I found someone and we will be intimate soon!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I met someone special and we are starting to date. Incredibly, I met her the day after my divorce was finalized. Didn't try, it just happend naturally and very quickly.

Obviously, I am concerned about having sex with her which is likely to be soon. It is happening so fast and I really like her. We went to dinner last night and she told me that being intimate is a very big deal for her so she wants to slow us down just a little. Of course I agreed, while I want to get there now I am still very anxious due to my Peyronies Disease.

I am have mental conversations with myself all the time. I don't know if I should tell her about my Peyronies Disease before or after? I know I can perform but I will be self-conscious and very careful when it finally happens. So what to do? I hate the concept of sex with an explanation.

I like her  and we have been very honest with each other about everything so far. I am starting to show signs of improvement as some of my narrowing has started to improve and I need to make sure I don't injure myself further. You know how it can be the first time you are with someone, it can get a little crazy.

Any thoughts out there?



Good that you have found a new lady in your life. She wants to take things slowly so do not push her let nature take its course.

Not having sex for a while will make any man anxious and self consciences.  The best thing when it comes to having sex with her is be yourself and be in a comfortable place.  I recommend you go to the Psychological Component - Dealing with Peyronies board and reading the post. She Did Not Notice. 

Men with peyronies need to be careful when having sex. NO girl on top or from behind. Missionary, put the girls butt on a pillow. That changes the angle and allows for better penetration and movement, without slipping out. Always have sex with a rigid penis and use a good lube to prevent futher injury. 

If she should ask always be truthful with her. You do not want to start a relationship on untruths.




Quick update, we went to dinner last night and she made it clear that she can't wait to get intimate. I am away for four days this weekend so she is planning for me to come over her house next Friday for dinner and to "stay over," eight days from now. She has made arrangements for her son to be somewhere else so we will be alone.

She is teasing me and saying that I have to "be the one that can show restraint" because she won't be able to control herself. We just met and have connected so well so fast on every level that it is scary.  She said that she "wants me naked but we won't have sex and it's up to me to stop her if she looses control." 

I am so turned on by her and terrified at the same time. One year ago this would have been sooooo different. I know I can have sex but I have a 40 degree upward curve and slightly to the left. I used to be so proud of my penis, I don't feel that way anymore. It has improved, but I am not where I need to be.

I've got eight days to figure out how to handle this. I am back and forth between feeling blessed, terrified and excited.


Sounds pretty exciting to me, have fun. Regards Inkhorn


> I've got eight days to figure out how to handle this.

Don't over think it. Live in the moment. She isn't interested just in your penis, she's interested in you as a man. Have fun.


I don't know your exact situation but this might help. I have always had an upward curve and it had been great in bed as it hits the girls g spot.

Best position 100 percent is have her on her back, grab either under her knees (knee pit?) and push her legs back to her head. From there instead of you nevvisarrily thrusting you rock her back in forth with the use of your hands   Also, is she's flexible enough you may even grab her heals and do the same thing. This position has made many girls in my past squirt and they loose their minds. 
Another position that has always been great is them on too  as again upward curve resulted in me hitong their g spot.alos when she's ontop grab her arms and pull her down hard / deep and keep her there so that both you hit her spot and also so you don't worry about her thrusting and causing any damage.

Also for for play 69 may be your best bet for blow job.

Good luck brother


I just spent the weekend with my new girl and it couldn't have gone better. The connection we have found is awesome and I think we will go far together. I will get to the important part right away.

Friday night, she made dinner, a few martinis and we had some wine. Finally, she suggested that we get changed in comfortable clothing. Well, as soon as we got down to our underwear, there was no way to stop the inevitable.

I really went back and forth about telling her about my Peyronies Disease beforehand but decided not to. I wanted to just let everything happen naturally. As you can imagine, the first time with someone is very exciting and passionate. We had oral sex and then started in the missionary position. I was very nervous and it was a little awkward inserting at first but then it was rather normal feeling. I was very careful to make sure I kept myself inside her at all times. I used to like letting my glands come in and out slowly stimulating the vaginal lips but with my upward curve of about 30-35 degrees, right now that is not possible. We switched to the doggie style position and I had to keep hold of her hips to not let myself slip out. All in all, it seemed to work well.

