Curious if I should add this to my recovery routine...

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Hey all,

I FINALLY got in to see a Dr, one of the best in the country for peyronie's from what I understand (Dr. Gelbrad, Burbank CA). He put me on a blood thinner and L-aginine for 6 weeks. I start in a week. I was curious as to if I should add a pump to the equation or not. I received my injury from a pump (bathmate) and am hesitant to try anything similar to it again.

I forgot to ask the doctor while I was there, so I am just seeking out some advice on the matter.

Thanks, all!



I go to the same doctor.  I am not sure about your situation but on my second visit I asked him about VED and he encouraged it.  Now I used the VED also.
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Quote from: Litani on December 09, 2013, 06:49:49 PM
Now I used the VED also.

That's great to hear! Do you use a specific brand? The ammount of them out there are overwhelming. I'm not sure if I should stick with the bathmate or try something else. Thought?



I sent a private message with the info that I got from Old Man.
Care enough to throw everything you got at this disease but do not care enough to ruin your Life!


Could you PM me the info as well?  I also go to Gelbard in Burbank.  The first visit visit a month ago he mentioned to NOT use a VED just yet actually.  I will be going back in a couple weeks though so we'll see.  Thanks



I Would think you could call and leave a message for his nurse and the nurse would return your call.

I am very interested in the in-depth details of how you think you developed Peyronies Disease from using a bath mate.

Also, when you say he put you on a blood thinner, do you mean Pentox?
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