Should I do a second round of VI?

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My Uro is a leading Peyronies expert. Did six VI injections over 12 weeks for the "dents" in each side. Did not help, and my disease has progressed some from then (this past summer). I now have a new plaque on the top of my penis about 1/2 inch below the head. While a little painful, it is not causing any deformity. I think it is too close to the tip to bend the penis upward much.

Uro thinks I should do VI on it. I told him that they did not help with the last plaques, so I am wary of doing it again. He understands and has set up another visit for end of this month to reevaluate (2 months since last visit). You all know the deal might not be getting any benefit...or did the VI prevent the plaques from hardening or getting worse than they is all very subjective, because if you don't see significant improvement, you don't know if did any good, or did good that you would not know unless you did not have them.

So should I get VI shots in the new plaque or not?....interested in opinions. Thanks.


Like you, the first six VI I got made the very slightest change in the plaque, making it feel less dense.  There was zero curve improvement.  The second round of six did not make any subjective change in the plaque nor reducing the curve.  Plication got things straight again, for now, until Xiaflex gets FDA approval.  If the Xiaflex reduces the plaque, I can see another surgery to remove the permanent sutures placed during the plication surgery.

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I also had a series of 6 VI's. I also did not see any improvement but also don't know if it kept things from getting worse. In either event, both my uro and I agreed that there was not any significant improvement and there was no need for any further VI's.
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