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We all have the exact same questions about our penis and we all get the same answers about pentox and supplements. It's sad but it's true that there really isn't that much we can do about our problem. When we obsess over our penises we develop subconscious doubts and insecurities about our penises. But as long as it works most women don't really care because honestly vaginas are quite ugly if you think about it. Our bodies are unique and we need to make the best out of our situation. I think masturbating causes further mental depression about our issues and it is important to abstain from this and pursue real female interaction instead of porn. I also think that is important to get at least one rock solid erection a day to stretch out the tissue and improve blood flow. In the end, our penises aren't going to be what they once were and we need to grow some balls and accept that. Focus on your outside appearance and try and look as sexy as possible for the ladies so they don't care what your dick looks like. Don't let it be a hindrance more than it needs to be. It has seemed like the end of the world for me and I know I am not past this yet but I know it is not cause for the depression and anxiety I was feeling a few months ago. It will always get better. And no matter how bad yours is someone always has it worse in this world. We should be happy enough that we have a penis at all because they are quite a gift if you think of all the pleasure they give us. Use your penis sparingly and for what nature intended. So go get some bros and I guarentee you'll feel better


Well said Jjreal!

I firmly believe that I need to treat this in every way possible. Yet at the same time, I have to keep my mind off it or find a way to not connect it too much emotionally to my romantic and sexual life. I am not convinced that improvement is futile, yet I agree with you on how we should think about this.

We all have different cases, and some of us have to end up getting implants, but even that can't stop us from finding love or even enjoying sex. : )


I agree with you both. Humans are extremely adaptive animals. We can take the worst situations and, in time, learn how to adapt to the new situation and move forward. You have to look at Peyronies Disease with this in mind, while at the same time doing everything that is in your power to improve your odds of succeeding. Way to go, guys!
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Mostly agree except for the masturbation thing. Masturbation, as long as you are not hurting yourself or your relationship, is healthy and important. It releases tension, improves blood flow and has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Everything else is spot on.



I put the part about masturbation in because my peyronies always gets really inflamed for a few hours after orgasm so I try to limit it. I also get a longer flaccid hang which is nice


I agree with most said on this topic except (Quote from Jjreal)
Quotevaginas are quite ugly

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Got amazing support on the forum


Gotta agree with James.  ;D
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Been doing a lot of research into why the scar tissue forms and how to avoid it from becoming worse  than it could if you don't catch it early enough. If you injure your penis the body is going to try and heal it naturally, in the case of the penis this causes a tissue change and peyronies (which you probably know). At some point after the injury the tissue is going to become inflamed and this is when the body is trying to heal the injury. There is also a high likelyhood of pain being present, but if you have pain from the penis not being able to stretch from a curve and existing scar tissue than your pain is not from your penis healing it is from it being unable to expand properly.
        The more time that the injured and healing penis stays in this inflamed state the worse off you are. This is because if there is a firm flaccid or your flaccid is curving as mine was the scar tissue is going to form to the shape of the altered flaccid penis. This means that the scar is able to cover a greater area of the penis than necessary for proper healing. The key is to reduce this inflammation in the acute phase as much as possible so that the flaccid hangs normally and the scar does not form over more surface area. The key to avoiding immflamation is to read your penises natural symptoms because your body is telling you what to avoid. Any outside factors that make your flaccid firmer or hang less than it did pre injury should be avoided until this phase is over. This includes things such as masturbation, tight clothing, or even sex in general. I know some of you do not think orgasm is harmful but it caused me quite a lot of inflammation and turtling sometimes for days. I do not at all think achieving erections is negative in fact I strongly recommend having an erectn for at least an hour a day combined without orgasm to stretch the tissue as much as possible. If you have a ved I would also recommend using it to maintain blood flow.
        Try and limit orgasms to once or twice a week which was hard for me because I believe over masturbation worsened the symptoms and prolonged my healing process. But in your mind you are going to want to "check" on your penis as often as possible by masturbating and then probably feeling worse about your whole situation. Limiting frequency of orgasm increases natural testosterone and also increases blood flow to the penis and directs more energy to healing your injury than to producing more sperm in the testicles. If you do get a firm flaccid I would greatly recommend pentox, but because I am a minor the urologist would not prescribe it to me. So instead whenever I experienced these symptoms I would take ibuprofen.
       If the immflamation is bad on a particular day you would be surprised at how much good three Advil would do. Or just take one with every meal to reduce the inflammation. If you have stomach problems you should be careful with this or try to do it for alternating weeklong cycles. I would recommend being gentle with your penis during the off weeks. Also take vitamin e to help slow down the build up of scar tissue and hopefully reduce it. On bad days I overload the vitamin e before bed out of paranoia. I also drink two cups of carrot juice and also 2 or three cups of blueberry or pomegranate juice just because I don't think it will hurt anything and probably helps with the healing process. Get as many erections as you can throughout the day to promote good blood flow. The quicker you catch your symptoms the better off you will be. Because of what I have been doing I have seen a lot of improvement, I still have an area of plaque and probably always will, but instead of a severe curve it is a moderate houglass on the left side. But my penis was literally purple after I got hit in football practice and for months I was sure I would spend the rest of my life with a severely curved penis. Act now and act fast. Get motivated to beat this because if you don't it will beat you.