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Xiaflex side effect photos from a few trial patients

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Just FYI Ineedofafix, almost everyone bruises like crazy, but some get it much worse than others. The bruising and swelling have been bad for me with every cycle, but I have seen improvement, from 50-60 degrees to around 30 degrees after two cycles and my girth has returned completely now.

It is VERY shocking when you see the bruising spread and your penis swell, but in most cases it goes back to normal within a week. On my 2nd cycle my penis was a mix of VERY irritated red skin and black and blue swelling. Because I had Verapamil shots a few years back I was somewhat prepared for what it might look like. This has been worse, but the bruising is gone just as fast as the Verapamil shots.

It's very uncomfortable to the touch and if anything bumps into your crotch accidentally, you'll know it.  When you get an erection at night it can often wake you up from the pain...this is also an opportunity to do the straightening exercises.


Haven't posted here in a while.   The guy whose pics are here:

Auxilium Collagenase (Xiaflex) for Peyronies Disease - Clinical Trial Side Effects and Discussion

still has scar bands from the xiaflex injection that dissolved his skin 4 years ago.  A urologist in NYC was the MD who gave these injections.  He basically injected the skin, not the plaque....the skin dissolved...for good.  Only scar tissue came back, though not quite as dense and thick as a degloving scar (he later had surgery).  I wonder what convinced Auxilium/Endo that these plauqes won't come back...since this patient had his skin turn to scar tissue from collagenase.

Skin tissue is pretty different, though... but it still is interesting to me that it is accepted as a permanent treatment.  Hopefully, it is.



Because the answer is that Xiaflex doesn't get rid of the Collagenase, just softens it for modelling and to mould it into a new way.


Had my first Xiaflex shot today. Done by Dr. Hwang in Providence. I have a 45 degree dorsal bend and was told today for first time I have two plaques. After first shot I have some swelling and what looks like a bad sunburn around the injection area. Is that what other people are experiencing??


Good luck ReaJam. Thanks for posting. Like this disease, everyone's bruising differs. For me the severity differed in each round of shots. Mine usually wasn't too bad at shot 1, but shot 2 in the cycle was really bad as far as bruising and redness. It is temporary though and goes away in about a week. It can be very tender and I would not recommend sleeping on your stomach because of night time erections.  good luck. Hope4all



You have to go to the very first post in this thread. There is a link there to a study with the referenced pictures.
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I just found this thread as I was told about Xiaflex today by the PA at my urologist (who I am looking to get away from, I am in the Springfield MA, Hartford CT area if anyone knows a good Urologist). I also read someone else mention the 'hourglass effect' which I have. So the real question as I am a 64 year old who developed this because of a trauma caused by my wife falling over, is this something that you would look into at my age?  I have no problem getting erections, suffer from retrograde ejaculations due to a TURP, a back surgery where the cut through the front and moved organs around and finasteride.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




Why your age should be a factor regarding Xiaflex?
Regarding doctors, you may want to see in the link bellow if have someone we know close to you:,4063.0.html

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
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Thank you James, very helpful.

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Just one more thing, same subject:
You should find a doctor that is experienced with Xiaflex to get the best results.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum

Joe Garcia

I agree with James.  Find a doctor with experience.  I was the first Ziaflex patient for my doctor and it was brutal getting the first round of shots as he was trying to get into the scar tissue.  I also have the hour glass affect of this disease and have completed 4 rounds of Ziaflex.  What I have noticed after 4 rounds is that my penis has return to its normal size and the girth has gotten stronger, although the hour glass shape is still slightly visible.  Before the injections, my penis was shorter and looked like a tree that was getting cut down causing a very wobbly during an erection.  Having my wife on top was out of the question.  It was very embarrassing and depressing.  Even though my penis still has a slight hour glass shape, I am happy the length has return.  I spoke to my doctor and they called my insurance company so I am going to get 2 more rounds of Ziaflex injections (rounds #5 and #6).  Although the shots are painful, they are very fast, less that 20 seconds. After the shots your penis will be bruised and extremely swollen but this goes away after a few days.  At your age, if your issue is really preventing you from having good sex, I would get an initial 2 rounds and give it a try.  Like I said no results after the first round (doc inexperience).  Good luck!


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