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Greetings All,

I am 51 years old and first noticed a problem with my penis about two years ago. I was having painful erections and intercourse was uncomfortable for me. I just dealt with it and didn't tell my wife for fear she might think she was somehow effecting me or we would not have sex or some other ridiculous thing might happen. After several months the pain subsided but I noticed an indent in the left side of my penis when erect. I began thinking these were some strange changes related to age or something like that.

Very slowly, almost imperceptablly it began to bend to the left. I was in denial and didn't even want to admit to myself that it was happening. When it finally stopped it was nearly 45 degrees. It has also shortened over an inch in total length. Call me superficial but this is hard to take lightly. I began to search the internet and came across pages dealing with Peyronie's. To say the least I was devastated. Every one of you on here know what I am referring to. My manhood was in question. I actually wanted to die. I didn't want to tell my wife. I still have not seen a doctor about it.

Fortunately for me I can still have sex and without pain. The shaft has a weakness on the left that even when fully erect I can bend it 90 degrees or further. Finally I confided in my wife about my situation which was leading me into a mid-life crises. She of course tried to understand but could not see why it was such a big deal for me.  I have no idea where to turn as I am living overseas in Europe. I can see a Urologist but to what end? Is there hope to improve the condition? What I want to find more than anything are people who have tried something that has worked.

If you have read this far, thank you! If you have any sincerely helpful information I would love to hear it. The depression I feel has placed a great strain on my marriage of 30 years. I just want to feel good about myself again. To lose this part of oneself is one of the most difficult things a man can deal with in my opinion.

I have read some of the stories here and I already know that my condition is not as severe as many others. Thanks for reading my story. Forgive the complaining tone.