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This area contains highlights from the main Peyronies Disease Discussion Forum topic on "VEDs and other Devices".  This area pertains to VED's (Vacuum Erection Device) and other mechanical treatments.  It also covers posts on penis traction, penis constriction bands, and loops.

As with all the topics on this newly diagnosed board, these topics are read only highlights copied from the main forum.  Go to the main forum to join in the exchange by posting questions and comments.
Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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To help those interested in finding information on hand crafting and making their own Vacuum Erection Device for Peyronies therapy, two posts of interest are included in the highlights below. This is included here because the information can be hard to search for and find in the thousands of posts in the General Forum. The color of the posts of interest below is red; RED font text below specifically deals with making your own VED's and where to get materials for construction


It is not unusual to not get an erection the first few times one uses the VED. It takes time, patience and using extreme caution in the amount of vacuum pressure one uses.

Go slow and easy, use plenty lubricant and never, but never over pump the pressure. If at any time you experience any discomfort, stop, and relax the pressure before proceeding further.

Caution is the watchword in using the VED. I have been there and done that in the overpumping thing. Have had to stop the exercises and let things heal before proceeding.

The best rule of thumb in using the VED is if it hurts or causes discomfort, don't use it.

The Soma is primarily designed for Peyronies Disease and is a very good medical quality unit also. It has three different sized cylinders that are used in a 26 week course of exercises. A definite routine is established and a brochure with that regimen comes with the unit. It can also be used as an erection aid when you purchase the separate retainer rings from the company. It carries a good warranty when purchased from an authorized source. From my experience with it there have been no problems at all. It provides a good exercise for Peyronies Disease in that the different size cylinders places pressure at the required places on the penis to assist in eliminating the plaque/nodules, etc.

I really think that if one does not have an ED problem the Soma would be the better purchase. If one has both ED and Peyronies Disease problems, the Esteem would be the better buy. I recommend the manual models of each since you can control the amount of vacuum applied more readily. A battery powered model could cause one to use too much pressure. Caution in the amount of vacuum used is the watchword in either model.

So, bottom line is, do not under any circumstances use too high a vacuum pressure and do not use any violent maneuver so to speak while using the VED. Used in moderation and in accordance with the instructions contained in the package when one is purchased will produce satisfactory results. I recommend using only medical quality VEDs and not those of the "sex toy" type.

http://www.vacuumtherapy.org/extras.html   Link to protocol

From my experience with the Osbon and Soma, the manual units work best for therapy, either for ED or Peyronies Disease. The battery units can be overpumped if one is not very careful in using the power switch. Have had several guys I work with report some physical problems with overpumping and causing swelling of the foreskin and shaft skin.

This is just my personal opinion and have not clinical proof, etc., just know what has worked best for us so far in therapy for ED and Peyronies Disease.

A word of caution to any and all that are using the VED for either ED or Peyronies Disease therapy, please do not over pump the pressure. If you experience any symptoms of extreme redness, red pimples or a strawberry colored area, stop the VED immediately. Try to determine what caused the condition and if it is a result of too high a vacuum, reduce the time and/or the amount of pressure while using the VED.

One cannot be too careful in the use of the VED. It can and will in most cases help with ED and Peyronies Disease, but use it cautiously.[/color]

******Today marks the first month anniversary of my beginning using the Soma Correct.  I thought this would be a good time to give a progress report.  I have followed the Augusta Protocol to the letter, and with one small glitch, things have gone pretty smoothly.  The problem was that from about the 10th to the 20th day I experienced a slight pain similar to the one I had before my Peyronies Disease stabilized 14 years ago.  It usually occured about 15 minutes after completing the exercise and lasted about 15 to 30 minutes, but the last time it lasted 16 hours.  I believe that it was caused by overpumping.  Accordingly, I began taking it easier and have had no further trouble.  I guess I've got the hang of it now.
    I think the best way to report my progress is to list comparitive values for 5 areas I am monitoring, listing the values before I began and the values as of now:

                    Feb. 25                            Mar. 25

Length flaccid            4"                                   4 1/4"
Length erect         4 1/2"                                  4 7/8"
Girth erect                 5"                                  5 1/2"
Angle               15 degrees dorsal                5 degrees dorsal
Plaque              3/8" wide strip from          no observeable change
                      base of shaft to base
                      of glans

    I had noticed the decrease in angle and the increase in girth about a week ago but thought it might be my imagination; however, my wife confirmed my own observations at that time.  The length changes were not so noticeable.  The plaque is difficult to measure; although the length and width seem to be the same, I am uncertain as to the  depth though.  Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the results; I feel the apparatus has already paid for itself.  

    I have never received any other treatment in the 14 years I have had Peyronies Disease, and even now am not taking anything, not even Vitamin E, so I can be very sure that any progress would be solely attributable to the Soma Correct and my "coaches," Old Man and Hawk.  Thanks, guys.

    I intend to give further progress reports on the 25th of each of the next 5 months (through August) and perhaps thereafter, if warranted.  I hope this report will be of some assistance to those of you who might be considering VED's.  The reason that I'm using the Soma rather than an Osbon product is that I do not have ED.

                                     Respy, Mick

A guy that I worked with in Hawaii made his own VED. He is a mechanic with an airline there and has access to all sorts of machine equipment. He gathered up the necessary parts and made it. He did not give me any photos of it, so I don't have any idea what it looked like, but he stated that he had great success after using it. He used the regimen that I used with the Osbon VED.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone with a mechanical background and is good with tools cannot make one. There are only so many parts to them. The size of the cylinder can be whatever fits the individual. The vacuum source can be anything from a siimple vacuum pump used to test spark advance on cars to one used for testing anything that uses a vacuum negative pressure. Hand held units would be considered the safest so that the vacuum amount can be controlled more easily, etc.

So bottom line, they can be homebuilt and work just as good as the bought devices. The retainer rings can be bought from the companies that sell the medical quality VEDs.

Hope that the above helps anyone with the knowledge and ability to make their own VED.

Sincerely, Old Man>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<hourglass indentation nor plaque/nodules that I can discern. The routine was developed under the supervision of my urologist who had administered the VI injections along with other meds, etc.>>>>>

<<<<< Use of a VED of any type is a frightening prospect to men who are considering its use... I believe questions are being asked by men who are searching for assurance that nothing dangerous or damaging will happen to them in addition to just being curious as to how the physics works out. Another thought Tim... calming down and not being a "responder" with high blood pressure and stress responses might be a good step One before VED therapy and it might calm mens fears induced by the anticipation of inserting ones penis into an array of acrylic cylinders. Worrying less about the physics at this point and resting assured that there is nothing in the properly used protocol that would induce further damage may be a good thing for prospective VED users.>>>>>

After using the VED for the 6 months period, getting rid of the hourglass effect and straigthening out the old tool, the vein like things were gone also. I have one small "string like thing" about an inch long that appears when I get an erection with the VED. During the flaccid state it does not appear. During my next visit with my uro I will ask her about what this could be, etc. and give a report back here.

In the meantime, some guys that I have counseled with in the prostate cancer group who had Peyronies Disease, used Vitamin E capsules to massage these vein like things. They simply punctured the outer skin of the E capsule and rubbed the liquid on the skin like an ointment. I believe that they used the high gamma version of E.

I used high dosages of oral E for two months while doing my VED exercises. However, I had blood work done monthly to preclude the possibility of a toxic build up. Had no problems with that and it seemed to help with bringing more oxygen into the erectile chambers during the pumping, etc. At any rate, the Peyronies Disease went into remission I guess as I have very little if any signs left to show or feel at this time.

