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Castor oil seems to be a favored remedy among naturopaths. My wife and I brought our daughter to an N.D. when she was 2 1/2 for a facial rash. She diagnosed food allergies using kinesthesiology - kind of a wierd regimen if you ask me, but we removed items from her diet and it worked. She also gave us a bottle of castor oil to rub on her belly. This was supposed to have something to do with her systemic issues regarding both the allergies and her impulsiveness. (She's 7 and still hard to control.) She cautioned us just to use the kind she gave us. There's a message on the bottle: "Recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings." He sounded vaguely familiar, so I looked him up. He was a weathy spiritualist.


DMSO is used in other countries by itself as a remedy for various things.  It has never made it past the  FDA for use in US, but it is used in European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries.  One of the more commonly known uses is wrapping sprained ankles  with it.   It reportedly takes the swelling away within an hour or two. 



The Thacker formula came to the Peyronies Disease community a few years ago from a post on the now useless forum  . It is posted under "powerful home remedy" and "powerful home remedy thread 2". There are over 1000 posts, which made it the most talked about topic, ever, on that forum.

The formula, an alternative treatment, was created by a Doctor, his name was Thacker. I maintained conversation with his grandson for a few months off and on and we discussed his grandfathers' treatment. Thacker himself had Peyronies Disease, all the males in his immediate family had it, as did Doctor Thacker and many of his patients whom he treated with this formula.

I will post to the PDC web site by your request the formula and how to use it. It harmed no one and has efficacy proven over time as used by many who reported results. Many had no remarkable result. The formula has been the study of a compound pharmacy in the past. This pharmacy had no comments inferring danger.

That Flexor is the extent to which I will go as far as your multi question post is concerned. I don't suspect that if you have an RX filled you pick the pharmacists brain to the extent that you are attempting to pick rzz or mine. With that said you have over 1000 posts to read which will satisfy many of your questions in detail, all that is needed is the time and effort to read all the posts.




Actually the use of DMSO is approved by the FDA in two medical treatments.The first is in the event of head injuries that involve swelling of the brain. The other is a specific condition of the bladder that escapes me now.

You are so right on in your post about the use of DMSO in Europe and other areas of the world. DMSO is the leading treatment in Russia for arthritis.


PS: Welcome to the forum and thanks for your contribution


Peyronie's Disease Patient Discussion Forum 
Topic: "powerful home remedy"

Date:   4/29/2004 8:49:47 AM
Name:   Vick 
Bump for the new guys.

Date:   4/10/2004 5:01:57 PM
Subject:   Thread 2
Name:   PDFTD 
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You have a much better chance of you posts being read if you post on the Powerful Home Remedy 2 thread.This thread is used as an archive.I am the poster who reffered you to this thread on the Yahoo forum if I failed to mention thread 2 then it is my error and I apologize.


Date:   4/10/2004 3:52:19 PM
Name:   steve 
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this a breakthrough.....l-arginine + viagra.....the article is here....dr. rajfer is considered to be the foremost authority on peyronie's.....

animal studies follow as soon as harbor ucla raises the money....i've heard that the treatment was innocuous in rats, meaning that "good fibrin" needed for clotting, was not at risk......NO ONE IS CURRENTLY INVOLVED IN HUMAN TRIALS...

Date:   4/5/2004 5:39:25 PM
Subject:   Dr Knutson
Name:   kingfish 
Dr Knutson ...To many times Ive noticed angry responses to someone elses opinion. Im not going to lash out at you. But realize that not everyone that has tried this "home remedy" is a fool that is trying to rush into a magical cure. Like Many men on here , Ive done my homework to find out what might help and what is a waste of time and money.

Do you have peyronie's doc??

Most of us know that peyronie's can resolve itself in a year , but some of us are well beyond that point. But thanks for that incredibly helpful info.

Doc Knutson quotes quotes "this formula has not stood the test of double blind studies and many reteste and scientific publication. The basis of science."


You also say the suggest that the formula is flawed .. Care to explain flawed..
You also seem to think that the thought of absorbing apple cider is a joke. Absorbing shower water , Is that some kinda of smartass comment to make your ass feel smart?
Have you done any research about dmso and its penetrating

Ok I think thats about it, no big deal. Im just ready for a "doctor" to come up with ways to help and stop thinking that everything has to be on a scientific platter!

Dr Knutson if you respond do so on powerful home remedy 2..

Date:   4/5/2004 5:06:16 PM
Subject:   Dr nutson
Name:   kingfish 

Date:   4/5/2004 4:33:53 PM
Subject:   Thacker~sq~s Formula Comment.
Name:   Dr Knutson 
Email:   [email protected] 
A patient referred me to this website and referred me to this board regarding the 'Thacker' Formula.

There does seem to be a large response of individuals under the impression that it is a 'miracle' cure. Keep in mind, it is stated that this was created by some guy's grandfather who 'was' a doctor. Well, I would guess, unless he's still in practice and a urologist, that he's out of the loop and has been for a while.

The problem with this 'home remedy' is that it gives a false perception. Please realize, most, if not all, urologists will not perform corrective surgery unless the problem has been stable for at least a year. This is important because in many cases, Peyronie's usually resolves itself within a year, and sometimes after this timeframe.

This is important. Persons using the Thacker formula could be experiencing resolution to this disease as a normal process of healing, and mistakenly attribute it to the Thacker formula.

As listed in this and other forums, Peyronies Disease is under research, and there are new thought paradigms forming as to the similarities and differences in types of Peyronies Disease.

Point being, this formula could, and most likely usually is, attributed for the healing your body does on its own. Also, this formula has not stood the test of double blind studies and many reteste, and scientific publication. The basis of science.

I should guess I am not and will not be the first to review this formula. The basic physiology and biochemistry of it is flawed. The suggestion that we absorb apple cider. I don't absorb apple cider any more than I absorb the water from my shower.

Please be wise to what you choose and learn about your options before choosing such home remedies.

Jim Knutson

Date:   4/3/2004 12:46:53 AM
Subject:   interferon works/tulane publishes article
Name:   steve 
Email:   [email protected] 
interferon study dated feb 2004, proves that interferon's the link........

Date:   3/29/2004 9:39:41 AM
Subject:   Fellow Peyronies Disease Sufferrers
Name:   2-Cents 
Please read these posts from "Thackers Original" to the present. This should answer most of your questions. Then go to "powerful home remedy 2" and add your questions and results. I think this could be of great benefit to you and all who monitor this post.

Date:   3/28/2004 8:14:25 PM
Name:   Robert 
This formula has been a blessing! It has returned my erections and releived so much "tension" or tightness, pain I was feeling in my penis. The curve has reduced and I think I am moving in the right direction now and starting to recover. Thanks to all that have brought this formula to light!

Date:   3/19/2004 5:43:53 PM
Subject:   To RZZ
Name:   Ted 
Correct, I was confused. I found the 2nd thread good idea!
See ya on thread 2

Date:   3/17/2004 10:52:52 PM
Subject:   stopped
Name:   Rzz 
What makes you think everybody has stopped using the formula? I know of only a few, but I know of more who have started using it. You may be confused because of the decrease in post you see on this thread. That is because this thread had become too long and everybody has moved over to the thread titled:
"Powerfull Home Remedy ... Thread 2"

Date:   3/17/2004 8:55:13 PM
Name:   Ted 
Why has eveyone stopped using the formula. I started about two weeks ago and love the results! It's the first positive results I have had in two years!

Date:   3/11/2004 2:51:44 AM
Subject:   final post on this thread
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
I have a message to BB and KK you can find them on thread 2

Bye and good Luck

Date:   3/11/2004 1:27:29 AM
Name:   Nemo 
Agreed - let's all go to Thread 2.

This one has served it's purpose and causes too much drag on various systems ... we can always go back to check info if needed.


Date:   3/10/2004 10:21:22 PM
Subject:   PAZ
Name:   Larry 
Paz my friend, I'm not trying to cut you short, but I request that all replys be made on thread "2" as set up by Barry. This first thread has just gotten a bit out of hand.



Date:   3/10/2004 8:18:15 PM
Subject:   1 question if I might........
Name:   PAZ 
I have been following this site for some time, I have been diagnosed with Peyronies Disease, however it seems to be a little different than most. It curves to the right, and there is no nodes, just a very tight ligament? (I guess) It still works but seems so odd. I have long felt that DMSO would play a role in this as it is used as a linament for horses and can be purchased at most feed stores. My question is with the lack of nodes, and just the tight shortened ligament, would you think the vinegar and castor oil would still be needed, what agent are the horse trainers using with DMSO to affect the ligament or is it the DMSO itself that has the softening affect that would allow anyscartissue or hardened ligament to loosen up? Is there any damage that can be done? Can I make my bend worse by adverse affects from DMSO? I have read through these posts and the consensus seems to be that DMSO if applied correctly will not cause harm, but of course I am not a dr. or pharmacist, and that is what make sone wary.

Thank you if you care to weigh in.

Date:   3/10/2004 7:30:57 PM
Subject:   general
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
To kingfish,
Thanks,I appreciate the info.


On another note Larry brings to point that this thread is so large it is difficult to find information.I would like to suggest that we archive this thread and start Powerful Home Remedy thread 2.The archived portion can always be bumped up.600+ posts is too much to keep up with on one thread.

Best To All,

Date:   3/10/2004 7:10:57 PM
Subject:   correction to KK
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi kk,
Sorry for the error the last sentence should have read.....

If you start with 99.97 and it has not been cut by the maker then you have a 99.97 potency DMSO.

Again sorry for the confusion,I have 11 e-mails to respond to and other posts to type so my head was up my keester.

Best To Ya,

Date:   3/10/2004 6:49:13 PM
Subject:   To KK
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi KK,
I told you that jacobs would be my first choice.Please allow me to restate myself.Jacobs labs sells a 99.97 pure DMSO but,it is cut with 30% distilled h2o.
This means that the DMSO has lost 30% of it's potency.
after you add 20%ACU and 10%castor oil the potency of the DMSO is reduced to 40%. please keep this in mind.If you want me to dig up some companies that sell 99.97 or better
and sell internationally let me know and I will post some for you.

If you start with 99.97 and it has not been cut by the maker then you have a 70% potency DMSO.


Date:   3/10/2004 6:14:03 PM
Subject:   DMSO Smell
Name:   Larry 
Is anyone using a pure DMSO with the formula that doesn't cause bad breath and body odor along with the oily taste in your mouth that some report.

It seems to me that someone said a particular brand had very little odor, but this thread has gotten so damn long that I can't find it.


Date:   3/10/2004 4:31:06 PM
Name:   kingfish 
Barry, i respect the fact that you arent suggesting sski because of lack of knowledge about this mineral(you take pride in not misinforming anyone) and I want everyone to know that I am not suggesting this either because I only have limited knowledge myself on this. I guess you can say Im taking my own chance because im somewhat confident from what ive learned. But im no chemist, just a guy trying to beat the odds.
Answer to your question Barry: I ordered 1oz (600 drops)each drop provides approx. 50mg of potassium iodide(sski) and water soluble apocaroteroids extracted from crocus sativa. One bottle is 19.00
If anyone is curious to learn more about this I would go to google and type "tahoma clinic" then in the search for info square on the home page type potassium iodide. Dr Jonathen V. Wright has a lot of interesting knowledge it seems on the use of dmso,sski,and it was enough to get my attention...I might try to call Dr. Wright sometime to see what he has to say.. PEACE OUT

Date:   3/10/2004 3:37:47 PM
Name:   BB 
Email:   [email protected] 
I am looking for any and all infomation (web links, articles, names, chemical, biochemical, and molecular) on what the Thacker Formula is and what DSMO is.

Please reply or email to the above email! Everyone's help is appreciated!


Date:   3/10/2004 2:12:07 PM
Subject:   General
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi Guys,

To Steven, I hope your V/I is doing well for you .In answer to your question, In my
Opinion because V/I involves injections I don't think that V/I and Thacker is a good idea
Only because Thacker is topical and V/I is an injection leaving an open wound. But by in large this is a judgment call for you. I personally would not do it.

To KK,
Have you tried a google search? Jacobs labs would be my first choice.

To Rzz,
Welcome back, take some more time to grieve if you need to we will still be here
When you get your head clear.

To Charles,
The Thacker Formula is a non-invasive therapy and as you probably know is a very
Popular and up and coming treatment. It is always recommended that when a man
Finds out that he has Peyronies Disease that he try to arrest it in its early stages. Too many Doctors
Are saying take some vit-e and come back in a year. I think not!!!!! These are the docs that should be avoided and sent back to school and forced to admit that they don't know squat about Peyronies Disease. There is a window of 6-18 months that Peyronies Disease could naturally just go away but because this is believed to be a rare occurrence it's best to treat it in the early stage.

To kingfish,
I recommended staying away from sski because rzz is the sski guru on this forum
And he is in the end stages of implementing sski into the thacker formula. I have done
Some research on sski but where this drug is concerned I defer my opinion to rzz. So many people talk about should I use it or not my recommendation was because I in good conscience
Could not say what strength and quantity to use. I have over 4 years of research and experience with Peyronies Disease and treatments but sski is not my forte.BTW.what strength are you using?

Best To All,

Date:   3/10/2004 1:59:32 PM
Subject:   To Rzz
Name:   KK 
Email:   [email protected] 
Once again, my condolences...i know exactly what you are going through!! Keep up the good spirit. My prayers for you and his family!!

Rzz, I have a question (s). I wat to buy the DMSO from Jacobs Lab. They will ship it to the UK where I live. Should I buy the one that says

"70% DMSO is used when a stronger DMSO solution is required. 70% DMSO must be applied below the shoulders where the
skin is not as senitive. Contains 70% DMSO w/v (700mg/mL) in deionized water.
How Supplied: Topical Solution, 8 oz. (240mL)
Storage: Room Temperature, Shelf Life: 5 Years"?

If I udesrtood well, this one would not have to me cut with water, since it has already been cut right? Ok,ok, im not a chemist...only one year at school...

What do you think of putting the formula, and taking potaba as well? Ok, you have 4m onths of researh ahead of me...Im just looking into the topic.

Ther was something that brought my attention. SOmeone asked before, Is this formula also good in the early stages? I mean i have a lump, and its hard, but is there a difference when is calcified?

Ok, I know they are repetitive, but want to make sure of what I am doing. Please let me know!!

Ok guys, will keep on posting when I get my products!!

PS. Im 25, is it normal to have pain aroung the prostate, anus, and testicles? Old Man, Barry, can you help me out on this? I am seeing new veins as well commin out, is that varicose? Ok let me know!!! Thanks in advance!!

Date:   3/10/2004 1:46:47 PM
Subject:   JUST started....
Name:   scared 
Hi barry and eveyrone else

I JUSt adminstered my first sterile gauze strip of Thackers 40 minutes ago...right now I feel a tingly burning sensation IN my penis...where I placed the gauze...not on my skin...but inside

it not strong but definitely can feel it

is this a normal reaction?

Gosh I hope I am not doing more damage...I am very nervous

please walk me throgh this guys!

