Successfully fighting the psychological component of Peyronies

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Successfully fighting the psychological component of Peyronies (better later than never)  8)
learn4life, sorry, you have not done it so I am doing it ;D
A re-post from Learn4life
Well on New Years eve went out with a couple m8s and my younger sister and her friends to Karbon club in Glasgow. One of the friends knows about my issues but I havent explained completely so he doesnt quite get it. The sister knows though but at same time doesnt quite understand the issue same thing with my mercury poisoning.

Anyways the goal was to have sex finally after 14yrs of nothing not even oral and the last date or any experience with a female I have had was around 17/18 so thats around 10-11yrs if including dates etc

Its a long time to say the least and I had giving up on all hope for several years as it was not functioning at all for a long time so what was the point of trying and embarrassing myself in front of someone who I might develop feelings for and vice versa if that was possible.

I guess karma has a funny way of working things out , the sister has dated a few of my friends since high school onwards and been in long term relationships with couple of them. I have dated a few of her friends at around 12-17 but nothing serious. Since I've been having good progress with my peyronies I was comteplating the last few weeks between an escort or suggesting an idea to my sister to set me up with one of her friends which she has plenty of , at least 300 friends on facebook. Plus the fact most are decent looking Thanks to her modeling and club dancing background.

The sister wasnt up for the idea  a few weeks back but I used little bit of guilt trip tactic  and also suggested the idea of using guilty truth being that I havent had any sex or any sexual act since the age of 14, 14yrs ago as a bait along with my my struggles with all 3 illnesses, peyronies, post orgasmic illness and mercury posining. Plus the fact it being the festive new year time I thought why not, what other tactic could I use, surely there must be someone out there who would want to give it a try be it if they felt genuine interested,attracted or hell felt sorry for me... I could give a crap all I wanted was one thing!

On the night I was rather excited to say the least and little nervous but no way was I going to get drunk as I knew if I was successful with hooking up with someone I would be injecting the chemicals into the cc and injecting into the cc whilst drunk would prob be like achieving the darwin award. I wanted to make sure that I was at my best after 14yrs of no sexual activity so also had on hand Dapoxetine and a numbing spray for the glans head.

The Dapoxetine increases serotonin and thus increasing stamina thats the short side. It doesnt work for everyone but I have been testing it out the last month or so on the sex toy to try and stimulate a similar feel to the real thing instead of simply masterbaiting as detailed in previous posts and it does make a big difference in sexual stamina for me, that combined with the numbing spray Ive lasted well over a hour so I had some confidence.

After overly spending time on making sure I looked as presentable as possible me my 2 buddies and sister headed out to Karbon to meet sisters friends and co. At this point my 2 m8s had already been drinking and I started to feel the need to get alittle drunk. I hadnt been drunk since at least 2yrs ago so I kept the 2yrs in tact and didnt bother.

About 5mins b4 we got there sister got a call to ask where we were at, as they had already arrived at the club waiting in the overly large queue. I asked how many girls were there more of a nervous and curious manner and sis said just a few with a smile. Cool maybe she already discussed this with one of her friends, she owed me it after all these years listening to her bf troubles.

As we were walking up to the club I was trying to eye out which were her m8s and then couple shouted my sisters name and I just said to myself be cool be yourself, sounds sad right but thats what 14yrs of no experience does to you.

We all greeted happy new year blah blah blah as I stood behind them in the queue I was trying to take it all in. One of the sisters friends turned around and said oh btw are you sisters  brother, I said yes Iam, smile. She introduced herself we will call her Jenn for talking sake.

She had a pretty face but maybe little skinny for my taste but who was I to complain. As we were heading into the club the sister gave a wee nod to Jenns direction. I got the hint loud and clear so the first thing I do was ask her if you fancy a drink or 4.

She laughed and said sure so got some vodka orange juice for her and couple shots. Wasnt sure what my getting drunk limit was so wanted to take it easy. One of her friends suggested taking some photos before getting steaming, Scottish slang for getting really drunk so we posed for some photos in my case alot of photos as cant remember last time posing for photos, something this passtime hermit wasnt use to.

By this time the club was packed, barely could move reminded me of the good ole days at 17-18 where health was much MUCH better. Next thing I knew Jenn asked if I fancied a dance I said Sure why not. I wasnt too bad but clearly had better days but who cares it was New years and I was in contact with an attractive young female for the 1st time over a decade!

After the dance off we decided to go sit down on a quiter area and I bought couple more drinks.
She asked what I do and my interestes said I have online business becomming the next young millionaire, trying to keep
it light. She joked if she was to date me would she be getting expensive bday presents like designed handbags etc
I said  socks and a book is cheaper she laughed cool I still have my Scottish silly sense of humour when in need.
Thankfully thats one thing Mercury poisoning hasnt taking away from me!

