Nerve damage?

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I speculate that my problem started after I sustained an injury between the ages of 10 and 13 years old; I'm 28 now.

I have, at this point, lost most of the ability to feel pleasure in the left and underside sides of the left shaft of my penis,starting from the base of the shaft to 3/4 of the way to the top of the shaft. It seems that the left shaft lacks most the spongy-like material that is present in the right shaft of my penis; the left shaft is really bent and curves inwards like a bow-as in the kind that shoots arrows.

So having a half-bent penis that has lost much of the ability to feel  pleasure makes me feel pretty damn emasculated and extremely depressed- I'm not kidding, really freakin depressed.

Could anyone tell me if there is a treatment that can give me back feeling in the damaged area of my penis? Or am I screwed?



You'll need to see a Peyronie's specialist urologist to confirm diagnosis and assess for nerve damage. Most of the nerves for the penis run along the top middle part (called "dorsal" in doctor speak) of the penis. Injuries and scar tissue here can affect feeling. I had lost some feeling early on in the active phase of the disease, but have since gained that feeling back. In your case, 15 years of reduced feeling needs to be addressed. They may do an ultrasound to confirm Peyronie's and see where the scar tissue is located; this is a painless procedure and no big deal.

Treatments like low-dose cialis and pentox have been helpful for many members for treating Peyronie's, but these are not going to reverse nerve damage. You'll need a prescription for these. Good luck.




                   I also feel that I have this sensitivity problem affected by my peyronie's account. I have suffered from peyronie's disease for 26 years and to this day I have not yet regained my full sensitivity and this is another problem that interferes with the erection process because it decreases the ability to feel pleasure. I have the strong impression that this happens when the lesion is on the upper dorsal part of the penis as you said. What could be done to reverse this? How much revenue do you refer to Skjald?

54 years, self-induced peyronie
Upward curvature ~40º-50º, narrowing and retraction in flaccid and erect. Multiple plaques, loss of sensitivity, pain sometimes in a flaccid state and always on erection, axial instability and erectile dysfunction