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Hi everyone,
This may seem like a dumb question, but last night we were laying on the couch together and I shifted and he was like oh you're crushing me. He said I pinched his penis between us right where the plaque is. Now I'm freakin out that I've hurt him again, as I already blame myself. His penis was flaccid at the time I don't know if that helps. How delicate is it now? Must I worry evertime something happens? Thanks for your time folks.


I think anything CAN happen.  I guess it is possible for instance to go to get up and as you do, to push on your spouses thigh with your hand only to find out his penis is there and cause some injury but such events are so rare to hardly be worth mentioning.

On the other hand, in a very painful event of Peyronies Disease, even pants brushing against the penis may cause pain.  This is not causing the injury but reflects the inflammation already present. Further more, you must get over guilt about all of this unless you:
1. Deliberately caused an injury
2. Acted in such disregard that you should have know that your actions were likely to cause an injury.

Is he responsible that his penis was in a position where movement by you could impact it ?  This is not about blame or who is responsible.  It is about working together to try to solve problems.
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Stop blaming yourself.
It is not your fault he had get Peyronies. If he had an injury during sex with you, I am sure it was not intentional!!!
Regarding your question:
QuoteMust I worry evertime something happens?
If you will be worry all the time over every movement, you will not be able to have the warm and close relations that both of you need.

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During the acute or inflammation phase, touching or pressure can cause pain but probably not further injury. Think of it like a sprained ankle: it hurts to keep you from using it until it heals properly. Similar situation with Peyronie's.



My guy is and upward curve in a stable phase and able to have sex, receive oral sex and masterbate multiple times week.  My question as a woman regards handling his erect penis and esp the plaque areas.  Are these plaque formations more or less sentitive then the other (undamaged) areas of the penis? Is it uncomfortable or painful during partner hand pleasuring or a "hand job" when semi or fully erect?  Should a gal pretend not to notice these plaque areas once it has been addressed what they are and treat it like a guy without Peyronies Disease?  If a guy experiences Peyronies Disease pain is it these plaque formations or where does the pain usually occur?  My guy has never complained about the plaque areas specifically as far as I can recall.  I am just trying to understand so I can pleasure him more and certainly avoid actions that might cause him discomfort or cause him to feel self conscious.


My peyronie's pain is somewhat localized to the scarred areas, but not too intense or noticeable. It's more as if my entire penis simply feels more fragile, yet I can't explain it perfectly. Any sudden or reckless handling it will certainly hurt it and could make things worse, but normal sex or play is not a problem. Having Peyronie's makes the entire penis seem less elastic and more prone to injury, if only because it's structural "integrity" so to speak, is weakened or inhibited by part of it being scarred. Filling out from flaccid to erect is more dangerous in a sense, because any rough handling at that point could cause damage. Entirely flaccid or perfectly hard is safer.

In general, don't worry too much but do be careful. One thing that I find some women are unable to stop them self from doing is curling back their hips when they orgasm (arching their back when in missionary). Even when I tell my wife to not do it, she ends up doing it a bit unless I hold her leg. This is what originally caused my first injury, and I have to be quite careful now.

Don't worry too much, my wife sometimes accidentally hits my penis and it feels very sensitive and freaks me out, but then I'm just fine afterward in the following weeks or months.  


Yeah that pelvic tilt or tilt and raise is pretty automatic response stuff.  Glad you brought it to our attention here...difficult one to control from her standpoint without practice maybe but best to have that discussion and hold her leg(s) down if she agrees to it and you manage how hard you push them down.  Some women buck more than others and both those responses or even habits are difficult to unlearn.  Kinda like asking a guy to. Ot thrust his hips or clench his ass when he ejaculates...natural response for both genders.

I talked with him since I wrote above and he showed me where the scar tissue is vs where I think it is by feel and we were way off.  Will have to discuss it again but this time when he is hard and again when flacid.  He also showed me where it is sensitive, hurts or feels sore or whatever if we go at it to fast n furious or to many times in a day.  Totally not where I thought he was gonna say it was gonna hurt.  Area I never notice before.  Lots of learning and open communication is needed in Peyronies Disease relationships.  I am so glad mine is a gem as I wouldn't be able to handle.someone who keeps things bottled up or doesn't explain.  The more I understand the safer, more relaxed and more able to have ultimate pleasure.  He is always protective and cognizant but now that I have learned a lot and we have been together a lot sexually he barely ever needs to protect himself because I am very cognizant of what to avoid, how to do certain things differently than past partners and how to be extra careful in some positions.  I have had to give up one of my favorite positions but I love him and we have a very good sex life.  I think Peyronies Disease couples should spend lots of Tantric time and share with each other the sensations each technique and position brings/gives and what that means for both people...not just the guy.


He's lucky to have you girl. You're doing everything right.
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