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There are 2 things you must understand first of all...

1. You do NOT have a disease. Peyronie's is plaque or scar tissue built up under the skin of the penis. Cancer, diabetes are diseases. Peyronie's is a CONDITION.

2. There is no one pill cure, quick fix, or one set thing that will cure it. You have to dedicate time, money, and a little fight to get rid of it. There is hope, but nothing good comes easy.


I Am NOT a doctor or healthcare professional and everything I say is my opinion and experience.

What I think has been working for me goes as followed...

1. Acetyl L- Carnitine -- There are studies to back up how effective ALC is for treatment. 2 grams a day is recommended. Studies show that ALC reduces pain, plaque and curvature.

2. Vitamin E - I know there is much debate to whether Vitamin E works, but I feel it does. -- The thing is that you can't take it for a week and expect results, you have to keep at it, and more importantly... there are several types of Vitamin E. You want the natural Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol)... stay away from the synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl) as it is not as effective. Remember... D-ALPHA and NOT DL-Alpha.

I think many take the synthetic version and little to no results. Natural vitamin E is a great healer and needed for treatment. It won't do anything by itself and takes time.

3. Stretches - Do manual penis stretches to keep your penis flexible and help along with breaking up plaque. Nothing too drastic or hard, this can be counterproductive.

4. Gingko Biloba - The reason for this is that you have to get the vitamins and minerals you are taking to the place you want them to go, your penis. Gingko sends blood to your head, arms, legs, and genitals. So here we are putting vitamins and supplements in our blood and using gingko to carry it to the penis.

5. USE IT OR LOSE IT! -- The worst thing you can do if you get peyronie's is nothing. Many men get depressed and stop masturbating and/or having sex. Remember... BLOOD IS THE HEALER. Nothing gets blood to your penis like an erection. Use your penis. Masturbate. Or if you have a partner, have sex regularly. Don't let this stop you, let it be the reason to keep using it.

When you get an erection your vitamin and mineral filled blood rushes to the penis. Blood heals wounds and promotes healing. This like anything else will take time, but you must continue to use your penis. Doing nothing will make things worse. I do understand that for some with severe cases this can be painful and easier said than done, as Erectile Dysfunction is also a side effect of Peyronie's. But you must try. Take Viagra, do what you must... but if you just let your penis stagnate the plaque will take over.


So overall, we want to fill our blood with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that fight against peyronies and then get that blood to the penis via erections.

This will take time. This will not work in a week, a month, or maybe several months... but doing nothing is penis suicide.

This is what appears to be working for me. I know everyone is different and what works for one might not for another. I just thought I'd share this for anyone interested and if it helps anyone... Great!

But if nothing else.. hang in there and don't ever stop fighting. 


I agree buddy although im not diagnosed yet i think i may have some early signs. Do you know how your peyronies developed?


I am not diagnosed either.

One day I developed an extremely painful bump on the base of my penis, top dorsal side. I went to the ER and the doctor there said he believed it to be a thrombosed vein (Mondor's disease) and said to take ibuprofen and rest and it should be gone in 6 to 8 weeks.

He was right that it did go away, pain and all in about 7 weeks... but since I've had an upward curve to my penis that remained.

I've read very much on peyronie's and mondor's. It is very hard to tell if this is just some lingering effect of mondor's or if I do have peyronie's and was misdiagnosed with mondor's.

I haven't been to a urologist because I am uninsured and all I hear is that is I did have peyronie's, they'll just give me vitamin E and tell me to come back in 6 months.

I've read that any curvature to the penis that you were not born with or developed early in life is most likely Peyronie's, but have also read case studies where people had a curvature of the penis which was misdiagnosed as peyronie's but was something else.

Have also read that there are reported cases of mondor's disease that involved curvature of penis.

So I'm basically treating myself for peyronie's whether I for sure have it or not. It can't hurt...

And the method I explained in my post has been working well so far.. I've seen a big reduction in curvature and penis feels more flexible.

What early signs do you think you're experiencing? If you don't mind me asking?


you can find my picture thread here http://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php/topic,4150.0.html

basically dull ache tiny pinching feeling sometimes goes away for a while then will come back and go away again

i'm going to my urologist in two days to check up on the injury, I am going to ask him about peyronies and if he thinks i can develop it or i am already showing scars, if so i will ask to go on pentox asap

My erections are amazing, hard as a rock. I honestly think they might be harder than before haha. and No pain during erection or curve yet.  When i'm flaccid i only feel the aches



i feel like i am in a similar position as you in regards to peyronies/mondors. WOuld appreciate talking with you more.

best of healing