Date:   3/10/2004 12:31:35 PM
Subject:   ~.~,~.~
Name:   kingfish 
Barry , Good post on the basics of thackers formula.That is the proper method and the simplest that is accurate. Quick note though.. Dont confuse sski (potassium IODIDE) with IODINE. You should NOT apply iodine thats for sure and i wouldnt add iodide to the thackers formula. But i have been adding a few drops of sski(iodide) while massaging the plaque with jacobs dmso topical gel ,been doing this a couple of weeks now. I have had no ill effects , in fact my penis seems to be getting healthier by the week.Im still a fan of thackers formula but i have been slacking on doing it lately if only done the wrap 2 times in the last 2 weeks. I am still taking oral excelsa and bromelain,vitamin E ,gota kula,and a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar/organic honey everyday.Once again i dont seem the harm in adding any of these to my daily routine because they seem to be beneficial anyway(not only to peyronies)but for general health.I try to keep my outlook simple im basically trying to work out the left side of my penis (the side with the plaque)massaging the plaque with my thumb gently in circular motion. Im doing this daily and im getting better its just that simple. I might not have it as bad as alot of guys on here , because ive never had a problem with getting erection although it was kinda painful for lil while , i just ignored it because im hard headed. Im 25 now and i was having rough sex and just handle my dick roughly when i was around 15,16 ( not to mention this girl was on top one time and came down full force and i slipped out of her and damn her pelvis felt like a tree trunk) and the curve gradually developed and i didnt even pay attention to it , I continued to have all the sex i wanted and never held back. This probably kept adding to the problem.I finally came to my senses a couple of years ago and when i seemed to have trouble aiming my piss because my pecker had been through a damn war. But I have since then taken it easy on my penis and started trying to take care of it(so it would be useable when i am older) And with much persistance and TLC ive gotten my unit almost normal again.But this is just a little bit of my story , and im still waiting to see what Rzz has learned about sski and he has been dealing with issues way more important than this so i understand that. Keep your hopes up fellas and be always be careful when those girls get on top of you and start riding you like a damn bull. jk. Im outta here.

Date:   3/10/2004 12:09:19 PM
Subject:   rzz...& earlypeyronies
Name:   Charles 
first of all rzz, sorry for your loss and thank you for your selfless giving of important information to all of us

secondly, I have a question for the participants in general...should the thacker formula be used for Early stage peyronie's disease? I have a slight bent, no pain, but I am feeling soft plaque which is starting to get harder and bigger...but the plaque has yet to totally calcify...

what do you think?

Date:   3/10/2004 11:20:44 AM
Subject:   Rzz
Name:   Larry 

So very sorry to hear of your loss. The sudden death of someone so young, either family member or friend is hard to deal with, and understand.

My Best,


Date:   3/10/2004 9:28:06 AM
Subject:   Back in the mix
Name:   Rzz 
Just got back from my buddy's Funeral. Emotionally, next to my father passing away, burying my good friend was the hardest thing I've ever dealt With. Worse than Peyronies Disease? YES!!

I'll be back in the mix real soon, just give me a few days back home to get resettled in. Talk to you soon. 

Date:   3/10/2004 8:41:07 AM
Subject:   DMSO & Potaba?
Name:   KK 
Email:   [email protected] 
I am taking Potaba as well...anyone knows how Potaba can affect the formula? Anyone taking the same?

Date:   3/10/2004 8:39:51 AM
Subject:   DMSO in UK??
Name:   KK 
Email:   [email protected] 
Anyone knows where I can get DMSO in the UK? A good quality one? Barry, Rzz, or others..have you got any clue?

Date:   3/9/2004 11:42:21 PM
Subject:   Great Recap
Name:   steven 

Excellent recap!, I was reading through the posts trying to put it all together and it was confusing the hell out of me, my brain was getting Peyronies Disease. Great stuff!!, I wonder if using this while undergoing Verapamil Injections would cause a problem?. Anyone know?, probably not a good idea. I know I sound in a hurry, that's my nature, can't help it. Also is this a lifetime treatment or do you think once it causes improvement its a done thing.

Thanks again Barry....

Date:   3/9/2004 11:30:39 PM
Subject:   first (MINI) step
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi again,
Good 4 u.I wish you luck and a clear mind.Keep Me/forum posted 4 sure.I'M very happy that you took the first step.


Date:   3/9/2004 9:59:42 PM
Subject:   first (mini) step...
Name:   scared 
BArry, thank you very much for your post

before I chance to read your words, I mustered up the courage and started by rolling on the DMSO with aloe (it took me about 15 minutes standing in front of the mirror all nervous lol)...I wanted to try the weak stuff to see if it burned or anything...I rolled in the area and put a sterile pad over both sides of my penis and I have been pressing the pad with my hand from to time and against my penis...

I am getting the Apple cider vin and castor oil in tomorrow...and I'm going for the Formula as you described...with the sterile gauze and syringe for appropriate measurment...

tonight I am just going to continue to apply the dmso w/aloe vera

what I noticed immediately was the LACK of viscosity of this stuff...its basically like water...I expected something thicker

also very little smell to this roll on...and thus far, no burning at all...

ok i will keep everyone of luck to you barry and everyone else!

Date:   3/9/2004 9:04:52 PM
Subject:   Message to Scared
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
First please let me say there is no reason to be are only human and subject to human emotions.To be scared is an emotion but it's not like you are taking your first free fall at 20,000 feet.Calm down my friend,take some deep breaths and realize that you are taking a positive action to combat your Peyronies Disease.This is a good thing.

The DMSO70% aloe vera 30%roll on is great for muscle aches and strains.But caution should be taken not to use it above the sholders.It is not an effical therapy for Peyronies Disease.Aloe vera does not have the healing powers needed to get the job done.

To test the true potency ofthe DMSO put it in the fridge for a few hours and see if it cristilizes or as others say gets hard.The litmus test for true DMSO is at 67 degrees F.
If it does not do this then buy another brand,this DMSO you have will not work as well if it does not pass this test.

You will need to buy some Apple Cider Vinegar and castor
oil to complete the formula.Don't premix the formula!!!!!
Mix it as you use it and throw the rest away.

The DMSO is 99.9% pure get a small vile or dropper that has measurements of ten put 70% of the DMSO into a sterile beaker or even a shot glass would do,take 20% vinegar and put that into the DMSO,then take 10% castor oil and blend that with the DMSO and Vinegar stir it to blend and put the formula on a steril cloth,large gause pads are the best alternative.DO NOT use a cloth that has been colored or the coloring will be sent into the penile membrane by the DMSO.Wrap this gause pad around your penis and place a rubberband around the penis as well on to the gause pad to keep it in place.DMSO is the delivery agent and in part one of the active agents,the Apple Cider Vinegar is the primary active agent,and the castor oil is the base that keeps all the components together.Keep this wrap on for 1 1/2- 2 hours.Remove it and throw it is suggested that this procedure be done daily at least once.

DO NOT add any other ingrediants to the formula or modify it in any way especially with sski whick is also called potassium iodine.Some people report modest results in as little as threee days ,others take weeks or a month or two.Don't give up until at least 4 months,minimum.

If I left anything to doubt or question you can reach me on the forum or at my e-mail address.Go for it my friend you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.Good Luck.


Date:   3/9/2004 7:13:52 PM
Subject:   Message To Steven
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi Steven,
No I am not using the Thacker formula.I am using the S/I formula for about 2 years.I would usee the thacker formula in a half a heart beat if the S/I formula was not doing a satisfactory Job.I would recommend the Thacker formula to anyone seeking a good non invasive treatment that is fast in proving itself.Hope I was of help to Ya.

Best To Ya,

Date:   3/9/2004 6:12:21 PM
Subject:   scared!
Name:   Scared 
Okay guys me through this...I bought to says 99.9% pure DMSO liquid...the other is DMSO 70% aloe vera 30% roll on

whew...I finally got the guts to buy it after reading most of the stuff on here

The stuff I got is from Ghent, KY...anyone else get stuff from there???

is says to be used as a solvent I am nervous guys! should I go ahead and try it? if so, which one...and how many times...should I wrap it or what....thanks

Date:   3/8/2004 1:14:07 AM
Subject:   the formula
Name:   steven 
PDFTD, Have you tried Thacker's formula? I am thinking of giving it a try if the VI doesn't work, just curious if you tried it and if any results.

Date:   3/7/2004 2:57:03 PM
Subject:   Responce/update
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
I am glad that you are having results with The Thacker Formula.You are among a growing number of people who are.
From what I have seem on this forum keep using it and the tough guy nodule may succum to the treatment as well.
Good Luck.

Best to Ya,

I do agree that DMSO is OK and safe to use stand alone.It has been used by athletes,weight lifters,body builders and more for quite some time in various potencies as an anti-inflammatory.It's penetrating abilities are remarkable.

Verapamil Injections is an accepted treatment for Peyronies Disease.But the efficacy claims are not as high as stated.The same is true for Topical Verapamil.

To the best of my knowledge DMSO and Verapamil have not been mixed on this forum or by any compound pharmacy or Chemist I don't know the molecular weight of verapamil so I can't say with any degree of certainty that DMSO will deliver it to the afflicted area.The compouding of DMSO/Verapamil would need to be studied before used so there can be a risk of danger.In my opinion the Thacker formula was a fluke that came to us and was easy to check out the components of the formula before trying it.

Your statement that the two would be a effical treatment may very well be true,but I don't have the confidence in verapamil that I did.

In MY OWN opinion I am not fond of invasive treatments as of yet.V/I,VED for examlpe are very invasive treatments and the penis takes a working over with these treatments.I would not use them but that is again ,my opinion.

I am waiting for collaganase to come into the market to see how true it really is and if it lives up to it's alleged reputation.The problem for me however is that it involves injections.We have to wait and see.

Your statement about Grandpa Thacker holds true and I can't disagree with that but I,by my nature and Profession question all and leave nothing to chance.Verapamil is not proving to me to be as claimed.And the makers of T/V Pdlabs will not provide numbers to attest to their claims.Blind faith?????I think not.V/I involves too many injections for me to allow,too much trauma.But again this is my opinion.
With the advent of micro-trauma I am very dubious of treatments that involve an invasive style of treatment.The jury is still out(so to speak)on collaganese.

Best To Ya,

Date:   3/7/2004 2:28:16 PM
Subject:   an explanation...
Name:   leeroy 
Email:   [email protected] 
"I have a question for you......You stated that it sure get's down there.......could you be more articulate with that statement please?"

What I meant is that DMSO definitely gets into your penis - for several hours after a treatment my penis is THICK and just generally bigger - it's as though it were waterlogged. Also, my erection are significantly thicker for at least 12 hours after a treatment. Seems to me SOMETHING is happening, that's for sure.

Date:   3/7/2004 10:03:57 AM
Subject:   Barry
Name:   Vick 
Thanks Barry Great post with some new info I appreciate it. I have had luck with this treatment. It seems to it a sticking point on a piece of a nodule that it can't seem to get rid of. However, it worked like magic on softer plaque

Date:   3/7/2004 6:02:28 AM
Subject:   DMSO and Verapamil etc.
Name:   Adam 

Thank you for your post. Too bad about your hard disk, I hope you will recap your data.

A couple of comments/questions:

Since we already have accepted DMSO as a part of a treatment for Peyronies Disease, it seems that the stuff by itself is safe enough, do you agree?

Verapamil has been used by injection and Ionphoreses and is also an accepted treatment.

Unless the mixing of these materials can alter them in any way (and I had asked Rzz to inquire the Jacob's about this very issue - no answer yet), why would you think this idea can be dangerous?

I would think that if they can be mixed without any changes to the molecular structure of either, this could very well be a potent treatment. Perhaps you check your sources for an answer to this question. If Collagenaise becomes available again, that may be an even more interesting solution.

Remember, at the time Grandpa Thacker invented the "powerful home remedy", he did not know about Verapamil and/or Collagenaise ;-)

Date:   3/7/2004 3:37:51 AM
Subject:   Leeroy........DMSO
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
I am very glad to hear that you feel optimistic about the Thacker formula and it's potential.I don't know what brand DMSO you are using,but some brands claim that they have quelled the garlic smell to a minimum.

I have a question for you......You stated that it sure get's down there.......could you be more articulate with that statement please?

Your question about verapamil and Natto deliverd into the penis via DMSO as the delivery agent is of great concern to me.Others on this forum have asked similar questions.If the truth be known DMSO will deliver just about anything that it is mixed with or comes in contact with into the body and will ultimately end up in your tissue and blood stream.
Understand this if you will .......DMSO is not a solvent to be experemented with lightly.If handled wrong or used incorrectly it CAN hurt you.I have studied DMSO for over a
year and realized it's potential as a viable medicinal component but on the other hand it has potential as a very harmful component as well.Not because of it's label as a solvent(water is a solvent)but misuse and lack of understanding of what this stuff can do.I wrote a post about 14-16 months ago that DMSO will find it's place in the treatment of Peyronies Disease.Then came the Thacker formula and it is tried and is showing it's potential as an effical treatment for Peyronies Disease.rzz is likely trying to figure the molecular weight of sski and be sure that sski can be added to the thacker formula and not be harmful to the tissue of the penis and will attack the plaque with positive results.His efforts are certainly to be commended.And if it can be done then he will find a way.

I will warn off anyone who attempts to use DMSO as a delivery agent to Natto, Vit-e or anything they don't know about.Until my harddrive pooped out on me I had an 11 meg
folder on DMSO/MSM alone now I am trying to regain the info I lost.I am not claiming that I am a DMSO guru but 11 megs was a lot of info and took me a long time to obtain and learn.

All i am really trying to say is Don't mess with DMSO unless you learn about it well or consult someone who knows about it.Compound Pharmacists and chemists are the best off line source.Do research on the web there is a ton of info,you just have to look for it.

Dmso is approved by the FDA for two treatments only, one is a head injury which involves swelling of the brain and the other is a bladder infection.SO your family doc will not write a script for DMSO/Verapamil because he does not how to blend the two.Verapamil comes in many strenghts and he would not know whch strenght to use.He would not know as well the proper potency of DMSO to use.On top of that this type of medicament would have to be made at a compound pharmacy,and a script would be required to get it.

Please don't play mix and match with DMSO,you may regret it for the rest of your life.There is so much more that can be said but I believe I made my point.If anyone has any questions I would be glad to address them on or off the forum.

Best To All,

Date:   3/7/2004 12:24:03 AM
Subject:   Has anyone ever considered...
Name:   leeroy 
Email:   [email protected] 
Well, I've been using Thacker's formula for a couple of weeks now, and a few things are for sure.
1. i stink - what was the secret to not smelling so awful?
2. it definitely gets deep down in there.

has anyone, i wonder, ever considered using DSMO as a delivery tool for topical verapamil?
or how about adding Natto to the Thacker formula? D'ya think that might help?

Any thoughts would be great...

Date:   3/6/2004 1:34:15 PM
Subject:   KK
Name:   colt   
What you are experiencing is normal except for the rash.
Your posting reminds me that we in the USA should not want socialized medicine. At least we can usually take our insurance to a specialist in another state or area. I am in project now but will try to address your posting in more detail. Good luck.
PS How old are you? If you are 40 or older, you may be having prostate problems. We, on this message posting board, should never diagnose and I am not trying to, but have the prostate checked out. I am basing this on my experience. Consider a psa test. Prostate Specific Antigen
test. Depending on your age, a reading of 2 to 4 or higher should be followed up by a free psa test.

Date:   3/5/2004 10:13:30 AM
Subject:   Symptoms...Consequences
Name:   KK 
Email:   [email protected] 
I've been having Peyronies Disease for 8 months...and I have tried different things, but just seem to get worse everyday...luckily I got into this forum yeaterday, and I must say it feels like an Oasis in the middle of the dessert!! I have read most of the string, and I have to thank everyone, specially Rzz, for all the effort and the support given to everyone. I will be writting more often, since I guess I have finally found a place where people can understand what I am going through.

Anyway, I wanted to ask something about the consequences of having Peyronies Disease. I know that is different for everyone, but I wnat to know, if after you got the disease, by accdient, or natural reasons, did your penis started to get hard withouth being erected. Meaning this, all the Coporea Cavernosa is like experiening cramps!! Well, it happens to me, not only have I got a problem with the plaque, and the pain, but also when is not erected, it gets hard...I ve been trying to set up a pattern, and trying to figure out why does all of it gets hard without being erected, and I have noticed that when I get stressed, nervous, excited, or when I am wearing jeans, it happens to do so. But when I am laying down, sleeping, or relax is back to normal...except for the plaque, which is always hard. I have read some things, and does anyone know if this has to do with a hormone/relaxant in the penile tissue called Prostaglandin E1? Is the lack of this relaxant that produces the cramps?

