your first grade school hygiene classes!!! Make sure you wash up your equipment each and every time you use, please.

Old Man
Age 92. Peyronies Disease at age 24, Peyronies Disease after
stage four radical prostatectomy in 1995, Heart surgery 2004 with three bypasses/three stents.
Three more stents in 2016. Hiatal hernia surgery 2017 with 1/3 stomach reduction. Many other surgeries too.


Old Man's right (even if the Phallosan's an effing pain to disassemble, clean and put back together!)

And since he commented, I want to put in a quick plug for combining VED w/the Phallosan.  To me, it just makes sense to start and/or finish a stretching session by engorging the penis w/blood.   I've been doing the combo for six months and have experienced more improvements during this time than the previous four plus years combined (I'm also getting Endostim treatments every two weeks w/Dr Morganstern so that's obviously contributing as well).  


How do you perform the combo? is it like back to back or do you take a break between using the two?


My routine is to start the day w/a VED session, take a shower (clean the cylinder), strap on the Phallosan and get dressed.  So it's pretty much back to back.

Some days I may not get going early enough to do VED and others I may not be in a place where I can wear the Phallosan so it's also nice to have the option of doing either one or the other.

There's another thread on this forum about doing traction while sleeping.  The Phallosan is comfortable enough, and more importantly, allows blood flow to the penis, to be used while sleeping.  I'm a light sleeper but tried sleeping w/it again last night (woke up after several hours, took it off and went back to sleep).  Ideally, I would prefer to sleep w/the Phallosan then start the day w/the VED.

Finally, combining VED and Phallosan (and Endostim) has occasionally lead to soreness - when that happens, I take a break from everything to give myself additional recovery time.  


I've been using a phallosan for a little over six months now and it's helped a lot.  I posted mods on here a few months back if you wanna check them out but overall i highly recommend. Also, i just started a new thread about my gains so check it out.  



what kind of results did you see with the Size Genetics and how long did it take? I'm surprised you'd need it a year



I just bought the Phalloson. It is a royal pain to put on!! I have only used it a few days and already the ring on top has pulled off and I haven't figured out how to put it back on! Can anyone explain?

I wonder how good it is for Peyronies. I have the plaque on the top of my penis and it seems like this device stretches more at the base as opposed to the top middle of the shaft where my issue is.


I got the ring back on. It IS getting a bit easier to get on. Takes a lot of practice! Every time you have to urinate you have to get it off and put on again.  >:(


I bought this because it was recommended as the most suitable by my surgeon for post surgery therapy.

It's about as user unfriendly as it can get! Firstly, the condom doesn't want to go over the bell - it's a fight! Once you've managed that, you have to roll the other end back over the bell ( another fight!)  you then have to roll it back down ( yet another fight!)

In my case, I'm using the large bell with the large condom. I suspected that maybe the large condom was marginally too big as air would sometimes creep in. So, as suggested, I tried to put the medium condom on the large bell! Really!!?  You try it!  After about 30 mins of fighting with it, I managed to get it done. Put it on and the medium condom is too small by far and strangled my dick!
All in all, it's massively user unfriendly, unnecessarily over complicated, not the best quality materials, and well overpriced.

I would also agree with the comment about their 'customer service', or lack of. I've sent them two emails and they haven't even bothered to reply.

Back to the drawing board, Phallosan!  


It gets easier. I recently bought another device and it is a bit easier to put on and way easier to remove, but not comfortable to wear with pants. Hang in there awhile longer


Yes, I'll persist with it as I have to do the stretching of my new grafted tissue. However, in my experience, this device is not only user unfriendly, it's nowhere near as comfortable as they claim. I can't wear it for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch - It gets really uncomfortable. The thought of trying to sleep with it on is not one I wish to consider.

Frankly, people who claim to wear this 12+hours a day are either grossly exaggerating, or their dick has died!!  


I've had a Phallosan for over a year and agree it's a bit tricky to get the hang of.  In regards to comfort, it usually begins hurting me when the head of my penis has pulled out of the bell and the skin of the shaft is getting stretched forward.  I've learned that keeping the head of the penis up in the bell with a good vacuum seal is key to wearing it comfortably over an extended period.  Trying different condom sleeves (which you're doing), different amounts of vacuum, different amounts of baby powder, even shaving can all make a difference.  Also, the sleeves stretch over time so what works one day may not work the next.

Also, Julian in customer service was very responsive when I emailed them about some issues so it surprises me that your not getting good service, perhaps it's the holiday...