We had sex again Saturday morning starting again with the missionary position and switching to doggie style again. I can tell you that my orgasm felt very different due to my upward curve but I am not complaining.

We had sex again today, Sunday morning and started with her on top. This has always been my favorite position but now I was very nervous. Once I was inside her, she wanted to let loose so I kept my hands on her hips to make sure I did not slip out. I felt like I was restraining her at times. I almost slipped out once and said to her to not let me slip out. She asked why and I said so I don't get hurt. She didn't ask anything further and I kept myself completely insider her. She started grinding and driving downward with her hips towards my feet, keeping her pubic bone pinned against my body. This cause my penis to bend downward at the base but it did not hurt at all and actually felt really good, much like it did before Peyronies Disease. She climaxed twice and then we switched to doggie style. I kept control of her hips again in the doggie style position and everything went great.

The bottom line is that she did not notice anything or if she did, she didn't say anything. I wanted to tell her about my Peyronies Disease before I left today but I decided not to. Everything went so well this weekend that I didn't want to change it.

I have decided that I will tell her before we have sex again. I feel that I can share anything with her and this is something that is really important that she needs to know.

This was a major step for me since the onset of my Peyronies Disease. My biggest concern was the idea of having sex with an explanation. For those of you that are questioning whether or not to get physical with your partner or someone new, I say go for it. Life is short and appreciate every moment. If you have someone in your life already, make sure you communicate with her and don't stay away physically. If it is someone new, take a chance, it is worth it.

I am completely comfortable knowing that I will tell her everything about my Peyronies Disease. I trust her and I am going to be completely honest with her. I know this is the best way to be.


Awesome news brother! Glad things worked out for you. Remember all the stress leading up to this? A nice reminder for all of us that things often aren't as bad as we perceive them to be.

I'm happy for you. Sounds like you guys made a great connection and she will be understanding when she learns of Peyronies Disease. Be careful and enjoy!


I just want to let everyone know that I told my new girlfriend about my Peyronies Disease. We were together again last weekend and we had sex Saturday morning. Since we were also intimate last weekend, I wanted to tell her about my Peyronies Disease before we were intimate again but it didn't work out that way.

Saturday afternoon, we went for a drive and I told her everything. I explained about my last 18-24 months including my divorce, business challenges, a whole bunch of other crap that I had to deal with and the onset of my Peyronies Disease. I did everything in chronological order so she could understand what happened and how I have learned about my Peyronies Disease and what I am doing about it. She couldn't have had a better response. She actually thanked me for being so open and honest with her. she said that she really did not notice anything different and that my upward curve of 30-35 degrees didn't bother her at all. I told her that I debated about telling her about my Peyronies Disease before we were intimate but decided to just let everything happen as if I didn't have Peyronies Disease. She told me she was really glad that we did it that way. She told me that she was nervous too being with me for the first time. I guess as guys we tend to forget that women have many of the same apprehensions we have.

She wanted to know what I was doing about it and was concerned that the last two weekends while I was with her I did not use my VED or extension device. She insisted that when we spent time together in the future that I always bring them with me and use them. I spoke to her again Sunday night and she thanked me again for being so honest with her. She said that she was so happy that I felt that I could trust her with such personal information. This is very important to her. I told her about this forum and she said she wants to research Peyronies Disease and check this site out to learn everything she could so as to help me.

We both feel really lucky that we have found each other, I couldn't ask for more. I know that my situation is different from many of you in that I am able to have natural erections and apparently I can have intercourse, although carefully.

If you have someone special in you life, my advice is to talk with them and tell them everything. The love and support they can give to you is priceless. Take a chance, it is worth it. If you are trying to meet someone new, take the chance. That is what I just did.

I will beat my Peyronies Disease because I have made up my mind that it will not control me and I will live my life on my own terms and that includes and active and healthy sex life. I will never quit fighting this with everything I can.



Man, your last post almost brought tears to my eyes.  That is QUITE a woman you have there.  That's quite a FRIEND. Revel in it, my friend. 

So glad to hear it's working out.

51 yrs. old, multiple auto-immune conditions. First episode of Peyronies Disease in 2002. Recurred a couple times since. Over the years I have tried Topical Verapamil, Iontophoresis, all the supps and Cialis + Pentoxifylline. Still functional, always worried.