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VED or Traction device

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Hi guys, I have read quite a bit of the forums and would like a little advice.  I am posting in both the traction devices and vacuum devices to try and determine which would be the best for me.  I have a 90 degree upward bend about halfway down my penis.  It goes out about 3 inches and curves upward about the same.  I have no pain, and no trouble maintaining an erection, other than the shape.  I would be a very happy guy if I could reduce the bend to around 45 degrees.  My wife and I still have sex (infrequently) but it seems to be more work than fun now.  My urologist has prescribed 400 mg of Pentoxifyline 3 times a day and suggested a traction device.  After reading most of the posts, I am unsure of which would work best for me, traction or VED.  Any advice you could provide would be most appreciated.  Again, I am only looking to decrease the angle of the bend so intercourse is fun again.


Traction is your best bet in this situation. But even so, you still get some benefit from VED as well. At the very least, VED therapy will help the engorgement process so hopefully you never have erection issues. For me, I got the bend before I got the erection issues. But then again, I did nothing while the worst of the disease was attacking me. Obviously you're being proactive so you may not have erection issues.
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