I've only had mine a short time, but as I say I find it uncomfortable after 2 hours max - I can probably endure 2.5 hours, but that's it, it's killing me after that!

The best fit for me is the large bell and condom. The medium condom is so tight that, firstly I can't roll it down over the penis properly, and secondly The tightness restricts blood flow and just plain hurts. The large condom does sometimes allow a bit of air in, but not enough to make me slip out of the bell or anything. I do top it up, but it still hurts regardless.

I will persevere, as I've said, because I have to. But I can foresee no way I could sleep 6-7 hours with this thing. I'm sure the pain would wake me up anyway.

I'm somewhat annoyed as the blurb makes this sound like it's simple to use, it isn't!! Far from it. And that it's so comfortable to wear that you'll forget you have it on, it's not! Far from it!  


I'm pretty sure the problem is the large condom letting air in (even a little).  When mine starts slipping, I have to take it completely off and put it back on.  Pumping up only buys a little time before it slips again.  And I agree Phallosan presents it as being easier to use than it really is.  Even after a year, I find it challenging to get on/off and it still slips on me fairly often.

When it doesn't slip, I've worn it comfortably for over 8 hours in the yellow tension zone.

Finally, I tried sleeping w/it early on.  Then it dawned on me that sleep is when our body rebuilds itself and probably not the best time to be creating stress.  


It seems that everything with this device is a fight. And that's not really what I wanted or expected.

I don't really know what else I can do. It continues to slip on me. I guess I'll have to try and stretch the medium condom by putting it in the bell and leaving it there to stretch.

The device is a big disappointment, especially with all the hype. I understand the principle on which it was conceived, but it has major glaring faults. It surprises me that somebody hasn't taken the basic concept and redesigned it properly.


JonBinSpain - Try this for a stretch; worked for me.  Go to Walmart and buy a Theraband in the sports equipment section.  Get the thickest one.  It's latex and very elastic.  Cut a strip between 1 and 2 inches wide and maybe 3' long.  There's plenty to work with if you mess up.  I created a decent strap using 2 approaches.  For both, you'll want to afix it to your penis by first wrapping some gauze around your penis, and then that beige elastic bandage wrap you'll find in the first aid section.  Comes on a roll, 2" wide.  Everything's in Walmart and cheap.  The gauze protects you and the bandage is a little rough and gives the latex something to cling to.  Try various wrappings to afix the strap over the bandage.  

There are two ways I used to put the stretch on the strap: one is to use a Velcro strap wrapped below your knee.  (Also at Walmart, white, about .75" wide, comes on a roll, in the sewing section).  One side of the Velcro is soft and comfortable on your leg.  You can adjust the strap to suit your need.  

The other method is to run the strap, after afixing to the penis, around the front of one of your thighs, going around back, then tying it to the Velcro strap encircling your other thigh.  Sounds awkward, but it's actually not bad at all.  I could wear either for 2-3 hours while working.  What determines length of wear is the compression on the penis.  Eventually you have to get it off.  It's certainly more comfortable than those stupid traction devices which nearly crush you.  The elastic bandage will hold the Theraband without having to crush your penis, and the gauze protects you.  It ain't silk underwear, but it's the best of a bad situation.


Gracias gringoviajero;

Unfortunately, walmarts are thin on the ground here in Spain. But, I get your concept. I'll stick with this thing a while longer.  I think, in my case, that some of the pain is coming from the stretching of the new grafted tissue. I'm hoping that once that settles down, the pain will lessen.

The Phallosan doesn't work like a 'normal' traction device. It uses a condom based concept, instead of the traditional noose, which cuts off blood supply after a couple of hours.  


If my daughter will stabilize on her treatments, I think a Phallosan Forte is my next investment in this battle.


Phallosan has worked wonders for me. The Andro Penis rashed my scrotum to the point of shrinking it. This device however, doesn't rub against it at all. So I can live on knowing that will never be an issue again. As far as comfort on the cock though, it's hit or miss sometimes. I think it hurts mostly on the base (to which ever side the ring is pulling at your dick). And then you just loosen up the belt, turn your dick the other side and re-attach it. Then the pain goes away until the stretch on the other side does the job. Long story short;

-I can wear this under any sort of clothes.
-It doesn't hurt even a quarter as much as traditional stretchers hurt me.
-And I can wear this thing for hours beyond the 3 I struggled to fight for with old devices.