Regards, Old Man >>>>>>>>>

Here is a fairly priced ($72 plus shipping) and high-quality penis pump cylinder (mamy sizes, but not graduated like SomaCorrect). Note that they also sell the connecting couplers for the tubing:


Here is their FAQ about pumping (fairly well written; semi-accurate):


Here is a link to a typical handpump via the internet (less than half the price of most sex-toy vendors):


The total expenditures can come to about $120. Not bad to get going with something that can be controlled and moderated carefully (using the guage on the pump).>>>>

Respy, Mick   >>>>>


Just re-read Mick's post #528 of August 25. The correct address that Augusta should have given him is:

www.vacuumtherapy.org and not .com as he listed it. I looked up the one that was listed and it is definitely not a site for Peyronies Disease therapy.

Above just for information only and not promoting Augusta in any manner.

Old Man>>>>>>>>>>

1.  So much of the feedback on the VED here has been overwhelmingly positive.  In some ways it almost seems too good to be true especially considering how ineffective most other treatments seem.  I'd actually love to hear from someone who has been using the VED for 6 months or more and hasn't noticed any improvement.  Anyone hear in that boat?

2.  One concern of mine is becoming dependent on the VED for erections.  I don't have any real ED issues at this point, just Peyronies Disease, and so I wouldn't be using the VED for producing erections for sex.  However, I'm concerned that somehow my body will become dependent on the VED and I want to avoid having to "pump myself up" before sex in the future.  I think that concern may be off-base and actually a misunderstanding of how the VED works but if someone wouldn't mind clearning that up for me I would appreciate it.



I am excited that I have already made progress in just the first month of use.  I noticed better non aroused hang and fewer turtle like appearances (disappearances).  Now the turtle only seems to come around after exercise.  The best news is that I have seen good improvement in the curvature of my penis.  I started at around 70 degrees and I am now at less the 60 degrees.  ( you can see I had a lot of room for improvement ).

I still have another day before the end of my first month but I will be away from my computer for about 10 days and I wanted to share my good results with anyone thinking about a VED.  It works for me so far.  I will update in another month.  I will be happy to answer any questions but as I said I will be away for 10 days.

Mister Dillon>>>>>>

<<<<<potaba and topical verapamil and going backwards instead of forward....God Bless You All!!!


<<<<<"I just am having trouble getting the nerve to pump it up harder than i can achive on my own."

A brief note before I get to work here.

We may pump to a degree of hardness that is harder than we can get on our own - if we have problems getting hard. But the purpose of the VED is NOT to get harder than we can "get on our own".

Rather, it is to apply a straightening force to the penis by "erecting" it within the confines of a straight tube. The idea - whether or not we are confined within a smaller or larger diameter tube, is to apply a force that goes longitudinally (down the length of the penis), instead of simply filling out to the natural limits of the tunica albuginea (TA). Since the TA will limit the degree to which you can fill out (think of a piece of tape on a balloon), the VED allows you to stretch THAT part of your TA specifically, whereas a "natural erection" does not do that.

I would add two caveats. First, a natural erection DOES help Peyronies Disease in my very strong and not-so-humble opinion. But a VED may help stretch out a constracting placque more than a natural erection.

Secondly, a very strongly worded warning. Although some argue that a gauge is not needed, most pumps that come with a gauge also come with a release valve. A release valve is vital to being able to go up and down easily on the application of a vacuum. I read again today the case report of a guy who damaged his penis using a cheap pump, with constrictor bands applied (but without little tassles that allow you to grab them to take them OFF!!!), and for good peasure he used is after first getting a natural erection!

So, he applied enough force to damage his penis in midshaft, and to tear the root of the crura that helps hold it straight up. He thus developed a Peyronies disease placque (having started out using his cheap device to aid a natural erection) and for good measure, he is now impotent since he developed a "vascular leak".

So, be careful to stick to the protocol, and to not apply too great of forces, and to not be IMPATIENT to get results.

Here is the abstract (I have added bold for emphasis):

Vacuum erection associated impotence and Peyronie's disease.

Hakim LS, Munarriz RM, Kulaksizoglu H, Nehra A, Udelson D, Goldstein I.

Department of Urology, Boston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts, USA.

PURPOSE: Use of a nonmedical, catalogue type vacuum erection device resulted in a case of vacuum induced vasculogenic impotence and Peyronie's disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A 66-year-old potent man used a nonmedical vacuum erection device (cylinder plus a hand pump without a pressure-release valve and a doughnut-shaped ring at the base without tension bands) after having achieved a spontaneous rigid erection. The resultant excessive overinflation of the penis was followed by dorsal curvature, diminished rigidity and decreased erectile maintenance. RESULTS: Physical examination revealed a dorsal mid shaft Peyronie's plaque. Nocturnal penile tumescence testing and office injection testing were abnormal and demonstrated partial, short-lived, dorsally curved erections. Dynamic pharmaco-cavernosometry and pharmaco-cavernosography established vasculogenic impotence with site-specific crural (unrelated to the Peyronie's plaque) veno-occlusive dysfunction and dorsal penile curvature. CONCLUSIONS: Vacuum erection devices create pulling forces on the penis. We estimate that the pulling forces in this case were prohibitively high (approximately 29 pounds) [Note - this equals approximately 1,500 mm Hg or "torr]due to absence of a pressure-release valve and to the preexistent erection at vacuum application. These intense pulling forces are hypothesized to have damaged the tunica in the mid shaft (Peyronie's disease) and the crus (veno-occlusive dysfunction), the latter being the site of attachment of the corpora to the ischiopubic ramus and a most likely location for high magnitude pulling forces to exert an abnormal injury effect. The patient underwent a Nesbit plication procedure and presently performs self-injection for satisfactory sexual activity.

Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware       Tim   >>>>>>

Rico's post below has stated a common problem while using the small A cylinder with the three cylinder VED. The intent of the small cylinder during the first phases of the original Soma Correct protocol is to make sure that the penis is held in a very restricted and straight position. This is done in order for the penis to begin to stretch itself in somewhat confined space to help straighten the plaque area(s). Extreme caution should be exercised during this phase of the therapy to preclude further damage.

As Rico states, one must take it very slow and easy during the first few days of VED therapy. Remember that the penis has not been expanded to that range for some time and it must be allowed to expand slowly in order not to do damage to any tissue or blood vessels. Also remember that Peyronies Disease probably came on slowly and with no warning and it will most likely go away the same way.

Another reminder too, use plenty lubricant especially when using the small A cylinder. Someone has already mentioned this, but I will repeat it just to remind those using the VED. He suggested you use a small brush that will fit easily up into the cylinder to apply the lubricant as far as the penis will go into the cylinder. In addition, lubricate the whole shaft of the penis before inserting it into the opening. BE careful not to get lubricant on the scrotum to preclude it being drawn up into the cylinder while pumping.

I found that it was better to get the cylinder started over the head portion and then slowly pump pressure to help draw the penis into the cylinder. Also, I rotated the cylinder back and forth slightly each and every pump to help the penis expand and stretch to its fullest while in the confined area of the small cylinder.

There are many ways to use the VED, so each person must adapt any method that works best for him. Rico is doing what I would do in his case, work slowly, make necessary adjustments in my pumping cycles and above all do not cause any pain or discomfort whatsoever when pumping. If this occurs, it only means that too much vacuum has been applied. Back off at this point and start over with the cycles. If any redness, edema or bruising occurs, stop the therapy, let it heal before starting over. Then use less pressure while doing the cycles. You must develop the schedule that works best for you without causing pain or discomfort.

The above is furnished only as a guideline for those using the VED as observed during my therapy. Will field any and all questions that anyone develops.

Regards to all, Old Man>>>>>

Note: The attached pictures referred to in the following post are not attached due to a technical glitch. Hopefully these pictures will be included soon.

                               Hand crafting a vacuum erection device:

<<<   VED1.jpg is actually the 2nd unit I made. Cylinder material is clear, rigid acrylic tubing, size 2" outside diameter (OD) with an inside diameter (ID) of 1 3/4". The cylinder walls are 1/8" thick. The white end cap is a simple PVC 2" pipe cap from a building materials store. The small tube protruding from the end cap is the attachment point for the hand bulb type vacuum pump which is from a sex toy type VED; the cylinder for it was discarded; I just wanted the hand pump. The hand pump has a rotary vacuum release valve. I feel that the bulb pump gleaned from a novelty VED works very well and has a good quality relief valve; all I need was a simple, inexpensive bulb to produce vacuum; vacuum is vacuum no matter what the cost of the pump. The small tube attachment point itself was made from a Bic pen housing cut down to about 1" length. It is epoxied into a 3/8" hole drilled into the PVC end cap. The hand pump tube (not in picture) is made of a soft silicone type rubber and it attaches to the VED cylinder with a slip fit over the cylinder attachment point. The vacuum gauge is a 1 1/2" WIKA brand with a scale of 0 to -30 inches HG of vacuum. For my application the gauge rarely if ever is brought to a readout of over -5 inches HG of vacuum. The gauge comes with a brass 1/8" NPT pipe thread mount and is threaded and epoxied into a hole drilled into the PVC end cap. I used teflon tape as a seal originally, but it didn't have a perfect seal so I went with epoxy on the threads for a dependable seal.
  VED2.jpg is the same VED from the other end. After cutting the 2" acrylic cylinder to length (8") and sanding the ends smooth, I needed a comfortable, safe insertion point that had a good seal, so I obtained flexible vinyl tubing, 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID from a building supply store. I split the tubing down one side lengthwise with a razor knife and slipped the sanded end of the acrylic cylinder into the split vinyl which covered the end of the cylinder around its circumference to make a relatively soft and comfortable insertion point that makes a good seal against skin. The vinyl tubing is held onto the acrylic cylinder with a product called Marine Goop, a marine sealant that is safe for skin contact when cured. It is also from the building supply store. The vinyl tubing was held in place with tape while the sealant cured. In the picture, the vinyl tubing has a home made appearance; the irregularity you see is the cured sealant inside the small vinyl tubing; the tubing exterior is very smooth. To date, all sealants have held up well, caused no irritation or problems, and the vacuum gauges have not failed; I must take care when cleaning the units to not let water enter the guage from inside the cylinders. If I were to change anything, I would seriously consider putting one vacuum gauge inline with the hand pump tubing instead of on the cylinder itself using a T fitting from plumbing supply; this would eliminate the possibility of water from the cleaning process getting into the vacuum gauge. Making these is an ongoing process and I make changes as I go along.
   VED3.jpg is the first VED I made. I wanted one with an inside diameter of 1 1/2" so I used a semi-rigid reinforced vinyl tubing from the building supply store. It is sold as 2" tubing but the actual OD is closer to 1 7/8", with a true ID of 1 1/2". The end cap for this one is also PVC similar to the first one described, but this cap is threaded with an ID of 1 3/4". This threaded PVC cap had to be forcefully threaded onto the 1 7/8" wide vinyl cylinder. Again, Marine Goop was used as a sealer with the end cap. The attachment point for the hand pump tubing was yet another cut down Bic pen. Since the inside diameter of the reinforced vinyl cylinder was the size I wanted, I simply sanded and worked the insertion end of the cylinder until it was well rounded and smooth. A Dremel tool with a sanding barrel attached was used to rough in the radius shape of the cylinder end, then finished by hand sanding with 220 and 400 grit sandpaper. It is very smooth and comfortable and causes no problems.
  VED4.jpg is a picture of the same reinforced vinyl cylinder VED with the soft silicone rubber hand vacuum pump attached. The same pump is used for both cylinders and just transferred back and forth to whichever one is being used. The Bic pen housings used for the attachment points hold up well and never leak air.
  The acrylic tubing is from Tapp Plastics and the vacuum gauges are from McMaster-Carr. Both have websites. I am not connected to these companies in any way except as a customer.  
  My motivation for making these was a need to be active in a search for relief of my Peyronies Disease symptoms. My quest isn't over by any means, but this project started my positive results. Again, I feel my VED's are safe devices for me, and I try to base my quest with these on patience, caution, education-information and a no-rush attitude, and I urge all that experiment with devices or treatments for Peyronies Disease relief to proceed in a like manner.
  Our extended family (Peyronies Disease sufferers plus their spouses or partners) must have hundreds or thousands of talented thinkers and creators; our healing may come from within. >>>>>>