This has developed into something more serious..I am getting pain in the prostate area, and the anus. After I urinate, urine is not fully dischargedm and i have to 'milk the penis' for a while. Recently my penis is redish, and itchy where the plaque is.

So, I want to know if anyone else had this while the disease was developing... I live in the UK. and finding a doc here is just horrible... unless you are private patient... But i have been to my GP and he said that the red and ithchy thing it might be realted to a i am applying a cream...

That leads me to the second question, and is if anyone knows any organizations, or groups, or counselling, specially for this where I can go in London!! And this leads me to the third question... I am going through a deep depression, I feel it...It is ruining my personal and professional life... How have you coped with this disease??? I need to balance my emotional life, and cant seem to get an answer!!!

Thanks for everyone here, and bless you all!! As of today, I will be joining the discussion much more often, and will put in practice what this formula can do...of course the idea is to share my knowledge with you guys as seem not to care that much!!!

If you can answer me with suggestions, i would appreciate it a lot!!!

PS. RZZ my deep condolences...My best friend killed himself in an accident two years ago! I fully uderstand your feelings!

Date:   3/4/2004 11:21:14 PM
Subject:   results to date
Name:   Bobrak Karmal 
using formula since early December, 03. Plaque is not reduced. Erections were better though. Have had Peyronies Disease for about 3.5 years. The only thing that has really helped is plaque squashing/squeezing. I can narrow my plaque from 1/2 inch wide to 1/4 inch, but the next day it goes back to the same shape. The manipulation does seem to rubberize the hard area. It appears to be slowly shrinking with time. Another four years and it will be gone. Its a long process.

Date:   3/4/2004 4:52:52 AM
Subject:   Rzz
Name:   testme 
My heart go's out to you. I am a Fire Fighter for Devon Fire and Rescue in the UK and deal with RTA's on a monthly basis, more and more are motor cycles.


Date:   3/3/2004 4:00:51 PM
Subject:   Nattokinaise
Name:   alex 
I was wondering, what do you guys think about anti fibrin herb I believe...I am taking Vitamin E only but I wish to add some thing that will address my existing calcification...thanks

Date:   3/3/2004 10:50:52 AM
Subject:   Steven - progress
Name:   Dick 
I've been doing Thackers daily with oral MSM for about 2 weeks. Nothing to report yet.

Date:   3/3/2004 12:08:02 AM
Subject:   updates
Name:   steven 
Any progress updates? Good news , no news? just curious how it was going for you all.


Date:   3/2/2004 2:15:16 PM
Subject:   Rzz
Name:   Dick 
No - my email is not Rzz. I just got confused when filling out the Post Message.

My best friend was killed in an auto accident a year ago, leaving a wife and 10 year old daughter. It was a life altering event for many people, especially his wife and daughter of course. My heart goes out to you and them.

Date:   2/29/2004 1:05:45 AM
Subject:   rzz
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
That's very sad,best wishes to all.


Date:   2/29/2004 12:34:43 AM
Subject:   Rzz
Name:   steven 
Rzz, my condolences

All the Best,

Date:   2/28/2004 11:59:36 PM
Name:   2-Cents 
You, your friends and his family will have my prayers.

All the best,

Date:   2/28/2004 6:06:39 PM
Subject:   to let you know
Name:   Rzz 
I just received news a few hours ago that one of my best friends that I've known for 33 years, since I was 7 years old, was killed in a motorcycle accident early this morning in my home Town. I'm in shock, stunned and don't know what to Think. I don't know what made make this post other than I'm trying to take care of some last minute things before I leave. I'm leaving for the airport in about an hout to go back home. I have no idea what his family is doing for funeral arraingments, I know they are devestated. He had a wife and 2 daughters (8yrs and 11yrs). His wife, who is also a close friend, is the one who called and told me. She asked if I could come right away and I've booked the first flight I could get out. Don't know when I'll be back. Depending on how things are, I would think sometime next weekend or the first of next week.

Date:   2/27/2004 11:41:21 PM
Subject:   kingfish
Name:   Mountain Hiker 
Email:   [email protected] 
in your post of 2.10.04 you say your Peyronies Disease HAS IMPROVED. I m new into this. How did you get it to improve? Thank you. 

Date:   2/27/2004 5:47:17 PM
Name:   kingfish 
Frank, Scroll down 600 messages and start from the beginning if you really want to know!

Date:   2/27/2004 4:53:47 PM
Subject:   ~dq~Powerful Home Remedy~dq~
Name:   Frank 
Email:   [email protected] 
What is the "powerful home remedy???

Date:   2/27/2004 4:25:20 PM
Subject:   curious
Name:   Rzz 
I was just curious because I always have just assumed everybody did it the opposite Way. Applied the formula when they got home for the Evening. Guess I was wrong, but whatever works best for you is the way you should do it. I would! Also a little curious about your email. I noticed today it was Rzz. Same thing again, it's no big deal and I'm just curious, but you go by Rzz? 

Date:   2/27/2004 2:34:37 PM
Subject:   morning application
Name:   Dick 
Email:   rzz 
I'm the one who said I apply Thackers before going to work in the morning. I had not thought about it before, but I guess there are two reasons. It's easier to establish a regular routine in the morning because I don't always go straight home after work. Second, I'm more sedentary at work than I would typically be at home (chores, etc) - so it's easier to keep it in place at work.

Date:   2/27/2004 10:21:33 AM
Subject:   Rzz
Name:   kingfish 
Rzz, Glad to hear you put that sski info together . Ill be waiting to see what you have to say....much appreciation

Date:   2/26/2004 6:04:07 PM
Subject:   Potassium iodide
Name:   Rzz 
Just wanted everybody who's interested to know I'm ready with what I've learned about potasssium iodide and using it with the Formula. I don't have the time to get it posted right now, but it will be up before the weekends Out.

Got a few other tidbits I think some of you may find interesting too. Including more info on the formula and DMSO. Hope to get some emails and a phone call from some people tommorrow so I can get that info up too, but if I don't I'll still put up what I got.

Date:   2/26/2004 5:12:55 PM
Subject:   Steven
Name:   Rzz 
It doesn't really matter and whatever works best for you is the way you should go, but I'm just Curious. Why do you use the formula before you go to Work? Wouldn't it be easier to do it when you got home from work? That way you could just wear some old sweat pants and after two hours just head to the bathroom and rinse off. I'm not trying to talk you into something different. Like I said, whatever works for you is great and that's what you should stick to. I'm just curious is all. 

Date:   2/26/2004 5:06:49 PM
Subject:   MB
Name:   Rzz 
Glad to hear the smell has gone away Somewhat. It usually does after a month or So. However, don't expect it to completely go away. Remember if you don't smell it doesn't mean there's not a smell still there. Find a good friend and ask them from time to time if they smell it. Actually the oral MSM(Excelsa) will help a little with the smell. Take it with a glass full of juice of your choice. You just pour the required amount in the juice, mix it up and drink it down. If you don't know, the smell also will come from your body as well, especially after sweating.

About the water and DMSO. First, if you are using Jacob's DMSO there is no need to cut it with water because it already is cut with water to Dr. Jacob's exact specification. One of the things I want to touch on again when I speak to Jacob's son is the reason for the DMSO being cut with water. They, both Dr. Jacob and his son, assured me DMSO works better when used topically if it's cut with water. I want to go over this again and get more details. The reason I say this is because it appears some people are getting results when they use good DMSO from somewhere other than Jacob's Lab and don't cut it with water. I'll be back with more on this next week. In the mean time, I'd just keep doing what your doing.

Date:   2/25/2004 11:35:41 PM
Name:   Bobrak Karmal 
Got a piece/strip of Velcro at OSH hardware. Cut to length and then sewed a patch of flannel to the strip.
add juice to patch and wrap velcro/flannel around your rod. It doesn't fall off and you can tighten as required. 85 days on formula, plaque is not reduced but erections are improved at night during rem. I use Clinic Services DMSO - 99.9% pure. Freezes at about 65 degrees. I have had to thaw in hot water. Phone no. for DMSO is 800-354-7346

Date:   2/25/2004 6:31:28 PM
Name:   Jebb 
Jacob's formula states 70% and the remaining is mineral water. It is already watered down

Date:   2/25/2004 11:24:47 AM
Name:   Dick 
Email:   steven 
I'm not sure how the DMSO makes you smell (I've heard it does, but I think it is difficult to detect on yourself), but the cider vinegar can definitely smell. If you're not careful how you contain it, the stuff permeates your underwear and stays with you (the oil holds it). I apply the wrap before I go to work in the morning and remove it a few hours later. I do little cleanup when I remove it to minimize lingering odor. By the way, I use a condum to cover/hold the pad, as suggested by someone on this thread a long time ago. It does a pretty good job of containing the formula, much better than plastic wrap that I first used. Condums are about 50 cents each when you buy them in bulk.

Date:   2/25/2004 10:34:59 AM
Subject:   Smell
Name:   MB 

The smell seemed to have settled down. I do taste it every so often. I do pop breath mints and use a little cologne now. The people that noticed it before don't now. I use Nature Gift because it is the purest out there. What is interesting is that it does not really smell bad right out of the bottle. Again, think that has to do with purity.

I am not taking anything oral. Just following Thacker's formula. I do it at night for two hours.

I am still unclear on the DMSO and water concentration. I did start out diluting by 30% with water and it helped with the burning. Now I have reduced down to 10% . I did see your post about Dr. Jacob saying water helps with absorption, so winging it.

Any suggestions on controlling smell will be great. I also think it depends on what and how much I eat throughout the day.


Date:   2/24/2004 10:27:03 PM
Subject:   JC
Name:   steven 
Good luck, JC, nothing like hope, makes you walk a little ligher, keep us posted.
I have a general question for anybody. When you guys mention the smell associated with the thacker's formula, does it stay on you even when you aren't wearing the wrap? I work in Sales and that would be a problem, along with my recently acquired Peyronies Disease bad attitude.

Date:   2/24/2004 8:43:51 PM
Subject:   Gun oil patches
Name:   JC 
Gun oil patches, or gun cleaning patches (whatever you want to call them) are just perfectly cut squares of cotton. Don't get the pre-oiled ones. The Hoppes 9 patches come in a box with several different sizes that are ideal for this application. You could cut your own pieces of flannel, it doesn't matter. Gun cleaning patches are designed not to leave fibers in the barrel of your rifle and yet apply the oil or solvent evenly to the surface. They soak up a lot of liquid for their size so they seem to be an effective and convenient delivery method for our purposes. You can get them at any Sports Authority or Wall Mart.

This is my dick and this is my gun.
This one's for fighting and this one's for fun...


Date:   2/24/2004 6:49:13 PM
Name:   Red 
I read about the great progress you guys were having with this treatment on another medical forum. I just finished reading this great thread. WOW! Have you guys recently read the entire thread? There are dozens and dozens of guys reporting dramatic results! The other forum was discussing the fact that the verapamil makers in Texas are taking a hit because of this treatment. It seems this info is spreading and there are many guys trying this treatment and seeing results! I am going to order my dmso tonight and start the treatment as soon as it arrives. I pray I have results like some of you lucky guys have listed!!

Date:   2/24/2004 6:17:57 PM
Subject:   progress
Name:   Patrick 
hey everyone....i have some news to share...i have started taking natto, adding that to my application of thackers formula now.....i started with three nodules..though one was very small...and quite a bend or arc upwards when erect, and as i have seen others post, a bit of a hinge effect at a weak spot....i now have two nodules and they are MUCH smaller than they were only two weeks ago....i am unsure to what extent the angle has improved, but at times it seems significant and at other times seems slight....though i always had a bit of bend and torsion to one side, intercourse was never at all a problem, but the peyronies changed all that to an extreme arc upwards.....i am hoping to see progress on that next. i am also having great morning erections again.....i hadn't really noticed how much that had waned before..but it seems to be on the rebound.
i will keep you all posted.

Date:   2/24/2004 5:34:03 PM
Subject:   Question for JC
Name:   kingfish 
I dont know much about gun-oil patch. Is that safe??

Date:   2/24/2004 5:28:54 PM
Name:   John 
Thanks JC that was a great post! I wish you the best! I am seeing some mild results with the thacker formula as well. 

Date:   2/24/2004 5:28:00 PM
Subject:   JC
Name:   kingfish 
Wise Words from a Wise Man...

Date:   2/24/2004 5:14:36 PM
Subject:   Application Method
Name:   JC 
Hello All,

I wanted to address the question of application method. I've been on this forum for a little while but I have other health problems that have taken attention away from this one (I'm really F^@%Erectile Dysfunction up). I have only been using the Thacker formula for a short time but it does seem to softening the plaque and reducing it somewhat, although not significantly. I am using the FWI DMSO and am getting ready to order the Nature's Way stuff ASAP now that I am hearing better things about that. Application was a difficult thing to get down though so here is the final method I have been using after much trial and error:

In order to mix the formula I use three separate 10cc syringes and draw the liquid up to the 1, 2, or 7 mark depending on the liquid. I then squirt each one into a small glass bowl and mix well with an eye-dropper. I never pre-mix. Whatever I don't use for that application I throw out and make sure to wash the bowl so that the mixture does not evaporate and permeate the air in my bathroom. DMSO evaporates very easily and who knows if breathing it into your lungs could do long-term damage.

I use a gun-oil patch and soak that in the Thacker formula. I place the patch on my dick using tweezers guided with the eye dropper. I then wrap a piece of ACE bandage around my dick and use the included clips to keep it tight. I find it stays there quite well even with a certain amount of physical activity. Using plastic of any kind seems very unwise to me. I say this because plasticizers contain dioxins which mimic estrogen in the human body. I don't need chemicals of any sort affecting my hormones, and who is to say the DMSO is not carrying it into my blood stream?

I have been talking with a friend of mine who is a chemist and he says he believes the formula is a logical application. He is somebody who I would trust with my life so I trust his judgment. We are continuing to discuss this and if any relevant info develops I will be sure to post it. I am also giving him this link and trying to get him to read over the posts to develop some critical questions and possibly improve the methodology scientifically.

I have also been sold on the idea of taking something called Serrapeptase. This is is a proteolytic enzyme, an anti-inflamitory agent isolated from the silkworm. It has been shown to be almost 90% effective in the treatment of Fibrocystic breast disease and has been used for reduction of arterial blockage and elimination of varicose veins. Before I had the Thacker formula up and running I was using this and it did seem to make a difference in erection quality. I take 15mg/dose once a day for now. It must get through the stomach into the intestine in order to be effective so it is important to take enterically-coated tablets on an empty stomach all at once.

I have also been wondering about the possibility of using anti-oxidants to reduce the free radicals that may be causing build-up. I am not well versed on anti-oxidants and have just begun to think about this, but it seems to me that it may be worth a shot to help the treatment along. If anyone has input on this I'd be interested. I also intend to start taking the Jacob's Lab Excelsa Oral Solution in conjunction with the aforementioned treatment.

Someone mentioned the "shotgun approach". I think this is warranted. We are not scientists trying to isolate a cure. We are all self-experimenting hoping to find a solution to a very grave (and emotionally disturbing) problem. Using varied methods may skew the data but it also may lead to a break-through. However, I think Thacker's original formula is a reasonable approach to this disease, especially in severe cases like mine where the disease seems to be progressing, not stabilizing.

One note on my story: My Peyronies Disease was due to trauma. Some doctors have called it an "internal penile fracture". It happened during intercourse. Most likely part of the tunica was ripped. I felt a sharp pain and was recommended to ice it instead of go to the emergency room which is what I should have done. It became a hardened plaque after a week and has gotten significantly worse over a period of about 4 years. I've lost a lot of size, erection quality, and finally ended up with painful erections and impossible sex. Therefore I am more than willing to go out on a limb. Nonetheless I feel that this treatment is logical and appropriate and is not as radical as a lot of doctors want to make it seem. I have been to several of the best experts in the U.S. (including Johns Hopkins) and I have been recommended by them to get a prostethis. So if this helps me avoid that fate at the ripe-old age of 29 then life will be much better in the long run.

