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Author Topic: Mrgnarly road to recovery  (Read 7606 times)

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Mrgnarly road to recovery
« on: September 29, 2012, 01:00:36 AM »

I discovered this forum 3 months ago and I have used this and various other sites to compile my own personal approach to combating this awkward disease. 

I'm a 45 year healthy person, divorced father and currently single.  I contracted this disease according to my uro after suffering sexual trauma.  I must admit to a terminal case if mid life crisis and I had no doubt something like this was eventually going to happen.  In any case here is my story and how I seem to be curing my disease to the extent my uro was equally impressed.

Dec 2011 first painful erection, ignored kept partying too hard.  I work in a stressful media industry so to maintain my active lifestyle  I was drinking too much and popping imported Viagra like tic tacs.  I go to the gym nearly every day so burning the candle in both directions was the norm. 

May 2012.  Decide to see gp.  He tells me to drop the Viagra and see a uro as my perception of Erectile Dysfunction was most probably psychological after he performed a physical on me and asked me a few questions.  He advised me I may have Peyronies. 

June 2012.  I wake up one day  to notice a dent and curvature.  About 15 degrees to the left.  I conduct my own research and take vitamin E like its my job. 

July 2012 curvature and pain are worse I contact leading uro and he chemically induces an erection , performs ultra sound and advises me of the following
 1 trauma points along mid section of penis with scarring and inflammation.  Circulation excellent.  26 degree deviation to the left with indentation and upward curvature.   Also with a twist.  Like a gnarly oak tree. 

I quickly accepted his advice to undergo Verapamil injections and traction with Arginine supplements and 5 mg of Cialis  daily.  I employed the following.

1 traction 4 -5  hours daily
2 Verapamil injections
3 topical DMSO with cp serum and potassium iodide, vitamin e
4 Arginine 2 GM daily.  Reduced to 1 GM after 3 months due to lowering of bp
5 Acetyl carnetine 5 GM daily reduced to 2 GM after 3 months
6 Vitamin e 500 once a day, ubiquinol 3 x daily, astaxanthin 2 daily
7 fish oil once a day, krill oil once a day
8 zinc, vitamin b, milk thistle ( for liver) vitamin d, c, daily recommended dosage
9 cut out all red meat, pescatarian diet 80% green vegetables , low carbs
10 green tea 3 times per day
11 neprinol,  9 tablets daily reduced after 3 months to 6 tablets
12 emphasis on cardio exercise
13 massage scar every time I was showering.

Starting this on July 3. ( except neprinol) By early August I had worsened to 30 degrees i was panicking so I increased traction to 5 hours and traction extensions to .5 weekly, started on neprinol and  i even went as far as buying an earthing bed sheet as i read it supposedly reduces inflammation. By late August  I was noticing improvement. My uro said my scar was finding harder to locate.

By September 20 soon after my 6th injection my uro did an angle measurement and my curvature has reduced to around 7 degrees.  Upward curvature is slight.  No pain either.  No twist, dent very minimal, He suggested I could stop treatment but I have asked to continue with my last 4 injections.  I will also continue with supplements and strict diet until December.  I will probably maintain traction to a minimum of 2 hours dailyfor life.  I'm obviously susceptible to this disease so I may as well get used to this regiment.

I hope this story gives those that read it the courage to tackle this disease head on.  Don't waste time and throw everything at it. 

UPDATE 22 jan 2013

I had my last URO visit last week my curve is now 5 degrees although I do still have 2 small dents on the left side. So overall improvement from  30 to 5 degrees over 6 months. Length improvement from 17cm to 20 cm, girth also better. I never measured myself prior to Peyronies Disease so I don't know what I was prior.   The second dent that is hardly noticeable at the end  makes the slight curve more noticeable.  My uro reckons my results are reasonable.  From what I've read here they sound great.  I did slacken a lot on the traction though in the last 3 months.  Missed most days and barely managed 2 hours on some days.  He suggested the traction may improve  some more but that in my case the treatment wouldn't be worthwhile given my residual curvature.  I kept going on the rest of the supplements.   I just now need to avoid dangerous women.  Good luck chaps. 

Former mrgnarly


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Re: Mrgnarly
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 03:10:17 PM »


Yours is about the first story I have seen regarding success with verapamil injections. I notice too that you've done nearly everything except pentox. Pentox has been shown to reduce the size of scar tissue in several studies. I took it for 8 months and it was very helpful in shrinking several plaques and reducing pain. Might be worth adding to your regimen. You might want to print out these studies: Pentox - Dr. Lue Case Study / Levine mentions his use of Pentox - Peyronies Society Forums rather than telling your doctor you heard about pentox from some guy on the internet. Good luck and I hope your success continues!

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