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I got this disease in an advanced stage in a matter of less than a month and in very strange conditions.

All started when I went to see a chiropractor after a few months of very hard work. He (unfortunately) happens to be my brother in law.

After 3 chiropractic treatments I asked the chiro to go easy on my lower back, that it was feeling very weak. He did not listen. After he tried to crack my back several times he gave up. I do not remember how I got back home that day, feeling like if I had been beat up. Three days later, all of a sudden, I could not walk. My left leg was in incredible pain but the pain originated in my lumbar region and could feel some swelling. A doctor told me what I suspected, that my leg was OK, that the pain is coming from the sciatic nerve.

I know pain well. I had an inner ear infection once that swelled my head and was already entering coma when I reached a hospital. I also had my appendix removed and that pain is quite something. Well, this pain caused by all this chiro twisting was worse and going to the hospital would achieve nothing as it was soft tissue and the only thing to do was to let it heal and avoid the pain killers.

Well, after 2 weeks the pain slowly subsided and I actually had to teach myself how to walk. A month had passed by and the pain dissapeared 100%.

By now you would ask, what does this have to do with Peyronies....Well, after that month had passed, I began to feel normal again, and I had a nightly erection, the first one in a month and a half. I discovered that my penis was deformed beyond recognition and it hurt.

I went to my family doc. He told me what Peyronies was. I saw a picture and it looked exactly like myself. I am having a real hard time with this. My penis looks and feels like someone else's and want no part with it. If I could I would cut it off as it seems like a foreign growth invading my body.

I am 57 yrds old and a very active musician in a rock band. Have a flat tummy, a much younger wife a great daughter and reason to live like you wouldn't believe. Now I cannot have sex and I have yet to show it to my wife.

So I had a freaky experience with a chiro and my penis got deformed ?? What is this. I joined the forum a while ago and could not bring myself to share this pain, physical and emotional. The prospects of a part of my life being over is hard to accept but what choice do I have.

A urologist told me to take extra vitamin E and to see him in 3 months. I know this is not going to work although I have been taking it.

That is it for me for the moment.  I appreciate that there is this forum because who do I mention this to ??