I want to publicly thank Rzz for his hard work on this problem, and I don't care if you think I'm blowing smoke up his ass. He has done good for all of us and those of us who are grateful should tell him. To others who are whining there is no cure or this is all BS you should stop F^@%ing with desperate men who would love to take THIER frustrated anger out on YOU. You have no right to psychologically drain this group. I consider it to be the epitome of evil to be criticizing such a noble effort because of your own uninformed insecurities. The original poster (Thacker) might still be around to answer questions and help us along if it weren't for this type of behavior. The Thacker formula appears to be helping me and many others and discouraging the efforts of those who are enlightening themselves and sharing this with others despite their own immense difficulties is IMHO a disgusting display of selfish fear. If you take the time to properly try the formula and it does not work you are welcome to report that, but where does someone get off criticizing an effort they aren't even part of?

Apart from that little bit of negativity I have found great hope in this forum and I think many of us will end up with positive results. Coming from a sad-ass like me that is a strong endorsement.

BTW, I have done a certain amount of research into injection therapy and I think sticking a needle in your dick is an unwise decision no matter what you are injecting in there. I have actually had it done for testing purposes and it may have done additional damage. The fact is nobody can tell, not even the doctor who did it.

I probably have one of the worst cases on this forum. A small reduction won't do it for me so I hope that in a year's time things will get better. For now I have no intention of stopping the treatment since I believe it is working where there is little alternative. For those that may get discouraged: FEAR PARALYZES ACTION so remember there is nothing to fear but fear itself.


Date:   2/24/2004 12:06:01 PM
Subject:   DMSO
Name:   2-Cents 
I am using Natures Gift DMSO which states 99.9% pure DMSO.
Jacob's Labs DMSO seems to be somewhat diluted I think 70% and 50%. I got the tip for this brand of DMSO from TIM on this post who noticed an improvement with a change in the brand of DMSO and so did I. I was not using Jacob's DMSO previously. The brand I was using FWI states that it contains 99.9% pure DMSO and the active ingredients are 90% DMSO. I tested it in the fridge overnight and it did not crystalize/freeze but, the Natures Gift did. Jacob's DMSO


Peyronie's Disease Patient Discussion Forum 
Topic: "Powerful Home Remedy- Thacker Formula.......Thread 2"

Date:   6/20/2004 11:50:40 PM
Subject:   To PDFTD
Name:   Larry H 
Email:   [email protected] 
Now PDFTD why don't you fess up and tell this man that you really are Thacker and let him do his double blind study. Do you know how long we have been waiting for someone or something like Yieu Lin to come along and do a really great study on a possible Peyronies Disease treatment of promise. And glory glory, if their study is positive then they (WE, who ever the hell "WE" are) will patent the stuff and sell it to all of us for maybe $100.00, $500.00, $1,000.00, doesn't really matter, as long as we are all cured of this disease.

PDFTD, I know that you are a great cult leader and Long Ling his sniffed you out. So I say to you, be man enough to open up to Long Dong, tell him all you know, for he has only our best interest, and our bank accounts as the driving force behind his post.

PDFTD, you have long been my cult leader, but times change and I now must switch my alligence to Ding Dong, or whatever, as long as he gives me 10% off the top. I just hope he is more reliable than my dick.

Your former cult follower,

Larry H

Date:   6/20/2004 10:57:22 PM
Subject:   Who we Are.
Name:   Yieu Lin 
Email:   [email protected]   
The post was not meant to be a kind proposition based upon extensive forum research. Only a general, not in depth, observation of the obvious.

Of course the formula is easy to make and mix... we are not interested in this, only more in depth research which would require personal contact and research notes up to the latest time of revision.

We, are a research group affiliated with Chiba Univ, Japan, in Japan, doing research on Urology i.e. a semi-specific area of Erectile Dysfunction including Peyronies Disease. Based in Japan because stem cell research is un-restricted here, and we have good pre-liminary results with basic cell therapy, but possibly might be interested in an anjunct cure to use in addition that may help the overall healing process.

My email account waits for PDFTD's contact.

yieu lin

Date:   6/20/2004 5:53:31 PM
Subject:   response to Yieu Lin
Name:   Rzz 
Yieu Lin
I really doubt you'll ever be talking to Dr. Thacker unless you know how to use a crystal ball or conduct a seance. Or maybe you could go on that TV show "Crossing Over." Damn man, when you read a book do you skip over pages, because this doesn't speak well of your research skills.

Also I'll give you a little advice. When you want to speak to somebody, the way you wrote your post is not the best way to go about it. I've been fortunate to speak to some of the experts in Peyronies Disease research and medicine and I tell you it took time to do so. Plus, sincere and honest letters as well as phone calls to convince them my motive was good.

In addition, if you want to test the validity of the formula why not just do the test and see for yourself. The formula is very, very easy to mix.

Also, what's with this "patent thing" you speak of. What are you saying? Do you want to test the formula to see if it works, then patent it so you can charge dollars to the people who need it and who could easily make it themselves for just pennies. AH! The almighty dollar! It never fails!

As is PDFTD, I too am curious as to who the "we" is you refer to in your post.

Date:   6/20/2004 2:38:08 PM
Subject:   To Yieu Lin
Name:   PDFTD 
Who are the we you refer to in the first paragraph?

If you read the forum and the threads that apply to the Thacker Formula you would know that Dr. Thacker passed away.So much for your research skills and just plain paying attention.It was never stated that he was a Urologist.

Lin,are you kidding me or what?do you read and research before you flap your tounge?Dr. Thacker was the only Doctor in th family.where are you coming up with this crap?Are you on drugs or just stupid?

If you choose not to believe me then DON'T,I DON'T CARE.You are nothing to me.Thacker the grandson of Doctor Thacker wanted his privacy and I gave it to him,so what was said between us is none of your business.

If you and your collegues want to talk to any one you can talk to me.And if you can prove that you are not just some bullshitter then I will contact Thacker and see if he want's to talk to you.I made a promise to him to protect his privacy and that's the way it's going to be,period.

Your insinuation that I am Doctor Thacker is very funny.LOL.Yes there are research notes written by Doctor Thacker but as to weather or not you get them will be decided by Thacker not me.

But you are not going to get a thing until you tell me who you are.Give me an idea of your validity on this forum and I may contact you via e-mail to further validate your claims.


Date:   6/20/2004 1:11:00 PM
Subject:   Something of note.
Name:   Yieu Lin 
Email:   [email protected] 
Directed here by hearing a couple of men talk about the Thacker formula, we took a look, and here's what we see.

In a recent National Physician search within the United States, I could find no physician's by the name of thacker that practice Urology. Some are in family medicine, some in other fields, none in urolology.

All posts regarding 'The Formula' or 'Dr. Thacker' and his long family history of physicians are made by PDFTD, never by the illusive Thacker. Information regarding Thacker, his work, or any type of identifying information is never given. Just promises that, "I have talked to him, that should be enough". All postings are made by PDFTD. (PDFTD would make a great cult leader, "don't ask, just beleive me").

Regardless, because myself and sevaral of my collegues have heard about this formula, we would like to contact Dr. Thacker. Our group is working with private and public funding (semi funded by Pfizer) and our Urology group is anxious to contact Mr. (Dr. Thacker).

So, Dr. Thacker, a.k.a. PDFTD (they seem to be one and the same), we can set up contact information at the email above. We are willing to review and test this formula in a double blind study, and possibly patent this, once validity is established. We will, of course, need Mr. Dr. Thacker's cooperation and all research notes... if there are any. 

Date:   6/10/2004 1:06:34 AM
Subject:   Still using ...
Name:   Nemo 
I'm still using ... about 6 months now ... still better erections - but no change other than that. I'm still satisfied that it's worth the trouble, even if only for the better erections.


Date:   6/10/2004 12:48:27 AM
Subject:   working?
Name:   steven 
Hey All,

How's its going with Thacker's formula, its beens 8 months since it was posted, any correction of curvature?
I know it improves erections, curious about the curvature results. I've been away for awhile, notice ALL the posts have less of a sense of urgency, anger and despair, thought maybe that was a good sign, yes? Can you post good news stories if you have em....


Date:   6/9/2004 11:37:48 PM
Subject:   To Barry
Name:   Ray 
Hi Barry, in one of your previous messages you mentioned you used, as treatment for peyronies, soy isoflavones. I believe the dosage was 50mg at the rate of 3 in the am and 2 in the pm. If this is incorrect please advise. Would you be willing to address the results and the time elements. Also if you have any data that lead you to this plan of treatment. Thanks Ray

Date:   5/28/2004 6:23:52 PM
Subject:   to J and the Duprey sx
Name:   Bo 
Hi J

when i began to notice an angle shift in my "friend" well, that puzzled me.........and I usually get into things that puzzle me........
but i didn´t............then when apparent Dick Disfunction became all to obvious i started to check things out......and
finding hard, roapy things where they should not finally got me to this site.

But i´m still 30% out of shape.........
The Hand: well, perhaps from one day to the other or over a few weeks began having knots under the skin an inch below the palm side of my 4th finger, and gradually another knot appeared at the lowest joing of my little finger.
they don-t bother me at all, and , well, perhaps there´s a little shaking motion if i try to hold my hand straight out.....which i now avoid doing.........since i´m 63.....well i don´t want any negative glances comming my way.
My granfather was from england........and from my fathers side........well his family have been hold up in the edge of the state of maine ever since......some boats came over....
i always was led to understand that they were from the "pilgram" group......that survived.
i never have been much into geneology...(?) but my beard was red and my eyes bright blue.............but at about 5 foot 7............i have never given the Vikings much avoidence.......

however.........i have been mystified and intrigued by the occurance of hand and dick getting hit by the same type of , well, metabolic,, really strange....
i believe that there is much more unknown about collagen or fiberous tissue than is known......
i would not wait for any correlating information before getting into the "old man´s" technique.............

Essencially, there does not seem to be anything yet..yet... available to dissolve the knots and nodes.....but at least you can begin to get those caverns blood filled and streatched..........maximum effort........

also, it always good to paralelly consider venous or aterial leakage in your best friend..........which is at time another condition which easily leads to poor erections..........
Wishing you good health, and an investigative spirit to help get us back in the game............

Date:   5/20/2004 9:00:54 PM
Subject:   reply to Bo
Name:   j 
Bo, they are essentially 2 manifestations of the same pathology. Another is "Ledderhose Disease" of the foot, of which I also have a mild case. "Frozen Shoulder" has recently been associated - and I've had it, too.

They're all instances of Type III Collagen being formed where it doesn't belong. It's been likened to wound healing, but I've hand no traumas to my hands, feet or shoulders. Dupuytren's has been found to be strongly hereditary, apparently originating in a genetic mutation in one of the Viking populations. There is more readily available data for Dupuytren's than for Peyronie's. For example I've read it's very common in Iceland.

When I was first diagnosed with Dupuytren's disease about 6 years ago, the hand surgeon told me right up front that it can affect 3 parts of the body - and he was pretty graphic about it. So when Peyronie's hit me last year, it wasn't a surprise. And the urologist I went to was already treating another patient having both Peyronie's and Dupuytren's.

Why people get different combinations of these conditions is part of the mystery. It's an interesting mental exercise to theorize as to what those parts of the body might have in common, that is causing the formation of the collagen deposits.

Dupuytren's is easier to deal with because we can solve the problem mechanically, at least for a while - i.e. sever the cords surgically and - with systematic therapy - regain functional use of the hand.

What's your hand look like? 

Date:   5/20/2004 6:49:47 PM
Subject:   your thoughts on damage
Name:   Bo 
J..I also have the hand abnormality.........I think I got it before the Peyronies Disease, tho I´m not sure.......but no md could tell me what happened to my hand.............clearly, since it was of minor disturbance I did not go looking for trouble with uninformed mds´.........
However I haven´t talked with any one with both conditions....and I also find it highly unusual and atypical that someone get struck with both maladies.......
I haven´t been into "rough" sex and thus doubt that the Peyronies Disease situation is a result of this behavior.
Nevertheless I´ve got a full blossoming case of Peyronies Disease and its getting a little worse as time goes by.
And I do REALLY ponder about the coincidence of the hand and Peyronies just seems to somehow to be a part of the same ? metabolic? diorder.

I´ve been using an inexpensive VED and do think that the workout does kind of reestablish blood chambers towards their initial condition, and this simply makes simple sense. However regarding the very fact of the plaque condition, well this has not changed at all..........granted I haven´t been doing daily workouts with the VED........and probably should......nevertheless the plaque seems to be a chapter apart and unto itself. And its continuing in development.

I write to you only to probe your own analysis and considerations regarding the apparent correlation between the 2 disorders. And, to , ask if you have come up with any information relating to the 2 occurances and what to do about it.
Wishing you the best of great health.........and please have a lot of hope.........


Date:   5/16/2004 3:33:14 PM
Name:   Archie 
Business Week magazine has an article on stem cell regeneration. The cover photo is of a salamander that is capable of regrowing severed appendages and organs. Scripps, U of Pitt, DARPA and Big Pharma are researching how the salamander regenerates and how that can be done in humans using stem cells.

Date:   5/15/2004 11:20:25 AM
Name:   j 
I want to advise extreme caution regarding the VED. I know Old Man and others have used it with apparent success. But - I also have Dupuytren's disease and it is well established that attempting to stretch Dupuytren's tissue is counterproductive. When I was diagnosed by a hand surgeon, one of the first he said was to forget about stretching, saying "it's been tried".

My own personal suspicion is that Peyronies Disease isn't a single disease. I think those of use with both DC and Peyronies Disease may have something different than those who have Peyronies Disease as result of trauma, or some other cause. The tissue changes may be the result of a different process. Just my uneducated opinion.

Date:   5/15/2004 10:35:10 AM
Subject:   response 2
Name:   Rzz 
I do not have any doubt about the validity of the VED for helping some who suffer from Peyronies Disease, but to be honest I'm a little afraid of It. My concern is without very good and exact execution it may cause more Damage. Possiblly more tearing, which may result in more scaring. I'm concerned if not done exactly right, the soft healthy tissue that is attached to the scar will tear, split or seperate before the nonpliable scar tissue will stretch. Those who use it and have been shown and taught precisely how to use the VED I'm sure are OK. However, those who just buy one and start going at it should be VERY, VERY careful of causing further damage. That's just my thought. 

Date:   5/14/2004 9:48:12 PM
Name:   yo 
That sounds good. I think I'm probably a 0.5 to 1 on that 0 to 10 point scale, at this point. I'm going to start giving the formula a try again, and when I get the money, I'm going to buy a VED (vacuum erection device) for therapy as well. You might consider using a VED as a therapeutic method alongside the formula-- I've recently read somewhere that some who use a VED over time start to experience increased bloodflow to the unit in general. Best of luck to you-- hope you get it all the way back to a 10 and show that girl a blast!

Date:   5/13/2004 3:04:55 AM
Subject:   Yo ( A response)
Name:   Rzz 
Sorry about that, hit the wrong Key. I'd think as many post as I've made I wouldn't do that, but to my amazement I still Do.

Yes, it has been 6 months since I started on the Thacker's Formula and i will give you an update. however, I need to tell you a few things. 1) In the first 4-5 weeks of using the formula I was using "Jacob's Lab DMSO 70/30." Which we all now know is not the type to use. Not only that, for approx. the first 2 weeks of that period I was adding another 30% water to it, which decreased the DMSO even more drastically. Although it may have helped slightly, I really don't count that has actually being on the formula. If you're not doing it right, then it can't be counted when gauging the results. 2) There have been small periods here and there of 2-3 days when I did not apply the formula. I was out of town for a funeral for 6 days when I did not use it and another time fishing in Canada for 5 days. All together I'd guess about 3 weeks. So that adds up to about 7 weeks of not using it or not using it properly. So with that said, I've actually been on the formula or should I say used the formula the way it was intended for a little over 4 months. Also, remember mine was not a problem of curvature or pain, but one of erection quality. That was what I was really seeking to improve. On an erection scale of (0 to 10), 10 being the rock hard erections you got when you were 18 and 0 being completely impotent, I'd say before the formula I was about a 2.

Here's where I'm at now: In the first couple of weeks, even on the weak formula I noticed slightly better morning erections. After roughly 7 weeks, the morning erections were considerably better, on the scale maybe a 4. As the days passed there were a few mornings that if the opportunity were there I truly believe I could have made penetration. How long it would have lasted I don't know, but I believe I could have penetrated. On the scale I saw a few 5-plus. Before the formula that never happened.
Somewhere into the third month things seemed to stall and improvement ceased. I thought "crap!! that's it. It's ran its' course and it's not going to get any better." However, I kept using it. Well about 3 weeks ago, it kicked into gear again and I started seeing improvement. Morning erections, when I get them are always at least a 5 everytime and I think are getting stronger. Here's a story and the real kicker! Last Friday I was out with this girl I see from time to time. I still don't know why, maybe wishful thinking, but an hour after dinner I took a Viagra. A couple hours later we were slow dancing at this night club and she was looking good, REAL GOOD! All of a sudden I felt myself getting a slight erection. I couldn't believe it. Toward the end of the song she looked at me and said it looks like your glad to see me. I just smiled and said I was. If she only knew how my insides were jumping for joy! So in conclusion, compared to what I was before, I've seen good results. I still have a ways to go though. Will it keep getting better? Will I lose what progress I've made? I don't know the answer to those questions. But I know I will keep using the formula until I see something to make me stop. That's where I'm at right now.

As for your other questions. I use what the formula calls for in a wrap. WHITE and only WHITE flannel cloth. Go to any fabric store and they'll have it and it's cheap too. I do my wrap at night. First I just use WARM, not cold or cool, but WARM soap and water for a quick wash and COMPLETE dry, then use a 2"x4" soaked wrap. Then another wrap that has NOT been soaked and is slightly BIGGER than the first(it seems to stay in place better when I do this and it catches any excess that may drip from the wrap). I then use a piece of kite string and LOOSELY but snuggly tie it. The whole process from wash to tie takes about 4-6 minutes. Put on a baggy pair of old shorts and go about doing what I want to do. No exercize, but everyhting else is fine. I waxed my car last Saturday with it on and when I took it off it was fine.

As far as using it in conjunction with l-arg + viagra + pentox, that I don't have an answer for. I would be very careful about mixing things you've not researched. Especially mixing Viagra & Pentox, but I just don't have an answer for you on the last question. Good luck. 

Date:   5/12/2004 5:44:27 PM
Subject:   To Dick
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
I actually did not answer your question directly to you and I apologize for that.I incorporated your question in a questionaire I sent to Thacker while I was working on the formula,so you were on my mind.The answer to your question is YES.Please go to the following thread for a comprehensive formula revision.And you will see that your question was addressed there.Including this thread it is the 16th thread down.

Peyronie's Disease Patient Discussion Forum

Topic: "Thacker Formula-Re-vised 05/03/2004"

Good Luck,

Date:   5/12/2004 4:31:35 PM
Subject:   question for Barry
Name:   Dick 
I don't recall seeing your response to my question whether the formula could be mixed ahead of time. Maybe I missed it.

Date:   5/12/2004 2:44:15 PM
Subject:   Thackers Formula
Name:   testme 
PDFTD - thank you for all of your help and your honesty.

I personally cant understand the reasoning behind people who are angry with this formula and the people behind it.

If you wnat to try it then do so - If you dont want to try it - then do not.

You dont get angry with McDonalds if you dont like thier cheeseburgers you just dont eat them.

The above is a simplistic attitude applied to a very complex situation (Peyronies Disease and home remeies) however being angry at everything doesnt help yourself or others.

Please support PDFTD and others who are trying to support you!

Date:   5/12/2004 1:01:43 PM
Subject:   Response to Annon
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi Annon,
Your welcome,and thank you.No actually,using a wrap a second time is not a good idea.The second wrap just won't do anything.Each wrap MUST be fresh.

In a second wrap the biggest concern is that you are not using a wrap that is clean and fresh.Sterile conditions during the second use will have been lost.Plus the second time used the wrap will have DMSO and ACV that has lost their potency almost down to nothing,and the wrap will have been contaminated from the first use.Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear my friend.Good Luck.

Best To Ya,

Date:   5/12/2004 9:55:43 AM
Subject:   Wraps
Name:   Annon 
Thanks for your work on this subject. In the early days of this formula many surmized that it had to be made up each time it was used. In light of Thacker receiving this formula premixed from his grandfather, would it be prudent to reuse the soaked flannel wraps several times as this would reduce the amount of ingredients needed.

A Thread Veteran

Date:   5/11/2004 11:09:53 PM
Name:   j 

Date:   5/11/2004 10:47:25 PM
Subject:   Phil
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Doctor Thackers Journals were offered to me, not for public reading.The contents of the journal was what lead him up to the formula we now have,so it's days gone by.You were not privy,and will never be,to the conversations thacker and I exchanged.He intrusted me with privacy and he is damn well going to get it.I will not breach the trust thacker had in me for you or anyone else.If you want creditibility about the formula you can come to me,If you don't consider me a credible source of info, knowing that I talked with thacker, who do you think is going to satisfy you, Doctor Thacker?This formula is simple enough for you to research and find any answer you need.The method of application is the only thing that you need to be concerned with.


If you have questions ask and I will provide.I think I laid it all out pretty well to understand.


Date:   5/11/2004 9:55:36 PM
Name:   Phil 
Well I am sure you may not have wanted to view thackers research journal, but I am sure a lot of us here would. It would certainly lend credibility and answer questions we have about the formula and its details. Seems strange for one who demands so much of treatments and the research backing them to just nonchalantly pass up the actual research from the creator like that. I for one would like to see what doctor thacker had in terms of research, and I am sure others would agree as well. LET US SEE DOCTOR THACKER'S RESEARCH AND LEARN MORE ABOUT IT! IF ITS READILY AVAILABLE FROM THACKER, LET IT BE POSTED FOR ALL OF OUR GOOD!

Date:   5/11/2004 8:04:51 PM
Subject:   Message to j
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
I don't want to get in between you and Davi so I will have little to say in the matter of your statement to him.I hope thing work out for u 2.
My feeling is the same as thackers,use it,don't use it,it's up to you.But Doctor Thacker did in fact leave Journal of his research on this formula,thacker offered them to me for reference if I wanted them but with the treatment doing as well as it seems and my having done so much research on all the components(least not forget rzz)I did not feel the need to view the journals.

I would suggest that you research what medicinal properties ACV has,you will be overwhelmed.DMSO as well,it's amazing stuff.I would ask a question of you that does not require a reply,can you name anything in medice that has no method of action.I can name dozens of things.Just think with an open mind.I would like to see you or any one on this forum have a treatment success story,it's inspiring to all,but don't use the formula if you don't want to.If you want a better understanding of it contact me and I will throw notes at you until your eyes cross.Good Luck at what ever you do.


Date:   5/11/2004 6:22:43 PM
Subject:   testimonials
Name:   j 
Davi - that's interesting information, thanks. Some of the reports are more credible than others, and I'm still highly skeptical, but there is enough there that one can't just dismiss the thing out of hand.

What's missing for me is what the medical people call "method of action", i.e. the legendary "Dr. Thacker" left no explanation of how this formula is supposed to work, or how he arrived at it.

I have Dupuytren's contractures too, and that tissue is much more visible and easier to evaluate than Peyronies Disease plaque. It's certainly not just a calcium deposit - it's living tissue gone bad at the cellular - possibly genetic - level. And it's hard to imagine that something like apple cider vinegar is going to selectively dissolve or "reform" it in some way.

Date:   5/11/2004 3:31:44 AM
Subject:   Rzz?
Name:   yo 
Rzz? How's your condition after about six months (I believe) of your using the DMSO formula? Are your erections of improved strengh/duration? If so, by how much.

I started using just the DMSO six weeks ago, only to end it after a week, as I was afraid of bad hygiene, didn't have a couple hours a day to soak, wasn't sure of the material to soak in, etc. Could you tell me exactly what kind of material to soak the stuff in and how you wrap it, and also how you're sure your penis is completely clean before slapping on the wrap? I am thinking of doing this treatment in conjunction with the l-arg + viagra + pentox treatment.

Date:   5/11/2004 12:57:54 AM
Subject:   Started this on in DEC 2003
Name:   Bobrak Karmal 
Been using this 2 hours a day since Dec, 03. Plaque is Slightly smaller with rubbery tail end. I take L-arginine and a small amount of viagra every so often. It gives a nasty headache. The only real treatment that has worked is manipulation and bending of the plaque to try and make it flexible. I am going to continue the thacker treatment as it make the plaque easier to bend. I have been posting for about 3 years now! 

Date:   5/10/2004 10:45:18 AM
Subject:   TO J:
Name:   Davi 
I did your work for you. I just scanned through the orginal thread and easily pulled the following coments. There are many many more i just got tired of cuting and pasting Pleae read the thread. It is long but it may be the most importaant read for your Peyronies Disease treatment you ever did! I hope this helps you. This treatment works. Give it a chance. It has reduced the plaque content in my penis by 50 perecent in less than a month.


Date: 11/21/2003 7:33:40 PM
Subject: DMSO treatment
Name: Gephardt
I have used dmso for a month. I have not been frequent at all. I may apply it in the morning about two times a week. I cut it with 100,000 IU of Vit E oil from walgreens.
I have noticed:
1. The One large top plaque about the size of a quarter - softened and then split in half. It reduced by 50%! The dmso is tearing it up!

11/24/2003 9:03:53 PM
Subject: treatment
Name: Don
I am using a treatment plan similar to the one Thacker described with success. I am using dmso cream packed on twice daily. I have noticed an incredible improvement! I started using dmso about 30 days ago. I had a tendon on the top of my member that had a plaque growth along it. The plaque growth was causing my member to curve during erection. I started packing the dmso on it and it broke the plaque up. When the dmso is on your penis and absorbed into the plaque it immediatly makes the tendon more flexible. However, when it wears off the plaque and tendon gets tighter. I noticed over a few weeks the plaque started to seperate and free up the tendon. My curve is about 5 to 10 degrees compared to 35 to 40 degrees before.

Date: 11/24/2003 10:25:57 PM
Subject: plaque
Name: Don
I had two plaques that were solid/connected. They broke up into smaller pieces. A few of the smaller pieces then cleared up altogether. That is the best way I know how to describe it. The whole plaque did not shrink it broke up and then a few of the smaller pieces did shrink.

purity of dmso
Name: paolo
I have been using Thackers formula for about three weeks and have found it to be the only effective treatment so far. The plaque has shrunk and gotten softer. My erections seem stronger and quicker since starting the treatment. I initially bought the dmso from three different sites. Be sure to purchase dmso that is 99.9% pure (not just 99%) as the purer one hardly smells at all and seems to be not as irritating on the penis.

I have found that Thackers formula has softened and shrunk the plaque. I have found that a purer quality dmso is virtually odorless as compared to one that is less pure. As far as ill effects I am not sure. The only ill effect I have found since starting the treatment is that I have very itchy skin.

To Tony
Name: Billy
I started this treatment for the hell of it on 11-5-2003
I did not have the "break apart" effect that some reported. However, I also noticed the nodules were smaller during treatment but got harder again when the ointment was not on. I increased the treatment to three times a day. I kept a diary on my treatment progress. On 11-9-2003 I went to the three a day treatments. I had one large nodule right in the middle of my penis. It caused a bad bend. I placed packs on both sides and used bandaids to sandwich the treatment packs around the nodule. The nodule started about the size of a large marble (soft). It is now just a pinhead. The pinhead is hard. I can't seem to get rid if the last piece. I used aggressive jelqing with the treatment. The jelqing info came from the yahoo board. The treatment did blister the crap out of my penis. I may have even discolored it in two spots. The bend is gone and there is no pain no matter how hard I have intercourse.

ubject: Results!!
Name: Bond
I AM SEEING GREAT RESULTS with heavy application of "thackers formula", Old Mans VED therapy guidelines, high gamma vitamin E and jelqing procedures learned from Morgan's posts on Yahoo.

The formula posted was like a miracle to me. I used strong dmso. I got sores from the treatment but kept going. I ended up with a light discolored outer scar on my penis but the plaque broke up and the curve up almost is in the past. I am hitting areas in my girlfriend I was not able to touch with the curve.

Name: Arty
I been using the treatment for three full weeks. I am in the eraly stages of Peyronie's Disease. I have noticed a decrease in pain. I also have noticed a softer looser tendon. It seems to have made the fibrosis loosen it grip on my penis. I did have soom buring but it seems to have been worth it. I will update in another few weeks

Date: 12/23/2003 9:24:46 AM
Subject: treatment
Name: Johnson
I have used this treatment for about 20 days now. I started with one long string like plaque that runs the length of the shaft, with one large nodule attached near the base.

The string like sized plaque separated in three places now! The larghe nodule has apparently not changed. I had the string like plaque for almost a year now. Therfore I know for a fact this formula broke it up. It has not yet effected my curve but it is progress! It makes me see some light and hope at the end of the tunnel. I will update again if I see anymore changes. Thanks guys that helped with this thread.

An Update on my treatment using the formula. My plaques have all but gone but I can barely get an erection?? I am going to now quit and see where I am at. I keep the formula on almost 24 hours a day. I fixed one thing but now I have another problem. I pray it temporary.

have had a large marble sized nodule in the middles at the bottom for over 6 months now. No change in shape or erection quality, just the nodule.

I started the DMSO/ACV formula 2 weeks ago applying once a day for 30 minutes.

Since then the pain has gone in the nodule and the size has decreased, however I now have an indent where the nodule is - whats going on, size and pain reduced but now a dent please help?

Date:   5/10/2004 8:54:26 AM
Subject:   Progress
Name:   testme 
Guys who have been using the formula can your post your progress please:

Date:   5/9/2004 8:47:00 PM
Subject:    PS
Name:   Paul 
Email:   [email protected] 
PS here's an Australian link with good info

Date:   5/9/2004 8:45:49 PM
Subject:   substitute DMSO for MSM
Name:   Paul 
Email:   [email protected] 
Has anyone used MSM as a substitute for the DMSO?

It appears to be less 'dangerous' if you like - added to the fact DMSO appears to be harder to buy esp. overseas - in Australia for example you can't it.

