Confused, anxious and overloaded.

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Not sure if thesis how I'm supposed to introduce myself, I have never used a forum before..

My name is Michael, I am 29, this year my urologist (urologist at 29


Please read the Must Read document for new members. It will tell you how to introduce yourself and how to get the most benefit from this forum. Welcome, friend. If you have Peyronies Disease this is the right place.
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Welcome to the forums, take a deep breath! You will find a lot of information here and hopefully some answers in time. Time, is what this disease really takes for emotional and physical healing.

If you are new to using forums, please do not feel overwhelmed. Experiment and get used to it's different functions.

You can edit your message, by viewing it, and clicking "modify" on the upper right of your message.

Let us know what's going on with your symptoms and a bit about your history.



Mick-Let the forum know what is going on with you, so that we be of some assistance, Regards Inkhorn


Sorry everyone, I didn't realise my post didn't go through correctly, I will repost my info etc when I finish work. Not sure what happened.. Maybe I wrote too much?


ok, so my original post did not come through fr some reason..

My name is Michael, I am 29 and I was diagnosed with peyronies about 2 months ago.

It started as a small lump, pea sized, about 2/3 of the way up my shaft. I was prescribed Trental400 and Vit-E 500mg, both twice daily - the Trental for two months and the Vit-E for a year. Then I found a second lump, on the side of my penis, and since then (in such a short amount of time, I have since found another two, similar to the first, one half way up and one near the base. I can feel they run vertically into my shaft, yet thin, like sticks of plaque.

When first diagnosed I was surprised, I had no injury, where did it come from? I was assured I may have bumped it and not realised, but now, with the second third and fourth lumps - I know for certain there has been no injury.

After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that I have developed it from propecia. I have been taking it for almost 2 years- it astounds me how many men seem to be in the same position, but they don't tell you this when you ask about it.

I have another appointment with the urologist in a months time, hopefully I will get some more answers. 

I also have a partner, this has completely halted our sex life. My confidence has completely dropped. Erections cause discomfort and pain at the tip of my penis - like the blood is swelling and cant escape. 
I am not coping well with it. Not because its bad now, but because its getting worse, quickly and I feel that im only young, I feel like I am going to miss out on a lifetime of a fulfilling sex life.

I have had 2 years of bad medical news after another, each thing worse than the previous. My body according to scans, blood tests etc is in exceptional condition. I don't drink, smoke, drugs etc but when I get something its something odd (for example, bels palsy -I recovered fully, just)

im looking for any info I can get, advice recommendations, and hopefully, I will be able to contribute and help others.

so far, that's my story...




I'm terribly sorry to hear about this. Many of us got peyronies at a young age. I'm 26
I don't understand how a disease like this could just get worse and worse, yet at first it's often the case.

If you haven't already, I recommend buying a VED immediately and using it for peyronies therapy.
In my case, the VED fixed the trapped blood problem after only one usage. It's helping a lot of us.

Please take your time to explore these forums. There is a lot of information here!

There are supplements that may help you.

As far as the relationship goes, I'm right there with you.. This year has been my year of relationship hell. I've never cried so hard in my life. But I've learned a lot and I'm seeing hope in places I had not been able to see before. Having a partner who is emotionally stable and giving is really essential with this disease. Try to take things slowly and forgive yourself, you are innocent in all this.

I hope more than anything you will see improvement. We are all here for you, feel free to rant at any time, and feel free to send us personal messages at any time as well. Don't suffer alone! There will be hope for you.




I just want to reinforce what NeoV says. Get on the VED exercise ASAP. Over time it will help keep your penis healthy. It takes patience and you have to be dedicated for the long haul. Send Old Man a PM for the best place to purchase one from your area. 

I see you have a lady in your life. That is one of the best things a man can have is the support from his lady. Do Not give up, there are more ways to make love to her than intercourse. The largest sex organ you have is your brain.  I also recommend a book called "Intended for Pleasure" by Dr. Erectile Dysfunction Wheat. It is available on  Also try 800mg of ibuprofen about 30 minutes before sex and see it that helps the pain.  If not ask the doctor about neuronitin and/or tramadol for nerve pain. 

With my years on this forum I have seen several young men with peyronies.  Peyronies can appear suddenly without any injury. Propercia and beta blockers are the main cause for a lot of men.   There is hope and help. Just never - ever ever give up! Do everything you can to let your lady know you care for her. Having her by your side will be a treasure.

There is a lot of information on this forum. Many of us will be more than happy to help and support you.




I was diagnosed 4 months ago.  The first 2 months I was devastated and in depression all the time.  There was not a single moment in the day that this was not in my mind.  After 2 months of hell, I decided that I had to snap out.  The key I would say is to find the right balance and it is not easy to do.  You have to care enough to throw everything you got towards this horrible disease.  On the other hand you have to not care enough that it destroys your life.  I hope I am making sense.
Care enough to throw everything you got at this disease but do not care enough to ruin your Life!


Thanks guys! sorry it has taken so long to reply, I work crazy hours. Its so reassuring to know I'm not alone in this.
So surprised how many guys do get this young, I was led to believe it only happens to guys when they are over 50... is there somewhere here where I can read your stories?
Litani, your so right, I keep telling myself to stop being so down about it, it could be worse..
JackP & NeoV, thanks for the advice, what exactly is a VED? just a penis pump? I have been getting erections twice a day because I read somewhere that its the best way to get blood flowing...
What really gets me is how much of an emotional toll this is having, I mean its no real surprise, we are men, this is the most crucial part of being/feeling like a man (having a properly working penis)

I have always been a fit guy, but I have found myself diving even further into fitness, I have just (stupidly, but it will be worth it) just forked a shitload of cash out for a whole new training program and PT for the next 12 weeks.. but it makes me feel better..


Hey Mick,

The VED is on a different level than achieving normal erections.
It increases oxygen saturation in the penis and prevents penile fibrosis and apoptosis. It allows you to fill the penis in a different way and expand and stretch the scar tissue out and help you regain length and girth. As far as I know it's the only tool we have that can do all these things. It has been a savior for a lot of us. Even just one 5 minute therapeutic usage immediately improves oxygen saturation and you can feel and see a difference. The success rate of VED on erection quality is between 84 - 95%.

Typically when one hears "penis pump", they imagine a tool to induce artificial erections for sex, for erectile dysfunction.
While it can be used that way, with restriction rings, this is not how we are using it. We use it as a therapy, where it's real ability shines.

Please head over to the VED section and read through the "highlights" and other threads.



A lot of us have posted our stories in the My History thread.  I have posted even more stories in my blog.

I would also suggest you go to the physiological thread and read the stories there. One great thread there is She Did Not Notice.  Also the story I wrote about the size of your penis does not make you a man.

The lady in your life is the most important asset you can have. Treat her as fine gold. The reward will be overwhelming.



Thanks guys, time to start digging around the forum :)