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Author Topic: Introduction and salutations to all the people of this forum  (Read 1719 times)

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Introduction and salutations to all the people of this forum
« on: October 29, 2013, 09:49:56 AM »


I am a 35 yo male from Perth Western Australia. I was diagnosed with Peyronies in 2009. AT the end of 2008 i suffered a serious spine fracture along with wrist and heel fractures. After being told the likelihood of walking again was 30%, an amazing surgeon, an equally amazing physio and a wonderful team of nurses and hospital staff all combined to have me walking out of hospital 4 months later. It took another few months to get back to work and start having a normal life. The only thing not normal was due to the impingement of bones from the fracture upon my spinal cord i had lost feeling on the left side of my body from above the hip and down the front of my left leg. This only seemed to effect the top layer of skin as i could still feel and operate the muscles beneath. Also it effected the muscles of my bladder and prostate to an extent and thus have to use a catheter every time i need to pee. Neither of these really effected me as i saw that i got off very lucky and in some senses i look back at the accident as something that actually had a positive influence on my life, as it motivated me to look at the way my life was going and to start working for myself and start a small business.

Now back to the penis

As a single man i soon began going out, dating and sleeping with women. It did not take long to notice something was wrong. My penis while erect exhibited what i have since come to know as the hourglass shape. I also had lost sensation so that when i would orgasm i would not feel it. As i was seeing a range of doctors as an out patient , i was able to get a referral to a sexual health doctor. He immediately mentioned Peyronies which freaked me out, especially when he said disease. He sent me for an ultrasound and this showed the calcification. He went through the options and asked me to try Viagra in small dose to help maintain erectile function as this could be effected.

I left that office, tried the viagra, did not like who it made me feel and dived into opening my own business. I put it all behind me because i was afraid to deal with the fact that my penis will probably never get any better. Any time i got close with a girl, at some point i had to have the conversation. Soon i got so sick of the idea of having to admit the truth to someone, that i stopped seeking closeness with women. I still make friends and have dinner, but hate going any further. In my line of work i meet a great many single women and i just can not move forward, even though i am fully aware that some of these women would probably deal with it better than me. Dealing with a broken spine was much much easier. I medicate the only way i know how, with alcohol and marijuana, helps me forget for a little while all the stresses in life not just this one, though i do feel having an understanding partner would make my life a little more balanced.

I have not had any specific treatments at all. I have started looking into the disease and found this wonderful forum. At present i can get an erection, though it is not rock hard, and significantly smaller than pre accident days. There is no pain involved, though with the nerve damage i am not sure if i could feel pain in any case. I would really like to hear any recommendations for treatment i can take to my doctor and some tales from guys who have been single and how they approached the topic with their significant other (or point me to were i am sure this is already discussed)

Thanks for listening and cheers for contributing to a forum that is sorely needed.

TL:DR Diagnosed with Peyronies after serious trauma, had no direct treatment, finding the psychological side effects harder to deal with, ready to do something about that.


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Re: Introduction and salutations to all the people of this forum
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2013, 10:29:17 AM »

Hey Aikido,

Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry as hell you're here, but glad you've found it now.
Thank you for writing us a detailed message about your case.
It sounds like you went through a real life-changing experience. I'm relieved and happy that you are able to walk, wow..
Your issue with nerve damage may be complicated, but for your peyronies, there is certainly hope.

Start treatment as soon as possible, get yourself a VED and get on all the natural oral treatments.
Hourglass deformity can be vastly improved by daily VED therapy, in some of our cases it has nearly cured and rid us of it.
This depends on the person and the case of course. It will also help you with harder erections and a healthier penis, do not wait.
The standard successful treatment here is VED + pentox + cialis.
Use these forums to research the treatments thoroughly. VED, traction, Injections, and other treatments can actually cause peyronies, so take your time to get a solid understanding of them all. Research the oral treatments as well.

The most commonly recommended supplements here are Ubiquinol (CoQ10), Arginine,  and Acetly-L-Carnitine, but there are many more and many possibilities out there if you decide not to take pentox and a PDE5 inhibitory (Cialis/Viagra etc). I currently do not take any drugs for my peyronies.

Many of us have seen improvements. And there is definitely hope for you to find a wonderful and caring woman.

Have you told a woman about your peyronies before? I recommend you test the waters, experiment a bit by trying the direct approach. She may end up loving you for it. I've said this here before, but I believe that even the worst deformities and "faults" can be seen as endearing. I've told two women about my peyronies. Both times they reacted very positively. The first one took my hands and said, "you have no idea how much women love / adore men, you have nothing to worry about". And the other is now addicted to me and offers herself sexually to me, though I do not take her up on it.

Many of us here firmly believe that alcohol and marijuana can cause or worsen peyronies. We cannot say for sure, but I think quite a few of us have stories to tell in that department. Focus on your health, get your testosterone to good levels, and tend to any deficiencies (vitamin D for example). The psychological aspect is the hardest part for most of us (all of us arguably). For me, keeping my general health in top shape has helped considerably. Any form of exercise that you can do safely will really help you out.

The real key is to do everything you can, or at least feel as if you are doing everything you can against this disease. Learn everything you can, and remind yourself daily that "I am committed to this 100%". Embracing the fight can make all the difference.
On another note, this is a great way to disclose it to a woman. Tell her "look, I have a genetic problem (or a problem caused by an injury), but I am 100% actively treating it". In that case, even if you cannot see improvement, she knows, and you know, that you are doing what you can. What's most important in a relationship, is not her reaction to peyronies, but yours. This is the fundamental obstacle that has us all puzzled. In many ways, peyronies is an invitation to us to become the guardians of our own sexuality and acceptance, and at the same time of other's.

I wish you luck, and I encourage you to post here as often as you need, to ask as many questions as you need to, and to PM any of us at any time. I do think you will see improvement with treatment.

One more piece of advice, that all of us will recommend you, is to see a specialist as soon as possible. Ordinary urologists do not know much about peyronies.



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Re: Introduction and salutations to all the people of this forum
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2013, 05:50:28 PM »


Just wanted to second everything NeoV said. I would only add one thing. Go to the Physiological thread and read the article called "She Never Even Noticed.''

Start the daily VED exercise it only takes 15 minutes. There is lots of information on this forum.
Any questions just ask.

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