Angus     « Reply #956 on: July 03, 2007, 06:08:51 PM »

  Astroglide seems to stay wet longer so that's my preference. It takes only a dab to slick things up, and it's water soluable so the VED rinses quickly with a bottle brush. A 5 oz. bottle is around $10 US at Walgreens. From experience, I would stay away from soaps and certainly shaving creams. I tried some body lotion that contains olive oil; it makes a good lube but is hard to rinse out of the tube, so I'm sticking with Astroglide. The Equate brand is in fact cheaper and stays wet almost as long as Astroglide; there is little difference between the two. Both are water based and rinse out quickly. When you use a VED every day for over a year you get a bit picky with your lubricant.

Old Man           « Reply #961 on: July 6, 2007 at 10:02:52 AM


I am with Hawk on his comment about the 5 degree deviation. Have never seen any evidence that all men's penises are straight. Almost all have some degree of bend/curve in some direction.

Now, a note about the VED therapy: If you are going to use the 26 week protocol, IMHO, you should follow the exact course laid out therein. Using only the small cylinder does not allow the protocol to do "its work" for you. It was designed to give the penile chambers a complete workout. So, bottom line, it is my recommendation that you continue to use all three cylinders (if you have the three cylinder model VED) and not give in to the small cylnder.

Observation: I believe the reason you see a straighter erection immediately after using the small cylinder is because the penis is confined in it to a very straight position and it will retain that shape for a short period of time after using the VED.

Good luck to you on your therapy and keep it up on a regullar daily basis as called for in the 26 week protocol.

Old Man


4-11-06 Chris Spivey advises:
I  think the key to using the VED is to use it every day, and to educate the patient that they are remodeling their scar tissue. The more they use it correctly - smaller tube to promote length and stretch the longitudinal scar tissue  - and alternating with the larger tube to promote girth and diminish the hourglass deformity and narrowing from the circular fibers of the tunica. Most patients will do this if you promote a simple method. A patient advised me about using shaving cream as the lubricant instead of KY and it works better and cheaper and the patient can see the deformity improving because as the penis fills the cylinder and the deformity decreases, the places where all you can see is shaving cream become less and less. The patients will use shaving cream and then take a shower.

Multi-Cylinder Vacuum Therapy Application Directions

1. Use the different sized cylinders according to the above table.
2. Use negative pressure daily (for up to six months) as a treatment for Peyronie's Disease.
3. Each daily session should consist of 10 cycles. Each cycle will consist of the following steps: (1) create negative pressure around the penis (2) fill the space inside the cylinder and hold a "straight" erection for 5-10 seconds (3) release the negative pressure in the cylinder (4) repeat the cycle ten times to complete one daily session.
4. Negative pressure will not allow the penis to fully engorge, but will allow penile vascularization and stretching of the Peyronie's plaque.

NOTE: A special three-cylinder vacuum therapy device is needed for this treatment.

We will shortly be posting a new treatment protocol from leading Peyronie's researcher Dr. Laurence A. Levine. It takes a different approach to cylinder usage from the Spivey protocol and will be mentioned in several sessions of the upcoming AUA conference in Atlanta, May 20th. The protocol data is being assembled and details will e posted here as soon as they are available.    
 "Vacuum Therapy has been the Key to the treatment protocol for Peyronie's Disease at our facility. So far, more than 1,000 patients have been successfully treated for Peyronie's with a multi-cylinder vacuum therapy system in our clinic. Negative Pressure is effective because it stretches and reforms the scar tissue. In addition, Vacuum Therapy should be used therapeutically (for all men with or without existing problems with erection) to maintain good penile health."

Chris Spivey, P.A.
Urology Centers of Alabama, P.C. – Birmingham


Old Man            « Reply #1009 on: Aug. 2 at 12:41:27 PM » Quote  

Note to all:

It has come to my attention that several guys have experienced a severe problem with the small or "A" cylinder when using the three cylinder VEDs - Somaerect or Soma Correct, as well as those "home made".

