Severe pain after surgery one year later...

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Scott Guthrie

I had surgery for Peyronies disease in April of 2012. I have an allergy to iodine but the incompetent post-op nurse put iodine all over my penis to insert a catheter. This caused massive quarter-sized blisters all over the head of my penis that spread into the sutures. I still have pain and the scar is very bumpy. The worst part is that I have electrical shooting pains through my penis on a regular bases. I can't even take a shower without having to cover my penis because a stream of water hitting that area makes me double over in pain. Erections are extremely painful so sex is not an option. The surgical doctor said I have nerve damage from the allergic reaction. The hospital is arguing this point saying that nerve damage could not possibly be caused by an allergic reaction. The largest blister was at the top of my penis. After this finally bursted, I had a huge scab that kept breaking open every time I got the morning wood which woke me every morning abruptly. After the scab fell off, there was a visible hole in my penis filled with pus where the sutures were that took a long time to close up. The surgical doctor said that if it was nerve damage from the surgery that there would be no feeling rather than sharp electrical shooting pains. Has anybody ever experienced this after this long period of time? I am trying to establish if this pain was caused from surgery of the severe allergic reaction that I had. Any thoughts?