Could really use some input/advice - do I have Peyronie's?

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Hey guys, I'll try to make this as short as possible. I'm 24. Just over two years ago, I had sex when I was drunk with a girl at school. After going at it for a bit, she tried to get on top but by this point I was worn out and wasn't hard enough (thanks, alcohol!) so after a couple tries we gave up. I don't recall feeling any pain or anything, but in retrospect, I think she probably bent my penis while it was partially erect, and this may have damaged the tissue. But again, I felt no pain and noticed nothing immediately afterward.

A couple days later I noticed a small little 'pinch' of skin in the middle of my penis. (Not on the head, but the actual scrotum, square in the middle.) It kinda looked like invisible fingers were pinching a tiny, tiny bit of flesh on my penis. I ignored it at first, but it started to become more prominent as the days progressed. Every time I urinated I'd notice it and began to get scared that it was an STD or something (I used protection, but obviously that isn't a guarantee). It kept expanding.

I think one day within this week I went to defecate and I noticed my penis "drooping" quite a bit when I sat down, almost like it had been deflated. The middle was constricted and the upper half/head of the penis was heavier, obviously filled with more blood, causing it to look droopy. I was really scared and thought I had an STD for sure. I went to my doctor and he didn't even think it was worth running tests - he said I didn't show symptoms of STDs and unless I really wanted to, there was no need to run any tests yet. So I never had any tests done. (The thing is, I didn't tell him about the 'skin pinching' or anything - at this point I'd never even heard of Peyronie's, had never heard of someone's penis 'breaking,' so I thought at the most it was some kind of STD; I just told him that I'd had sex and was worried that I may have contracted something.)

In the weeks that followed my penis developed a permanent 'hourglass' shape. It looked like someone was pinching it from the sides (right around the area where I first noticed the skin was pinched, but all around, in a full circle). Over time, I think my penis recovered a bit; I don't remember how long it took, but it gradually regained some rigidity in its flaccid state and wasn't permanently 'hourglass shaped,' BUT it only recovered to a certain degree. For approx. the past two years my penis in its flaccid state is limper and thinner than it used to be. It doesn't usually resemble the 'hourglass' shape as much as it did for a period of time, BUT often when I'm defecating/sitting down or if my penis is 'shriveled up' from cold weather or whatever, it takes this shape back on. (For whatever reason, I notice it most when defecating; it really shrivels up.) Also, when I am beginning to experience an erection, the bottom of the penis and the top of the penis fill up with blood quicker - and the middle where the 'pinch' is takes longer to fill up, so the hourglass comes back for a few moments before I'm fully erect. This hasn't really been a huge issue when I've had sex because by the time I start I'm usually fully erect anyway, but it's still disconcerting.

In my flaccid state, I used to be pretty thick; now, as I mentioned, I'm usually pretty 'saggy' and thinner. My penis hangs a little longer but particularly the lower half of the shaft (opposite the tip) seems 'spongier' and less rigid, and then the tip is harder.

Some days it looks better than others. Usually right after I've had sex/masturbated my penis takes on more of a thin, short hourglass shape than beforehand; this is actually when it looks the worst, because it really seems to lose all its bloodflow and you can see the constriction in my penis. It shrivels up and the skin on my shaft resembles that of a fat person who has lost excess weight; it just looks sort of shriveled and saggy.

I never went to a urologist because frankly it's pretty embarrassing. I kinda wanted to wait until I'm out of school (I have another semester left) before attempting to deal with this issue. I feel then I can sort of delve into it more steadfastly. I've done some online research in the meantime - I did attempt to take vitamin E and also bought liquid form and applied it regularly about a year ago; I saw no change and thus gave up. I am pretty healthy and take fitness supplements which contain l-arginine and other antioxidants, and also take fish oil pills high in omegas, but haven't really seen any improvement.

What scares me, however, is that I think over the course of the past few months I've started to experience more shrinkage/reduction in size during erections. It's hard to say because I gained a little bit of weight in my abdomen area while 'bulking up', but I feel like I may have easily lost an inch or so in my penis size and my girth doesn't seem the same as it used to be, either. I kinda talked myself out of this at first and thought it was either due to my slight weight gain or just my mind playing tracks, but I'm starting to think it's actually getting smaller.

When I feel my penis when it's erect, I just feel like it's more tightly wound and constricted; I also feel as though my erections are harder to maintain. I don't think it's bad enough to the point where I'd say I have a troubling form of Erectile Dysfunction or anything, but I'm worried over time it could become worse. I don't have any curvature yet but I am worried that this could develop.

First of all, I was wondering if you guys think this is actually Peyronie's or whether it could be something else. It seems like most Peyronie's involves curvature and I don't have that. I just seem to have lost 'strength' in my penis and I guess that could be attributed to build-up of plaque constricting my tissue. I've been doing occasional research into this for the past couple years and that's my best guess at what it is. I don't have any lumps that are noticeable and don't really feel anything on my pens in its flaccid state; I will mention, however, that over the past couple years since this injury, I developed a LOT of veins in my penis that I never had before, and one big blue one in particular appeared that runs up the left side of my shaft right around where the indentation occurs; and sometimes after sexual activity I feel a kind of dull aching pain in this area. I think this sensation is just from irritating the vein, not pain from the penis itself; but I'm wondering if these veins may have developed (or become more prominent) to try to overcome the lack of blood flow due to my scar tissue build-up. I have tried researching this online and not seen much about it; do you guys know if veins popping up is a good or bad sign?

I'm planning to eventually visit a urologist, but I'm also wondering whether you guys think it's too late at this point for me to reverse the issue. Would taking supplements after 2 years really reverse anything? Or at best would I merely prevent further damage?

Also, perhaps my biggest question: if I go to a doctor and he injects me with stuff to get rid of the plaque, or gives me a prescription that would happen to work (which I know is rare)...would I actually re-gain the physical appearance of my flaccid penis from before the injury? Or would it, again, at best, merely prevent further damage? Is it possible to regain what I have lost? And would trying to buy a penis pump/extender right now be a good option or should I wait and visit a urologist first?

Sorry for the long message but this has been on my mind the past couple years and I'm looking forward to hearing from any other people who may have similar experiences and/or feedback for me. Cheers.


"I'm planning to eventually visit a urologist, but I'm also wondering..."

Dude, what are doing waiting? You need to see a urologist that specializes in Peyronie's now. Don't wait another minute. You need to get on this fast.

Everyone else here is gonna tell you the same thing but they are going to be nicer about it.

Also, get your testosterone and cholesterol checked as well. Your testosterone needs to be high and your LDL cholesterol needs to be low.

Got Testosterone?


reading through your account i have to say that it sounds very similar to mine.
i too have more obvious veins than before, and a thinning in the middle which is aparent when semi erect
i too havn't experienced any significant pain as is usual in most ppl's accounts
keep us updated bro

best wishes