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I would like to ask if someone could explain to me until where the Tunica albuginea extends inside the body. The images I have seen only cover the exterior part of the penis and I would like to know where the Tunica stops at the other end, so to speak. An accurate graphic would be most welcome, as I believe it is important to visualize what is going on.

My Peyronie's Disease started at the extremity as 2 small dots under the glans and has been advancing - along with the pain - in 2 straight lines toward the body. I have been experiencing pain in the pelvic area as well.

I am currently being treated by an acupuncturist because these 2 lines seem to match those of a meridian. I can also feel pain around the belly button along those 2 lines that I know is connected to peyronie's.


These fibers extend from the glans penis to the proximal crura, where they insert into the inferior pubic ramus.
The anatomy of the tunica albuginea in the normal pen... [J Urol. 1997] - PubMed - NCBI
If not enough clear, read also:
Medscape: Medscape Access

Hope it helps
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