We found out we have a common interest in working out which was pretty cool. We then got into the subject
of dating business and it was my turn and I just came out with it , the truth that it been a little while. Why not, nothing to loose.
Was half expecting her to laugh at me or something, I became rather paranoid about issues like that due
to my peyronies,pois issues. She was pretty cool about it and said yeah she already knew Thanks to
my AWESOME sister!! About time sis! She said i didnt look the type to not have had a date since 18yrs old.
Thanks to my boxing and weight lifting background, Iam glad invested into that otherwise I would
be even uglier.

Anyways after the indirect compliment I felt alot more relieved and just overall relaxed.

I couldnt keep this in and had to chat to my friends who were completely wasted at this point but
hell better than nothing. We headed out the side for smoke break, i do not smoke but one of the buddies
does. So I just came out with it that I maybe getting some action tonight after 14yrs of zero and badly needed
some advice. There was nothing scientific or technical at all from their advice, thats something
that has changed me as a person since having peyronies, mercury and POIS. Its hard to relate to youngsters these
days even tho Iam in my 20s, often I feel like a granpa compared to them mentality wise. I just had to act it up
and just pretend they were helpful, at least someone was there.

At 3am once the club was closing we all headed out and got bite to eat. I made sure to leave with Jenn, arm around her
trying to take the lead and be "alpha" as one of my m8s call it.  We chatted about where we were heading afterwards and she
suggested her flat which was in the city center anyways instead going all the way back to mine 12miles away, I said cool I will
pay for the taxi with an overly large smile on my face, tried my best to hide it but man at this point I was EXCITED AND HAPPPY!

I nearly forgot to go into my m8s car for the chemicals, quadmix etc that I left in there as nae chance of taking that into a club.
Thankfully I remembered and gave a quick call and collected my stash.

I forgot how talkative girls can be when they have had a drink in them, also the smell of a female, the touch little things
like that gave me a surreal arousing experience already. She was little drunk but not steaming drunk so this defo helped relax me
when we got to her place.

I had been honest all night to her so I just kept it this way & asked if I could use her shower and explained why.
She seemed shocked but I explained thats the reason why I havent been on dates or been sexually active for 14yrs.
Luckily for me she understood in her half drunk manner. I said dont fall asleep whilst Im in the shower as it prob wont
last long anyways, she reassured me that I will be fine and she will take care of me. I did not expect that to say the least.

During the shower everything felt foreign never been there before, a very pretty girl outside waiting for me
to get it on as Marvin gaye would say and then the knock on the door asking if everything was alright. I must have been
overdoing the shower as my  heart was starting to pound!!

The injection took a LONG time as well, I felt overly shakey,nauseous very similar to my first CC injection.Finally I bit down
on my teeth and just said myself there is a fn hot babe outside waiting for ya, you better inject quickly otherwise she will
end up falling konking out!!

So after 20mins or maybe longer I successfully injected the quadmix dose. This dose was purely for EQ boost no verapamil at all.
PHEW!! It worked within a minute now was the 2nd hard part ... opening the damn door!! For the life of me I couldnt open the door.
I was constantly checking myself out in the mirror not just my unit but to see if I looked fat or not.Like I said
all these illnesses over the yrs has defo affected my confidence when in reality Iam carrying around 14% bodyfat.

So what I did was open the lock and asked her to come to the door and if she could open the door ... sad right but I just couldnt
open the door with an already overly hard erection. She asked in a humourous manner if I had a surprise for her which
made me laugh and most importantly took some of the anxiety away. I replied with maybe, open the door and find out.

I wont go into too much detail of what happened next altho I prob have already in a way but lets say I passed my
own expectation and also hers. The quadmix came through for me in a big way, also the numbing spray and dapoxitene.

We have since met up twice and I have injected once and the other no injection or any chemicals or numbing spray. I did not
last NEARLY as long without the chemicals.

A couple of interesting points Jenn noticed about my unit.

It felt different she said not as flexible, felt warmer & was more purple in colour. I asked her about the scar tissue
at the right glans and also about if the shape was off putting to her as these were my main issues
after the progress I have had with the previous peyronies issues.

She simply said " Did it look like I had any issues with it? "

That was the ultimate ego booster and also the fact that she hadnt met anyone that had lasted that long ona  first time

TBH I still cant believe I have actually had sex again!! Thoughts of suicide was a reality for me at many stages of my mid 20s thats how bad it was, I even planned out the exact procedures.

Iam glad I did not give up!!

After all those years Iam going to try make up for it but
its difficult I had an awful POIS episode after all 3 acts so I have to be careful not to overdo it
and then also the cc injection frequency. Hopefully down the line I wont have to
inject and just be natural and stick with something like cialis. The 90-100% erection that I had from the quadmix
shot with Jenn and also the fact that there is zero refractory period and stays erect after an orgasm from
the quadmix is rather hard to give up but why risk it, it would be stupid too as I got this far after years of failure.

I wish everyone everyone great success with their peyronies in 2013 and hope each and everyone can be successfully
treated. I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart and Thankyou Hawk the admin for keeping such an informative
and successful forum up and running over the years, THANKYOU!! As if it wasnt for this forum I doubt I would
have tried the verapamil and quadmix solution. Again all the best for 2013!!
Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum