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Author Topic: Which is the mechanism for which VED can give positive results on the girth?  (Read 2408 times)

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I don't understand why VED (and also traction), can give improvments on the girth.
If the new tissue is not elastic but a scar tissue my question is:
scientifically can the volume of a scar tissue increase as the volume of a elastic tissue?

When there is a pulled muscle i know that there is a definitive loss of volume and there are not possibilities to regain the precedent volume.
Am i wrong?


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First, I think you are totally wrong about pulled muscles. I have never seen any medical explanation that would suport your statement on that.  Next, your penis is not a muscle so there is very little correlation between the two.

Stretching scar tissue is not new.  Burn patients can be crippled by contracting scar tissue so great effort and discomfort and time are poured into stretching scarred skin tissue.  I have read that to this day they are not sure if stretching produces more cells or if the individual cells are stretched.  It seems to me that would be an easy puzzle to find the answer to.

At any rate, if you stretch a plastic bag, or a balloon, the increase length of material can now be taken up by girth or length or a combination. While the TA is not a balloon, a similar concept applies.  In fact traction seems to correct hourglass deformity better than VEDHourglass deformity is a girth deformity.  Get 2 identical balloons.  Stretch one near its limit and hold for a count of ten.  Now blow them both up.  The stretched one will be bigger in girth.
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The plaque is affecting the tissue around it. Constricting it. It's like glue inside a baloon, to take up the picture Hawk painted.
With pumping the tissue around the plaque seems to get more elastic and possibly "bigger". This lessens the influence of the plaque.
With traction it's similar but I think it works the plaque itself more. It get's weakened/stretched while healthy tissue is adapting to the stretch.

In a sense it's similar to treating a cancer with strong chemicals. It will attack the cancer and the healthy tissue but the healthy tissue can heal/adapt while the cancer disintegrates.
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