Date:   5/8/2004 11:44:06 PM
Subject:   Remedy
Name:   Paul 
Email:   [email protected].au 
Hi I was thinking about this remedy (properly a bad thing) :) it is accepted P.D. is caused by injury. This is the case for me also checking family history no one has ever had Peyronies Disease in my family tree. I'm no medical wiz to me for plaque to suddenly appear for no reason seems odd and any bruising in the body can from bone. I know that from having bad bruising from playing football. This all supports Peyronies Disease is in fact caused by injury. If this is the cause of Peyronies Disease how can plaque reform? You would have to keep re injuring yourself? To my way of thinking if some one manages to cure themselves plaque cannot re form once it has gone. The plaque has to be gone to release the bend. The only other explanation is the plaque is made so soft it releases the tightening affect caused by plaque hardening. Also finding substances to keep plaques away once it has gone or is reduced, or softened that drug that keeps plaque from reforming wouldn't it in doing this also get rid of plaque? That it itself would have to be a cure? I hope this remedy does work it appears to be the case for many people here. I hope my thoughts don't upset anyone that isn't my intention; I really want to find a cure. Also is anyone here single and should be sexually active (age and good health) but can't be due to having such a severe bend and impotent? I would like to hear from these people to see how they are coping with not being able to have intercourse therefore find it very hard to find a partner to live with. It is a daunting prospect at having to live alone for the rest of ones life. Anyone in this situation I would like to hear from them please. Thanks


Date:   5/8/2004 9:54:39 AM
Subject:   Treatment
Name:   Paul 
Email:   [email protected].au 
Hi everyone i think Im starting to understand how to post etc. I very happy to have had a good man write to me bringing me up to speed with this home remidy. I managed to find some DSMO. Having done that the receptionist at the plcae i found DSMO told me the vet had split a small amount of DSMO on himself and it made him feel sick. I didnt buy it without trying to find more information about DMSO. As I got the idea from here and you guys have used it can anyone tell me does DMSO make you feel sick? The DSMO i was going to buy came ina one little hard plactic bottle. It read 100% DMSO on the label. It was made by a firm to treat cattle with shin splints the vet assistant told me. I do no it is used in the Grey hound industry, race hose industry and now and then by some body builders. There snt any DMSO made for humans so i do understand it is the DSMO made to treat animals that is used. i have no problem with this i would do anything to cure Peyronies Disease. I cant find much information here in Australia it seems more readerly avalible in the USA and UK. It seems odd to me it would make people sick i have never heard of this before. Im not in good health right now also Im not very strong that way either. I have kids to care for and dont want to get sick. Can anyone tell me what does DMSO does to you when you apply it to your skin please?



Date:   5/3/2004 11:48:24 AM
Subject:   Thackers formula
Name:   Terry 
What is Thackers formula? I can't find any information on it. I have read the entire thread. Please help! Please list the ingredients and how to treat with it. Does it work better than other medicines?

Date:   5/3/2004 11:39:10 AM
Subject:   Can we be mates please?
Name:   Paul 
Email:   [email protected].au 
Dear Thacker, Hi how are you? Im a Auastralian guy I some how found this place while encoraged to look for a cure to P.D. First of all I cant write or spell well so sorry about that. I have seen how men get real honest and sincere when up agaist it. I saw this a lot while serving in the Army. I tell you what it has sobered me up developing Peyronies Disease. Gee did i get angry or what lol. If having developed Peyronies Disease wasnt enough I have battled Post Trumayic Stress Disorder but Im getting excellant councelling from Veteran Affars for that. Having Peyronies Disease pales all esle that has happend to me into ingsignificance. I need a friend mate I really do. I would like to make mates with you if you dont mind? I dont understand very much about Peyronies Disease. I have seen most other guys on the writting list are pretty smart blokes and know much more than I do. I dont understand many of the terms used lol. I have seen a lot about Thackers treatment? Did you develop it ? Do you mind telling me what I have to do to buy it from you ? Ware can I by it or how do i make it? Im as deserate as a man can be for rectifing this terrible disease? I have a 90 dgree bend right at the end of my penis. I couldnt have sex. I recently was seperated from my wife not becuse of it either she isa good person. Having PTSD caused my seperation i wouldnt get treatment for that I thought it weak and shame at the time i dont now. If having a bend isnt enough I have impotance I think that is right i cant get a erection only partial. I havent had good medical care no one was interested. I should have relied on myself to find out all about this problem. I also am infertile i dont know if that was caused by chemicals encounted during my service or the stress i have lived with for 30 years (PTSD). I dont produce much seamen and have lost that feeling you get while ejackulating. I also havea enlarged prostrate which i only have realised causes me to not urinate properly. i have had many times had protersitis ware my seamen was black when ejaclulating. I was preet scared when that happened. I then have repeading eposeds of bladder infections. It starts out as severe pain in my testicals, then spreads to my bladder, then inside my penis back up to my proterate then around to my right kidney which hasa truma on it. It isnt a cancerious tumor though. Ima wreck arnt I lol. I can tell you the pain is so bad i can only cry. Im allowed to inject myself with morphine for pain until antibiotics kick in. All this I mention to see if you have these problems to? Is it fairly typical to have all these problems with Peyronies Disease? I wonder if Peyronies Disease is stress caused? I have read injury can do it. i can remember my wife did badly hurt it two or so years before Peyronies Disease developed. I have the Vicking curse on my right second litle fiher have you got that? Thats what my doctor called it but it has some Frencj doctors name i cant spell well somthing witha D. I have has terrible stress I didnt know i had PTSD until recently it was left untreated i say that becuse its not my fault and it is very bad to live with. So it could be both what do you think mate? It isbr in my family mum tells me but I should mention i have HAL B27 a typr pf inflation. I read having it causes the Vickings curse and having it makes for having Peyronies Disease. I got the lot LOL. I would love for you to write to me please i need to talk to some one with it. I didnt speak for so long about anything and yhay wasnt good for me. Talking is good i cant shut up now lol. Can you tell me how to buy or make this formular please ? I dont care about politics mate i have learnt the hard way. I have things to really worry about I havent time or the will to upset anyone. I like all people and never judge i leant a lot the hard way. i also leant never to worry about what people think of me or say about me i had to stop that and i did. i can tell you how to do that if you want? I just want to livea happy life what left of it mate i lost most of my life in turmiol with PTSD. I have that in hand now i just got to fix this Peyronies Disease thingo. I hope you will write to me or any of your mates. Ima easy bloke to get along with and can be usfull asa friend as well. I saw this formular in the chemist shop. It is made out of sharp lver oil and some other stuff i will find out for you Im buying some tommorrow. It is for softening and healing scar tissue. I thought it worth a try. i will let you know hownit goes OK? Plkease write will you Im desperate. I cant find my glasses (getting old lol) sio I cant see to well here sorry for the messy letter mate. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards


Date:   5/3/2004 9:19:58 AM
Subject:   treatment
Name:   Dave 
I also look forward to reading the new information you have. I just started on thackers formula and I am already seeing improvements. better erections, scar softening and no pain

Date:   5/3/2004 8:11:14 AM
Subject:   Thanks
Name:   Vick 
Thanks PDFTD I look forward to the updates. This treatment has been a wonderful find for me. I hope the other guys that have tried it and gave up because it was not an instant cure will look at it again. I am seeing results, it works!

Date:   5/2/2004 4:10:58 AM
Subject:   Thanks
Name:   steven 
Nice going Thacker & Barry

Thanks !


Date:   5/1/2004 6:02:11 PM
Subject:   Thackers Formula
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
I have concluded my conversations with Thacker.He was very cooperative and answered every question given.Most of our communications were in a discussion format and we talked about many things.In the end I sent him a questionaire consisting of under 12 questions,these questions fully completed the knowledge I needed to present a revised version of his grandfathers formula.Some of the forum members had specific questions and these were addressed to thacker in the questions I asked.He was very quick to answer them and held nothing back even though some were personal to him.

In my opinion only,those of us who will benifit from this formula should be greatful that Thacker was willing to communicate with me after haveing been verbally attacked as he was,his option could have easily been screw these guys.i'm outta here.He is a caring and humble man,and asked nothing of me, except that I provide the information that he has added in tandem with what we already have properly, and in an easily understandable format.I will do my best to follow his wishes.But lets not forget Doctor Thacker for one moment,thacker spoke well of him and expressed to me what a fine and loving man,and Doctor he was.

On this forum,where Thacker was abused and verbally attacked I would like to thank him for seeing through the abuse and retaining his desire to help, and not once ever complaining to me about the issue.A Rare man indeed,and I am glad to have made his acquatance.

It will take me several days to re-write the Thacker formula,but I am sure you all wil be pleased with most of it's content.For those presently using it,continue using it with no worries.Also I will post the formula in a seperate topic making it easily accessible and allowing for questions that may arise and discussion to be started from a new and virtually post free topic.

Best To All

Date:   4/29/2004 1:14:41 AM
Subject:   Message to All
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi Guys,
I have noticed that there are alot of new guys on this forum who have varied interests of the treatment they are looking for,while they are surfing the forum for information eventually they end up in this thread.If you want to read the whole story of the thacker formula then you may be missing the beef.Please go to the thread "Powerful Home Remedy"which is where this thread comes from.It is 656 posts long.The combinination of this thread and the original thread will give you the whole idea behind The Thacker Formula.You will have to go back 19 days to 04/10/04 to find it.Happy reading.

Best To All,

Date:   4/29/2004 12:04:44 AM
Subject:   Great questions
Name:   steven 
Adam, Great questions! This is great stuff, I have a good gut feeling about this Thacker's formula, although I think its a very long treatment, but better than no treatment at all.

Who knows, we may find a way to speed up the results and get rid of the odor....if you believe, you can achieve....


Date:   4/28/2004 11:24:23 PM
Subject:   ACV
Name:   a 
Apple Cider Vinegar. you can find it in most grocery, drug and health food stores. organic is best, but the other will suffice.

Date:   4/28/2004 11:16:53 PM
Subject:   new to the forum
Name:   PD2 
Hello to all and a question directed to anyone able to answer:
What is "ACV" in thackers formula? Where would I obtain it?
I will apologize if this is redundant but I have scoured threads each of the past 3 nights and have been unable to find the answer.
I'm currently using T/V for 2 months with no change in the course of a 2 yr. problem. I'm also taking 1000mg Vit. E for the past 18 months. I have an ultrasound unit and have been using phonophoresis with the T/V about 2 times per week but am going to up it to daily. Does anyone have any experience with phonophoresis and Peyronies Disease?
Barry, as a physical therapist, I have found your postings of substance and usually worth reading until some knuckle head gets you worked up. I will confess to being just a bit more than confused as to why no one seems to post anything about the success of the thacker's formula, however.
Have I just missed those comments in my reviews?

Date:   4/28/2004 3:23:04 PM
Subject:   Questions to Thacker
Name:   Adam 

Would you be so kind as to ask Thacker the following questions:

1. You mentioned that you have used the formula for a year. Can you say what was your condition when you started, what was the result, and most importantly, when during the treatment did you start seeing results?

2. How old were you when you got the Peyronies Disease? (I am wondering if you had the age related, a major trauma related or a congenital condition at a younger age).

3. Did your grandpa ever publish anything regarding his treatment of Peyronies Disease?



Date:   4/28/2004 7:57:34 AM
Name:   Vick 
PDFTD, Keep us updated. Keep up the good work. Thackers formula is not a miracle cure but it does have a place in treatment of Peyronies Disease. DMSO has a tremendous amount of research backing it. I am excited about hearing more from you about this.

Date:   4/28/2004 5:42:41 AM
Subject:   Barry - Keep up the good work
Name:   Richard ( the Brit ) 
Hi Barry

Thanks for your posting, I think the Urologists are probable right ( most of the time ) in that they will have seen many others with 90 degree bends for who vaginal intercourse was impossible. Factors such as position of the bend on the shaft, direction of the bend, degree of associated pain, psychological attitude , degree of co-operation from partner, partners anatomical suitability etc etc could all preclude vaginal intercourse with a 90 degree bend.

I was perhaps fortunate that my bend was a simple upward bend with little associated pain and no calcificaton. Had my geometry been different I can well believe that vaginal intercourse would have been impossible e.g. for a sideways 90 degree bend it must be even trickier although I would not rule that out.

I have to disagree with Bobrak Karmal in that I believe the vagina accommodated my shape rather than my penis conforming to the vaginal "tube". I say this as full penetration was possible immediately on insertion which was often done with a rigid erection. To conform to "tube" shape there would have had to be an immediate partial loss of ridgidity on insertion which is just not a credible scenario.

We can only speak from personal experience and belief in the accuracy of scientific papers, and the word of others ( from this forum or elsewhere ) and as with everything we read or hear there are very few totally dependable sources of "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth".

I was , as you know, originally very reluctant to post on this forum as there are too many inappropriate postings. It was in no small part down to your contributions and those of other sincere forum members that my reluctance was overcome. I am delighted that I have contributed as I feel I have been able to help others who have been through the surgical option ( Deano and Meg's boyfriend to name but 2 ) or are contemplating it, and also found the process to be theraputic for me. It is not the sort of subject you ( well I anyway ) can bring up in casual conversation with just anyone and the opportunity to get it off your chest with forum members has proved to be a theraputic and unexpected bonus for me.

To you and all the other sincere posters I say a heartfelt THANK YOU. Keep up the good work in searching for the truth and the ways forward for all Peyronies Disease sufferers.

Richard ( the Brit )

Date:   4/28/2004 4:35:15 AM
Subject:   Thacker
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi All,
Thacker has informed me today that he will not be posting to this forum.He and I agree with his decision.His reasons are of a personal nature and I agree with him.

Any and all necessary communication to or from him will happen through me. Hopefully the Formula and any changes made in regard to it's composition,use,and Misc.information will be made public soon.Please be a bit more patient.And as I stated in another post,the current formula is safe and effical,so there is no reason to discontinue it's use.


Date:   4/28/2004 2:00:55 AM
Subject:   Thoughts and stuff
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Richard (the brit),
This conversation of vaginal intercourse with a 90 Degree penile curvature is quite interesting.Never having reached a curvature to that degree,(mine was 50 Degrees)and never having read a post of someone who had such a curvature,plus reading studies and reports written by Doctors who said that a 90 degree penis will not allow natural intercourse to occur,was of course where I drew my conclusions from.Why Doctors would make that statement all knowing that it was not accurate confounds me.But for that matter much of what I read I take issue with.It would be nice to read a report that is written by a Urologist that does not conflict with the writings of another.

I would like to say that I am all knowing but that surely would be untrue.But I give it my all.Often in our research we find that it becomes necessary to fall back on good ole common sence in our efforts to wade through the mystery of differences of opinion of those in whom we are expected to look upon as experts.I find that I become more educated speaking to someone who has "been there done that" then frustrating myself by reading reports and studies authored by men who can't agree on the same issue.

I would rather find that I am wrong on any given subject and compensate for my error then go on believing somethihg that is untrue.I,like yourself,disseminate information to others,and incorrect information serves no one.

Thank you for the post(s) that allowed me to see my error in fact.I hold those,who like myself,try to keep the forum members well informed and educated, to a high standard,with that in mind, I have to comply to the same standard as well.

Understanding the dynamics of intercourse with a 90 degree curve is not rocket science,But I am glad that I did not have to learn from your experience.As I wrote in a recent post the lenght of the penis,location of the curve and the depth of the vagina surely determines the ease at which sex is possible under these extreme conditions.

You might find it interesting that you were the topic of a conversation I had today with a forum member on the phone.Your story is very interesting in that you have been through so much and had such a degree of success in how you treated your condition.Going from a 90 degree curvature to straight is very rare.You are a very lucky man and your wife a happy gal for sure.I told my wife that you are the poster child of how a surgical procedure should end and with what you have gone through in mind,she agrees.

Would'nt it be great if we could read posts that are as positive as yours?I am extremely happy for both you and your wife.Til next time,

Best To Ya,

Date:   4/27/2004 5:42:26 AM
Subject:   90 degrees
Name:   Richard ( the Brit ) 
Hi Barry

With a 90 degree bend of course you have to go carefully. In my case the degloved bend during surgery was found to be 110 degrees - only the foreskin tension prevented that being apparent outside the operating theatre.

The process required plenty of foreplay to relax the wife and lots of lubricant.

At that stage I had lost about 1.5 inches in length ( now mostly regained by very gentle post-op use of a VED ), so as I was only average length before Peyronies Disease, length was not a major issue.

At that time full erections were not able to be maintained for very long, so penetration had to be done whilst erect and it is quite likely that there was some subsequent loss of ridgidity ( and hence degree of bend ) after insertion. However full pentration was possible on insertion without any discomfort, let alone damage, for my wife.