This thing has been a god send to me. My only complaint is that the condom sleeves do stretch over time and the pockets of air make the bell fall off. I tried rubber bands at the end of the condom, but they cut off the circulation of blood, which made it hurt pretty fast. If you have left over comfort bands from your old device like Andro Penis, you can use those to stop the condom from letting air inside. They form fit your shaft, so you don't have to worry about cutting off circulation.
Loss of erections since 2014.
Slight bend to left, used to be straight.
8 Hrs of Phallosan Forte daily.
20mg Tadalafil from River Pharmacy daily.
Two unique c*ck rings for maintenance.
Erection quality sufficient for s*x when all used together.


I had an accident with the Phallosan a week ago, just when I thought I was doing fine. Normally I aim to take the tension to about halfway up the green section, (which I don't think is much, but I'm not sure..?) I usually do VED morning and Phallosan afternoon.
I sometimes switch sides after an hour or so and check the tension. On this occasion something happened after I switched sides; I may have got some clothing caught in the belt. When I checked after about an hour, it was going into the yellow section. Later that night it was like a severe attack of urethritis with my prostate on fire when I peed. (I have BPE.) In the part where I have waisting my dick was intermittently painful on both sides and down the shaft through the scrotum. My worry is I may have reactivated the peyronies, as a week later I'm still suffering from twinges down there. It's getting better but i'm nervous of going back on the Phallosan. SB


Just underscores the extreme caution we must take.  It is a fine line between stretching the plaque and damaging the Tunica.  I would not "stop" using the device, but be extremely cautious about the tension.  If you stop using it, you might just lose ground you've gained.


Hi guys,
I have peyronie from January 2017.
After 4 sesions of shock waves i havent pain and I haven't ED, before I have pain and few problems with ED.
But I have about 80° curvature but is flexible and I can have sex without problems, really, without big problems because practice sex with this curvature is not fun.
I have bought PForte this week.
At the moment I have used it 6 hours and I only can say that is comfortable and without pain but I am using still few hours.

I need help with motivation because I feel that this is like religion an act of faith because I won't see improvements until few months later.

Really this will improvement my curvature?
I have a good length of penis and I only want reduce my curvature.

Thanks very much



I hope someone will answer you to your question, but in mean time you can make a search on this board for Phallosan Forte.
You will get 39 results, some may answer your question.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


Thanks James ;-)

Also i have doubts about if like my curvature is to up and OF also works to up May be increase my curvature versus reduce. I need a fast response about it because I am beginning now.



I have a Phallosan. But It is difficult for me to comment about whether it will help to straighten your penis or not.

I have only used mine since my Egydio technique surgery 18 months ago. It was recommended by my surgeon to prevent the grafted tissue from retracting.

If traction works, then yes it should do the job.


Hi jonbinspain,
Are you from Spain?me too.
Is traction must work why nobody write results?
Why finally did you go to surgery?
And 18 months after you must continue with traction? Oh my god...
I have a lot doubts about if traction works to curvature and I am near to change traction by surgery but I have thousands of doubts...
Also i don't know where find a good surgeon.
Which was your experience with your surgery?
Do you recommender me it?

After 1 week with traction I am tired of it and only think that I must use it rest of my life....

Thanks for your response.


Si; soy ingles pero vivo aqui en Espana.

I had surgery after a long fight against this disease. I had a very bad curvature - almost 90 GE degrees. I also had calcification of the plaque. Calcification is almost impossible to treat other than with surgery.

I don't have to continue with traction, it is my choice to try and get back the exact penis that I had before. After using both traction and VED for most of the 18 months I am 90% back to my original penis. Possibly I have lost 1 cm in length.

I stress that surgery is the last resort when everything else has failed. It is risky and anybody who tells you it is not, is a liar. Depending on your current condition I would not recommend surgery as your option right now.

If you have no calcification I would suggest you try both traction and VED - carefully!  You may also want to look at Xiaflex injections.  


Starting with the PF today for one hour. Wanted to get a PMP, but I have a latex allergy, so that's a no no. The protective cap is also compressing the whole glans to a mangled state. I'm leaving it off. I have some experience with VED now and the pressure here is on the lower scale.

Will leave the indicator at a hint of green for the first days and gradually work the way up in terms of traction duration. It's a more regular stretch than manual traction. My penis was always turtling during manual exercises.

But I confirm. It's not easy to put on for beginners, but I feel this will get better with time.  


did the String stretching with Phallosan Start Peyronies again?

I paused using Phallosan After my Plaque was gering better. After 4 months  I started  using Phallosan again. With the same tension as before. Maybe a Big Mistake, because I had a strange feeling. Five Weeks later I have two new Plaques. Maybe from the strong tension?

Now I wonder, if I should Start using Phallosan again - with lower tension...
What should I do?
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