They are stating that it is virtually impossible for them to use the small cylinder for Peyronies Disease therapy exercises according to the three cylinder protocol based on their size. Due to the larger diameter of their flaccid penises they cannot get them to go into the small opening. After discussion with some of them, we have come to the conclusion that the small "A" cylinder should be discontinued altogether with the VED therapy as stated in the three cylinder protocol. The problem only exists with the girth and not the length dimension.

It is my recommendation that the 26 week protocol be modified to eliminate the "A" cylinder cycle schedule and substitute the "B" and "C" cylinders in lieu of the three cylinders. Also suggest that the weekly time originally stated for the small cylinder be split between the intermediate cylinder and the larger cylinder. IOW, split the "A" cylinder schedule time with the B and C weekly schedules.

Hopefully the above modified schedule with eliminate the problem experienced in the past and allow for a better therapy workout for Peyronies Disease.
If any of your guys having the above problem and elect to modify your schedule, please post your results after using the modified approach to the therapy.

Old Man



    Cylinder sizes? ...what do they matter?
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i don't get what the importance of cylinder size is! i have one VED pump and i can't imagine what difference the cylinder size would make unless i couldn't fit myself inside it. this one i have is bigger than i could ever hope to be! the pump sucks the air out and inflates the penis... am i missing something? what's up with the 3 cylinder sizes?!?  


Old Man
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    Re: VED's - Vacuum Erection Devices/value of 3 cylinders for Peyronies Disease
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The theory behind the three cylinders for VED therapy is that the varying degrees of vacuum pressure and confinement of the penis in the small cylinder stretches the penis in length as well as in girth.

Confining the penis in the small cylinder holds the curved penis in a more straight position and in turn gives the tissue a sort of remolding attitude. The penis is considered a "smooth muscle" type tissue and therefore can more easily be deformed or damaged. Remolding a curved penis in the VED does take time and patience.

VED usage is not a science in itself, but does lend itself for providing much more volume of blood flow to a damaged penis than a natural erection. Blood flow is necessary to help keep the penis more healthy. There are no known studies at this time, as far as I know, that provide any official background verification success for VED usage. We just have the known success stories of those who have had their Peyronies Disease go into remission by using the VED therapy.

The VED therapy does not work for all cases of Peyronies Disease, but there have been enough that have received good results to support its use.

Old Man


Tim 468:  VED's - Vacuum Erection Devices
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I use Cialis daily at a low dose (approx 7.5 mg nightly) and I use the VED. So I guess I got it coming and going...

A couple of points. I am not sure that the blood in the penis is much "different" than that during an erection. Veins have valves that prevent backwards flow, so I do not see how the blood would be considered "venous" when using the VED. Instead, it is clearly arterial.. think of it as coming in from the artery but the venous drainage is "dammed" by the use of the vacuum.

I am not sure if blood is refreshed at all during an erection, but I suspect that it is. If it remained stagnant it would seem to be at risk of coagulation and/or severe hypoxemia. I think that the penis deals with it in two ways (though I am not sure of this!). First, oxygen consumption in the erect penis has to be low under normal erect conditions. Second, the "stored" oxygen in the corporal chambers may continue to release oxygen for a much longer time than in a capillary where the red cells line up and squeeze through one at a time. Since the blood cells are hanging out, and there is a lot of them, then I imagine that O2 delivery can continue to meet the needs of the tissue.

Whomever designed our bodies did a smart job of it - I trust it works right under normal conditions.

As far as I can tell, the erections I get with a VED are little different than those without one, with one exception - they are longer and straighter.

If you can go back to find my original posts on this topic, you will find many very cogent arguments as to why this would not work. I stopped posting those when I tried it the way I was told to, and it helped me.





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Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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Do NOT overpump.  Read all protocols BEFORE using the VED

Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
Hawk - Updated 10/27/18 - Peyronies Society Forums