The strangest thing was that after surgery she had some discomfort due to deeper parts of her vagina being reached for the first time in years. This was unexpected but only lasted a couple of weeks.

Still smiling at being straight

Richard ( the Brit )

Date:   4/27/2004 4:52:33 AM
Subject:   To j
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Hi again,
For shits and grins I had my wife read the report without any preconceived ideas or thoughts given by me.She noticed 5 inconsistonsies(sp)on her own.With a little bit of suggestion from me she found 2 more.Her reaction and comments will not be repeated on this forum.So I would like to suggest that we agree to dis-agree on this matter.I do however completely agree with what you said in the last paragraph.Amen to that brother.

Best To Ya,

Damn,we got through all that without calling the other an a$$hole. There is hope for peace on this forum after all.
Take care. 

Date:   4/27/2004 4:23:06 AM
Subject:   Reply to Bobrak Karmal
Name:   PDFTD 
Email:   [email protected] 
Intercourse with a 90 Degree penile curve can most assuredly be possible,to this I agree,Urologists say it's not possible as I say I have read.I would have to dig deep into my document program folders to see what the specifics are to that statement which is not worth my time to do so.

The only logic that I can see that makes any sense is that while stuffing a penis with that degree of curvature into a vagina a few thoughts of concern should be concidered,(a)the lenght of the penis(b)the location of the curvature,this is relative to the ease in which the penis enters the vagina and the actual act of sex and how difficult it can be.

Another consideration that must be suggested is the vaginal cavity of each woman is different.Although the vagina does stretch to accomidate the penis no two women are similar in the size of the cavity itself.So the size of the penis and the size of the vaginal cavity are relative,and more so when the penis is curved to that degree.The resulting event is two fold,the woman can sustain vaginal damage,and /or the penis can be furthur damaged as a result of forceably being straightened by the vaginal walls.another factor exists,while enga


Wow great work Joshua , thank you. It's nice everything right there and not all messy. You guys rock.


I have been using my variation of the Thacker's formula for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Today at work having a really crappy day. I got spontanious wood. I don't know if it has any thing to do with the formula but things are feeling pretty ggod down there. I may even try to use it soon.


Hey Barry. This is Terry form Anchorage... Does that formula really work is there any hope?? Tried Emu Oil and Vit E the only thing that did was make my skin soft. Besides it felt too good rubbing it in!!
You can e-mail me here at work also [email protected]


also read the home remedy thread. It has about 1000 posts that discuss the thacker formula.


It's been along time Terry. For the members to see I will answer your question here on the forum. I am going to contact you by e-mail so we can talk as well.

Yes Terry, Thacker formula does work. Like every other treatment RX or alternative it seems to be pot luck if you will be the one who has efficacy, and if so to what degree? I have heard from some that they had nodules that the Thacker formula melted away before their very eyes. On the other hand some have reported the formula as a dud. With the cost of the ingredients being so low it's worth a try.

If we can get that silky soft smooth tool of yours straight, you will be the talk of Anchorange amoung the ladies.

I'm going to post the formula on the PDC web site in the next 24 hours for anyone to read if they want.



To All,
The Thacker formula has been placed on the Peyronies Disease Coalition web site for you all to read as of Thursday 09/29/05 11:45 pm cst.



Quote from: Barry on September 30, 2005, 01:08:24 AM
To All,
The Thacker formula has been placed on the Peyronies Disease Coalition web site for you all to read as of Thursday 09/29/05 11:45 pm cst.

The site url is

That is a very nice presentation of the home remedy treatment AKA Thacker formula. Great work Barry. I encourage members to read it.


I just wanted to give an update on my variation of the thacker formula. So far I am still pain free, the plaque nodules are smaller and I now have about a 10 degree reduction in curve. I am taking neprinol, msm, a multy V and using the thackers for about 2 hours 5 to 6 nights a week. I am blown away. I was able to have sex on Friday with no pain or discomfort during or after. There is still a curve but I'm hopefull that I will continue to improve.  Now that the curve is reducing I am starting to dvelop the "hinge efeect" that tohers have talked about and a bit of the hourglass shape. It is more narrow at the base. 


Hey folks, hows things everyone?

I got the L-Carnitine from Puritan website and Im abit
excited of its arrival ;P

What would you guys pick from the following :

Is 70% pure best or maybe 90%?

What about Oil versus cream??

Has anyone bought from this website before?

Hey NIKK if your reading..? How is your Peyronies Disease getting on?

Any success with the Thackers?

BTW Nikk I have been on the Neprinol 3x3 a day for a week now...
I dont think I have noticed any changes but will keep it going for a while longer.

The 100% cure will come one day...  ::)


Quote from: learn4life on November 28, 2005, 08:04:33 PM
What would you guys pick from the following :
Is 70% pure best or maybe 90%?
What about Oil versus cream??

I would pick the listed Dmso Liquid, 99.9% Pure Dmso, Unscented, 8oz,
Good Luck!!
Keep me posted I am very interested in DMSO.


MY specialist never mentioned DMSO, however my GP did when I went for my physical.   Are there any risks to using DMSO?  Has anybody had a bad reaction?



There are risks.  I know it is a lot, but there are 1000 posts under "Powerful home remedy" on this forum in addition to this topic.  I would not use DMSO until you studied that topic and this one in detail.

The information is here, the challenge is your's  ;)
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Quote from: nick on November 14, 2005, 09:57:06 AM
I just wanted to give an update on my variation of the thacker formula. So far I am still pain free, the plaque nodules are smaller and I now have about a 10 degree reduction in curve. I am taking neprinol, msm, a multy V and using the thackers for about 2 hours 5 to 6 nights a week. I am blown away. I was able to have sex on Friday with no pain or discomfort during or after. There is still a curve but I'm hopefull that I will continue to improve.  Now that the curve is reducing I am starting to dvelop the "hinge efeect" that tohers have talked about and a bit of the hourglass shape. It is more narrow at the base.  

Hey Nik ! Thats awesome news :) That must be the best feeling to be able to enjoy sex the
way it should be ... PAIN FREE Woot !! ;)

P.s Nik would you say it is best to massage the formula in or is it better to leave it on for a few hours?


I have thought about using DMSO, but I in the medical field and am around the public all day. I hear that it causes you to smell?? It that true. What about the unscented stuff??


Quote from: Old Forum on August 21, 2005, 12:43:01 AM
Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 3:36 am      


It's dcaptain (sorry, I'll email you Hawkman about this, but just wanted to post again first). For those of us not in the know, what's DSMO?


Having just finished Organic Chemistry, I too was wondering the use of DMSO, as it is frequently used in synthesis reactions (reactions to make certain chemicals).  Its often used chemically as an electron acceptor, a solvent for a reaction, or a medium for a reaction.

The link below makes sense in the articles cite dimethylsulfoxide as a free-radical scavenger, just meaning that it likes free electrons, and picks them up. 

I'm glad to see that this is written by seemingly credible sources.


I too was wondering the efficacy of DMSO, so I did google it, here is a web page with 5 links linked to science papers. 


I went to the link and found reference to using DMSO to carry cortisone deeper into tissue.  I recall an earlier post wherein someone suggested this.  Has anyone used DMSO with hydrocortisone?  or verapimil?


Phil, I dsagree about DMSO.  I think that one is just a lot of 3rd-hand rumors and wishful thinking.  

Post moved from "Women Speak Out"


To whom it may concern,

Everyone is allowed to express their opinion on this forum. Some opinions are based on fact and others based on conjecture. At the risk of sounding pretentious my knowledge in both research and application of DMSO is vast. For anyone to say that DMSO plays no efficacious role in the treatment of Peyronie's Disease is tantamount to ignorance by its very definition. I have worked personally (one on one) and on forums with countless men with the Thacker Formula for example, DMSO is the driving force behind that formula. DMSO has also proven itself as a stand-alone treatment as well. Those who would choose to disclaim my statements need only read the 1,000 posts available on this forum pertaining to the Thacker Formula and my involvement in its current developed state.

I also have available to anyone, a complete A-Z instructional explaining how to use the Thacker Formula authored by me.    

Warm Regards,

Post moved from "Women Speak Out"


The previous 2 posts were made under "Women Speak Out" in response to a recommendation by Phil to use DMSO.

Let the discussion continue !       ;)
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By request I am posting a newly revised version of the Thacker Formula to this topic.

Thacker Formula-Revised...12/17/05

An Informational,

My communications with Thacker confirmed much of what was believed from the little information initially given. The discussions covered the following, Thackers use and results of his Grandfathers Formula.....Doctor Thacker, Thacker stated that Peyronies Disease starting with Doctor Thacker, who suffered from Peyronies Disease, as well as his uncles, father and himself. It seems to indicate in theory that Thackers family from his Grandfather to himself had a Genetic Pre-Disposition to this disease. Thacker indicated to me that DMSO and its quality was of the utmost importance, as expressed to him by Doctor Thacker and clarified many times. Unfortunatly, the source of Doctor Thackers DMSO is unknown. This does not negate the other two ingredients in any way and their importance to the formula. Thacker confirmed the 70%-20%-10% mixture as what was used by him. Thacker did stress that a high quality Apple Cider Vinegar be used, I told him that many men were using organic ACV and he did not agree nor disagree, but additional research indicated and confirmed that Organic ACV should be used. Castor Oil is generic in nature, so any brand will do. Thacker said that his Grandfather used the formula on men with Dupuytrens Contracture, aka (DC), he did not mention results, but it was used never the less.

Taking nothing from Thacker, it must be understood that he was for the most part a "user" of this formula, and did not in fact know much as to what the components did or why. His Grandfather mixed it for him; Doctor Thacker pre-mixed the formula, and gave it to him as needed with instructions on how to apply it.

I suggest strict self-obedience with the treatment and trust that it will work. It takes some time.
You must keep the wrap soaked during application.
The garlic odor from the application could be bathed off and a scented cream such as Aloe Vera applied to the penis after application, but the internal odor that omits through the skin pores and breath, is something you have to live with, and I can only suggest strong breath mints and wear cologne to envelop the smell. That will usually cover it. My own personal research has concluded that gently massaging the plaque after application is acceptable as long as it does not incur pain. Do this for about five-ten minutes.


"I usually followed my evening application with a hot bath and massaged the plaque forcefully but not painfully. It took about three to four months for me to start seeing results and then positive results started coming quickly. The hard nodules will suddenly start getting soft. They may break apart. Once that starts happening things improve fast. You should realize increased erection quality right off the bat. The DMSO
will smooth the muscle in the penis."
"Once the hard nodules start getting soft or breaking up into bits. It took about six more months of application and message to finish it off. My penis then healed almost back to pre-Peyronies Disease. I would say that I am 90% where I was. I no longer have any hard pieces of plaque in my penis. I have one small indentation left where a huge piece of plaque was that did not heal all the way back. The curve will reduce slowly as plaque resolves. I started with a 50 degree curve when it was at its worse, and now, no noticeable curve"

Mixing Procedure,

You MUST, wash your hands with any type of hand or body soap prior to the mixing process.
The formula CAN be premixed. How many days in advance were not discussed with Thacker but all indications lead to 3-5 days. The premixed batch must be sealed when not in use and kept at room temperature. (DO NOT refrigerate premixed batches). The formula is comprised of 70%DMSO-20%Apple Cider Vinegar-10%Castor OIL. In order to mix the formula use three separate 10cc syringes and draw the liquid up to the 1, 2, or 7 mark depending on the liquid. Then squirt each one into a small glass bowl and mix well with an eyedropper.

Application Method.

Warm the formula prior to use; this should be common to its application. Soak the mixture on a flannel sheet of cloth (NO coloring, MUST be white) or an appropriately sized strip of sterilized gauze. Wrap the cloth completely around the penis, then to hold it in place use white medical tape, rubber bands or uncolored string. Do this application once daily (the evening hours would be preferable to most), and as consistently as possible through the week. The duration in time should not be less then 1/2 hour, although 1-2 hours is favored. DO NOT refrigerate pre- mixed batches, if you do, throw that batch away. Also, if you get redness or blistering, discontinue use and apply Diaper Rash Medicine or Aloe Vera to ease the problem and correct it. Once corrected continue treatment.

DMSO is a very safe solvent when purchased in a pharmaceutical grade of at least 99.96% purity.
While the bottle is open and/or the batch is being pre-mixed be very cautious and not get it into you eyes. If you do go the nearest E.R, they will know how to treat you with an eyewash.
Also, pure DMSO is not to be taken internally. The same conditions apply as to the above remedy.

DMSO is a very powerful delivery agent, meaning that it will transfer thru your skin and into your body anything on your hands, so it MUST be used under Sterile Conditions.

DMSO on line Purchase Sites, Natures gift Natures Gift Clinic Service Co. Rich's

I am not a Doctors and do not profess to be, I am however, an avid researchers and bring this treatment to you with no promise of efficacy but, but most assuredly a sparkle of hope.
This formula is an ALTERNATIVE, non-Medicinal treatment. Years of research have been invested by me and another Peyronies Disease survivor who's research efforts played a solid role in putting this formula together thus allowing me to put this formula in writing for all Peyronies Disease sufferers to try. Your Doctors may attempt to convince you that the use of this treatment is flippant; the ultimate decision to use this treatment is up to you. The general statement Doctors use is, "it has no basis in science", to that I say, tell that to the many men who have had efficacious results. Also, there are NO RX contraindications to this formula and it's not invasive. Used as directed, it is as dangerous as taking an aspirin.

Good Luck,
Barry, aka, PDFTD,
Peyronies Disease researcher,Advocate and Survivor for 12 years


What is the scientific basis for the belief that a mixture of DMSO, ACV and Castor Oil might selectively attack the Type III Collagen found in Peyronie's tissue?



Look two posts down and you will find a revised version of the Thacker formula. I will send you a private message as well just in case you miss this post.



Quote from: j on December 17, 2005, 05:03:25 PM
What is the scientific basis for the belief that a mixture of DMSO, ACV and Castor Oil might selectively attack the Type III Collagen found in Peyronie's tissue?

I think this is very good question J. I am interested in dmso but I need to ask myself why would this help? I do think dmso might reduce some of the inflamation in the area but I agree it could not possibly selectively attack type III collagen. So it could be helpful but just not a cure. there is some great info on dmso at including studies.


Quote from: Joshua on January 02, 2006, 02:11:35 PM
Quote from: j on December 17, 2005, 05:03:25 PM
What is the scientific basis for the belief that a mixture of DMSO, ACV and Castor Oil might selectively attack the Type III Collagen found in Peyronie's tissue?

I think this is very good question J. I am interested in dmso but I need to ask myself why would this help? I do think dmso might reduce some of the inflamation in the area but I agree it could not possibly selectively attack type III collagen. So it could be helpful but just not a cure. there is some great info on dmso at including studies.

Dmso plus ingriedients to produce Pro-E1+Nitric Oxide , deeply into the penile colagen scars/nerves/Arteries/Veins might actually help cure Peyronies Disease?
It could dissolve it gradually.

I wish to try the above as Iam experiencing good results with daily
Fish oil/vip cream/ACV massage. In my case  it has tooking over a year to dissolve some of the colagen scars with small hiccups along the way.

I have ordered from DMSO from US but they cant ship it out to the UK so if anyone has any UK links to where I can purchase DMSO, please let me know. It would be much appreciated.

I seriously think this treatment could finish off dissolving the remaining deep Peyronies Disease colagen scars.

Cheers !


hello all, hope everyone had a good holiday...

I have been using Thackers formula, for the past three weeks plus I started using primrose oil massage on my plaque after I have taken off the thackers dressing for the past week. Can anyone tell me , how long after using the thackers formula that they started seeing a reduction in the curve. On top of all this I am also using daily Gamma Vit E, Vitalzym, and acetl L carnitine /lipoic acid combo. It has been 11 months since my first symptoms and still no results except for the reduction in pain. By the way also used topical verapamil for six months which only resulted with less money in my best to evryone ........totheleft


Hello. My forum name is Rzz. Over the last 2 years I've done tons and tons of research on DMSO itself and its use in treating Peyronies Disease, including "Thacker's Formula." For anybody who is new to this area and even for those who have read about it before and are looking at it again, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the subject. If I do not have the answer, I more than likely can find it or know some top experts who I can call to find it. Remember, Peyronies Disease is still a mystery; so of course there may be some questions about DMSO and Peyronies Disease for which there is no answer. For some unknown reason the use of DMSO in treating Peyronies Disease helps some, but doesn't help others. Also, for those who do see improvemnt, the degree of improvement varies. One thing is for certain, one will never see improvement with DMSO unless it is used correctly and with care. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If I don't get back to you right away, don't be discouraged. I will respond as soon as possible. Ussually no more than 4-5 days. Thanks,       Rzz


I received this in my private messages and will try to answer the best I can.

*** "Hello, I am sort of new to this forum and don't have any knowledge about this formula or DMSO? I currently have an Hourglass shape at the base and have been prescribed Topical TV which was very expensive out of pocket. I thought I would look into other options as well, when I ran across your last post on this. Any info would be greatly appreciated." ***

The first thing I strongly suggest you do is read the entire thread of "Powerful Home Remedy." Yes it is a long thread, but you need not read it all in one sitting." The information in this thread is invaluable in not only understanding "Thacker's Formula," but also the use of DMSO in treating Peyronies Disease.

With the exception of surgery, unfortunetly and regardless of the type of treatment, the hourglass shape is the most difficult to see postive results in. This does not mean postive results can not be had, it just appears it is the least responsive to treatment. This includes the "Thacker Formula." One must understand, if postive results are going to be seen with any treatment, it is going to take time. Not days or weeks, but months and months. Some have not seen results until more than a year has passed. Again, I strongly suggest you read the entire Thacker's Formula thread and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I hope this helped.               Rzz


I received this question and another question in my private messages. the 2nd question can be seen in the post before this one. Since they were sent to me in my private box, I will not attach thier names. I will try to answer the best I can.
Hi Rzz,

I'm interested to know if DMSO can help my condition.  I acquired peyronie's when i was a teenager learning to masturbate in an unorthodox way.  I didn't know that I had peyronie's until now, eleven years later.  I have a twenty degree left curve, which doesn't bother me so much.  What bothers me more is the very tight hourglass shape my flaccid penis takes on at times, for some reason more when i'm cold and sitting on the toilet.  Only when it tightens into the hourglass am I really able to feel scarring.  Otherwise it just seems to disappear when the hourglass fills out.  It's very strange, and has caused me to go into pretty deep depression at times.  I'm very interested in learning more about dmso, because I think it's my only hope of improving my stable peyronie's.  Thus far I've been very hesitant to try it.

First there is something I'm not sure I understand about your question. You say you aquired Peyronies Disease by masturbating in an unorthadox way and you didn't know you had Peyronies Disease until now, 11 years later. Are you saying you've had Peyronies Disease for 11 years and did not know it until now? What makes you think you've had it for 11 years? Do you mean you've had the symptoms of Peyronies Disease for 11 years and you've just now been officially diagnosed by a doctor as having Peyronies Disease?

Two things and I stated these in the post just before this one. For me to explain all about DMSO and the treatment of Peyronies Disease with DMSO would take many, many pages. So I strongly suggest you read the entire thread "Powerful Home Remedy." After you've read it or while you're reading it, if you don't understand something, please ask and I will happily answer.

You mention you've been hesitant to try Thackers Formula. I assume this is for safety reasons. That is understandable. I'm not tryig to convince you to try it or not try it. That decision is yours, but as far as the safety issue goes I will say this. I've done tons and tons of research on DMSO and Thackers Formula. In my opinion and although you may or may not achieve positive results, it is very safe in the treatment of Peyronies Disease as long as you follow the instructions. The worst results I've seen reported is a slight redness and burning and these went away after 2-3 days. In addition, these side effects were not caused by the DMSO as most people think, but instead they were caused by the apple cider vinegar used in the formula.

If you read the post I wrote before this one, you will see that I stated the "Hourglass Affect" is one of the least responsive to any type of treatment, including Thacker's Formula. This does not mean postive results absolutely can not be had. You did not state your condition when erect. Is the hourglass affect worse when erect? Are you able to have intercourse? These questions are helpful in giving you a full answer to your question. Again please read the post I wrote right before this one.

Depression is in my opinion the worst effect of Peyronies Disease. Doctors are finally now starting to realize this. What I can say to you is that there is hope. This disease is FINALLY getting some serious attention by the medical community. We still have a long way to go, but it is moving in a positive direction. Hang in there and one piece of advice. Do something about your Peyronies Disease. What I mean is attack it. Don't just sit around and wait for something to happen. Try something. Be very careful and do your research, but try something.

Good luck and hang in there friend,       Rzz


Hello To The Left- I am thinking of trying this- how did this work for you-?-any improvement- how long have yo9u had Peyronies Disease- and how bad?


Quote from: totheleft on January 09, 2006, 08:15:01 PM
hello all, hope everyone had a good holiday...

I have been using Thackers formula, for the past three weeks plus I started using primrose oil massage on my plaque after I have taken off the thackers dressing for the past week. Can anyone tell me , how long after using the thackers formula that they started seeing a reduction in the curve. On top of all this I am also using daily Gamma Vit E, Vitalzym, and acetl L carnitine /lipoic acid combo. It has been 11 months since my first symptoms and still no results except for the reduction in pain. By the way also used topical verapamil for six months which only resulted with less money in my best to evryone ........totheleft


Yet another person who used TV with no results... what a surprise.

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These posts were originally made on an old forum and later deleted from that forum to make room on their server.  Joshua, a Co-founder of the PDS retrieved these posts.

What follows is a discussion of a DMSO home remedy mixture referred to as the "Thacker Formula".  No studies or even organized survey have ever been done on this formula. Studies on DMSO for any human use are very limited.  This information is here for the interest of those that were familiar with the now defunct "old BTC" forum, its members, posts, and those with a general interest in this formula.   

The old discussion on this formula were in 2 topics.  They are both listed below.  This topic should be read starting at the bottom and reading up to the top where the newest posts are archived.

This topic is for reading only.  No posting or discussion is permitted here.  There is a DMSO topic on the main forum page for discussion.
Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 70 yrs old
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I would like to talk to anyone using this formula, dmso/avc/Castor oil.

I started it last night, I spent about 25 dollars on all my supplies. This should last me about a month.

I bought 99.9% dmso(I really didn't notice a smell or burning) and organic apple cider vinegar and Castor oil.

My plaque is on the top of penis shaft, 1/2 inch up from base, dead center. I live alone also so I haven't done a wrap. I also broke down the formula to make it easy to mix. I bought two eye droppers also, the formula is 70%dmso and 20% acv and 10% Castor oil....this is for large batch one tablespoon dmso, one tsp avc and 1/2 tsp Castor oil, for a small batch, you can use 1 1/2 tsp dmso, 1/2 tsp avc and 1/4 tsp Castor oil, I sit my swallow clean glass in a pan of hot water on the stove, get it nice and warm(you don't cook the mix, just have it warm, I find that just heating the glass works) then I take out glass, wash my hands with soap and water and then add my dmso, apple cider vinegar and then Castor oil and mix it up with the eye dropper, I sit on a towel and watch tv and apply the cream, it I massage it in with the side of the eye dropper, I did this last night for about one hour. When it becomes absorb, I put more on till gone, I then take a bath or hot shower and massage the area, when done I cover the whole thing with arnica oil Caledonia oil(sp), I bought this at the store I found.

I stayed away from doing this for the last couple of months(have had peyronies now for four months), because of the bad experience I had with dmso about 25 years ago, nasty, I can still taste it. I bought it black market then for a sport injury, it was cheap grade and made my skin blister. This 99.9, I notice no bad taste or smell. I going to take epsom salt baths and massage the area longer when I can on the weekends and more treatment also. I have broke of scar tissue before in my body, deep tissue massage, I don't want to do it as rough(cause more damage), but I do believe it is good to gently massage the area to keep it supple.

I'm getting ready to start VED when the new Soma Correct comes out, and I'm trying to condition my plaque, softer ect....

I posted this for anyone interested in a easy way of breaking down the formula. If you plaque is on the side of penis you can add a little more Castor oil to give it more body for a easier massage application.

I have enough product for a month, then will see what I think, anyone else out there trying this, like to here from you, or anyones thoughts are welcome....Take care and God Bless...

"The Sun Also Rises"


Good work Rico - I hope it helps.

52, Peyronies Disease for 30 years, upward curve and some new lesions.



Thanks. Please google Iontophoresis rehab/management

I found this interesting. I started the thacker formula because I have a culinary background and I believe in vinergar, I have seen what it can do to fish and many other things, eggs ect...keeping the flesh in tacked while killing everything else, bacteria cider caught my eye because it is 6%(organic) acetic acid. I believe the dmso is the driver like Iontophoresis and the cator oil gives it a base to stay on the area being treated and also keeps the skin soft from blistering and the acetic acid in the apple cider breaks up the scar tissue.

I started to google acetic acid and found this site, it says with iontophoresis to break up calcified tissue, you should use acetic acid 2-5 %.

I just finished my second treatment tonight. My cost for a month I think will be under 30 dollars.

It also talked about sski, which I have looked at, but felt more comfortable with the apple cider(acetic acid), the dmso 99.9% I have found no real off ordor or blistering.

If I could get my dick in a jar, I would pickle it:). A apple a day, will keep the pecker checker away:).....

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Interesting, I had alwasy wondered if there was something out there that could be used instead of verapamil or decadron with ionotpohoresis, to drive it into the plaque and dissolve it. 

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I'm considering trying DMSO, but has anyone tried using the DMSO creams or gels that are available?  For instance the selection at the bottom of the page here? Also note I know nothing about this site and am not trying to promote it or anything, I just saw it from a Google search and it seemed to be an easier and more pleasant way to administer than mixing up a batch of Thacker's.

If any of you have experience with these let me know.


I'm no expert, but what I read you want the 99.9% dmso. Thacker also has the apple cider vinegar. Now I have only started this treatment, three days now, so I can't comment on how it is working, just what I have read. Be careful with dmso, it is very powerful, don't have around kids ect...don't get in your eyes ect...Please read up on this before you start, if you choose to...God Bless you and I will pray for you..remember the Sun Also Rises:)..

"The Sun Also Rises"


I've purchased the DMSO, apple cider vinegar, and finally the castor oil which is apparently for upset stomachs or something of that nature.  I got gauze and some medical tape to tape the gauze, now I just was looking for exact instructions on how to mix it.  Can one use the same needle and draw out the quantities and put them in a  bowl?  Then simple soak the gauze for ten minutes and take it out and wrap around the penis?  How much in mL of each liquid should be placed in the bowl for mixing, and how should one mix exactly?  Anyone using this with some comments and more specific instructions feel free to post them or PM me.

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How in the world could any of these ingredients (chemicals) help Peyronies Disease?  What is the mechanism?   The whole idea sounds like a cruel joke, mix salad dressing (oil and vinegar) with an industrial solvent.  Then tape it to your penis.

I am as bad as anyone about trying potential "fixes" for Peyronies Disease.  But, guys......

Now, if anyone can give me a plausible, scientific reason this would work, I'll be happy to have crow fricassee for dinner.
"I don't ask why patients lie, I just assume they all do."


Liam, Many thanks for your post on DMSO.  The following is on the label of  one of the most popular DMSO gel preparations sold on the internet at 99.9% pure. "Caution; may cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin & clothing. In case of eye contact immediately flush eyes with water. Call a physician.  Sold as a solvent only. This product is intented for use as a solvent only. The choice of the process  used in the various applications is the sole responsibility of the user. It is unlawful to represent in any way that this product is useful or safe to use for medicinal purposes. Keep out of the reach of children. This product is sold on many websites right along with vitamins and beauty creams ,the implication being that this product is in the general category of  food supplements & cosmetics. How much more explicit does a label warning have to be? Think! 


DMSO has some data collected over the years that shows that it is generally safe, and that it can be of help in relieving pain in arthritis. Most other claims are not well studied, except for cystitis pain; DMSO can be injected into the bladder to help with that.

MSM is a breakdown product of DMSO, but is not as well studied. it may have many of the same effects, though these effects are generally assumed, but not proven. A good review of this matter is found at:

All of the reviews I read pointed out that the DMSO available in health food stores is NOT medical grade DMSO - even the 99% pure DMSO, which is still industrial and not medical grade. I believe this has to do with manufacturing standards and the potential for impurities to be in the  solution.

This has a good discussion of this matter.

I think DMSO is of unproven benefit for Peyronies Disease, though it has potential. I am VERY suspicious of a formula that is secret and which refuses to show any data (the mysterious Thacker formula). All the Thacker thread claims strike me as bogus, in that the posters are not open as to who they are, they do not apear willing to share their "secrets" - and other signs of fakery I have seen before. This is just my opinion.


ps - I have worked a lot with DMSO, and it gets across cell membranes fast. A drop on the finger will be tasted in the mouth in about 15 seconds (absorbtion and blood flow time). It can carry small molecules across tissue planes which makes me think it could be used to move drugs into the tunica easily (ie verapamil or soulbilized Pentox - get it right to the problem.

52, Peyronies Disease for 30 years, upward curve and some new lesions.


I use to race greyhounds.  I now rescue them.  The trainer sprayed them down with DMSO after a race to prevent sore muscles.  It seemed to work.

I remember the first time I heard of DMSO.  It was from a man who swore WD40 helped his arthritis.  Just spray it on the joint and it goes through the skin and lubricates the joint.  Now that doesn't speak to the effectiveness of DMSO.  It does show personal accounts of effectiveness should be taken with a grain of (Epsom) salt  ;)
"I don't ask why patients lie, I just assume they all do."


It was Barry who original told me all about thackers, he told me it will work and has talked to a handfull of people who used it and saw results.  Barry is the one who originally talked to this infamous "thacker," guy.  I like most on here am a skeptic but willing to give this a try for now.


So you simply add in the measured quantities as you stated into a bowl and mix them all up(I don't have an eye dropper), then let the guaze soak for 5 minutes or so?  Then wrap onto the penis and tape it on?

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I too have some doubts about the Thacker formula, but there is a bit of logic in it:
I should think that the vinegar is there with the intention of dissolving the calcium out of the plaque. Can't say why cider vinegar is used, 8% acetic acid would probably work as well, unless there are some minor components present in cider which are important.
The inclusion of castor oil sounds like a treatment they use to soften leather. During the tanning process, the natural oils get extracted and the leather becomes stiff. This is rectified by 'fat-liquoring' in which a natural oil such as castor oil is emulsified (often sulphated castor oil is used) in water and the leather is churned in it. This results in supple leather. Whale oil used to be used and it produced very fine leathers for gloves. High quality gloving leather has to have good stretchability to 'fit like a glove' so I think that this may be the idea behind the Thacker formula - using a natural oil to soften the leathery plaque.
As for DMSO - it is well known for permeating the skin and presumably will carry the vinegar and castor to the plaque.

Maybe it would be worth carrying out an experiment with say, a section of pig's ear to see if the Thacker formula softened it.

How in the world could any of these ingredients (chemicals) help Peyronies Disease?  What is the mechanism?   The whole idea sounds like a cruel joke, mix salad dressing (oil and vinegar) with an industrial solvent.  Then tape it to your penis.

I am as bad as anyone about trying potential "fixes" for Peyronies Disease.  But, guys......

Now, if anyone can give me a plausible, scientific reason this would work, I'll be happy to have crow fricassee for dinner

Crow sounds leathery!