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I have just turned 70 and have developed symptoms of pain on erection, tightness at the lower side near pubic bone and a distinct change of direction downwards. Have been advised to consult a urologist but am wondering if there is any benefit to be gained.

Seems there is no cure and at my age no hope of surgery and I don't feel like spending a lot of money to be told yes you have but we can't treat it or no you don't have it  but it will probably correct itself anyway.

I feel depressed  and helpless as it is not the only health problem I have (CFS for last 15 years) and have no one to talk to , so appreciate this web site.



First I would like to say that you are wrong thinking that don't have what to do, especially in the early stages of the disease.
Many on this forum has found solution for they Peyronies. It is very important to be diagnosed to know if what you have is Peyronies indeed and to begin treatment as soon as you can.
Read our forum to get much knowledge as you can before you will see the urologist and see him as soon as you can.
Have medications that are making wanders to the pain (Pentox) and in combination with other medicines and supplements can fight this disease.
Regarding your age, I don't think is a parameter for nothing. I am 65 and we have forum member that is older than 80.

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Quote from: Blacksammi on August 20, 2012, 10:55:56 PM
I feel depressed  and helpless as it is not the only health problem I have (CFS for last 15 years) and have no one to talk to , so appreciate this web site.

I'm guessing CFS is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? If so I would find and try a Traditional Chinese medicine herbalist (this will often be an acupuncturist, but herbs are specifically what you want to try), which there should be a lot of good ones in Australia. If you've never tried that of course. They will prescribe you a course of roughly 10 herbs that work synergistically. For the Peyronie's a more aggressive treatment like Pentox or the VED (well, don't get aggressive with the VED!) are the most highly recommended around here.

To my mind, "no cure" means there is no one single thing that: 1) you take/do, 2) the problem goes away completely and everything is completely "normal" again. No, there is no cure in that sense, but there are no cures for a lot of things in that sense. What there are are many approaches you can take that help. I think chronic fatigue (I've had in the past and have now similar conditions) really limits your body's proper functioning, so if there are any treatments you haven't tried over the past 15 years, I would give them a shot. You might try qigong exercises, specifically the spring forest style.

I don't want to give the impression my alternative approaches are the "answer," but they are an option. And most guys here will agree anything gets considered if it has potential to help!


Quote from: Blacksammi on August 20, 2012, 10:55:56 PM
Seems there is no cure and at my age no hope of surgery and I don't feel like spending a lot of money to be told yes you have but we can't treat it or no you don't have it  but it will probably correct itself anyway.

If you are still reading this thread I want you to know they do 3 piece inflatable implants on men in their 90's.  I am not suggesting at this point that this should be your approach but a 90 yr old with the penis of a 18 yr old (in some ways better) is an option that is available at any age with halfway decent health for your age.

Our whole point is that you have options.  Now that is not to say that one option is not to nothing because that too is an option if you don't have a partner interested in sex, and sex takes a backseat in your life to lots of other meaningful fulfilling activities. We are here to help people cope and choose options, not to dictate options or rule out options that meet their life choices.
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Hi guys, thanks for your comments. I have tried most things for the CFS, including acapuncture and Chinese herbs, yoga, etc.but not with a lot of success. I had it reasonably under control by strict diet/excercise  regimes until I got pneumonis last year and was on prednisone for three months and am still struggling to get back on my feet. And now Peyronies...

I finally got to see a Uroligist yesterday, but have not been very impressed with his  approach or treatment suggestions. I hope you don't mind if I go into details  of the appointment.

I arrived atsurgery after forwarding all my details, medications, Erectile Dysfunction scale details etc in the mail. Dr was running two hours late, a bit af a problem when they want you to come with a full  bladder!

Anyway after urinating it the general toilet after he couldn't find his nurse to do the urine strength/volume test, he got me on the exam table. He did a n ultrasound of my bladder first to determine if it emptied. Then hedid a hand exam of bladder area, pubic area and testicles. Then turn over for a digital prostate exam. Then he told me to get dressed! Thinking he must be going to send me elsewhere to check the plaque area, i had just got dressed when he realised and got me back on the table for the penis plaque check. He commented that they were faily extensive (not a good comment) and he felt there was also a problem area around the tip end of the urethra with a buildup of some sort of plaque along  that.

I then got dressed and we had a general discussion of Peyronies, though I didn't let him know that I had learned a fair amount trom this site.
He gave his expalnation of the cause of my Peyronies. "Aswe age , our erections get less firm. this softmess leads to movement and stress in the walls, which causes minute bleeding, lesions and plaques. He did not explain why young peoplealso get it, northe fact that I had not had intercourse for the last year or so, only masturbation/hand and blow jobs.

It makes me wonder what else he is making up when he is unsure. He did not mention the Trental that I have been on with my GP, not did he suggest any treatment. He suggested nurophen for the pain and cialis for help with erections ( which would increase the pain). He said there were 35 or so "cures" out there and I was welcome tho try them, but none really worked. No mention of VED, nor the serra rx or serracor NK that I have been taking for two months.

He promised my that the pain would go away eventually but the bend would get worse, at least initially, though in all probability it would not get better ever.  He has arranged for further urine tests and also the camera down the wormhole bit!

I left the surgery after about half an hour with several boxes of cialis, some flamoxtra for the night urination from the (apparantly) enlarged prostate.  I have been in a state of shock since, not knowing what to do next.   The stress has brought the CFS to full flight and I am having trouble controlling the pain from that as well at the moment.

Thank you for reading this far and being so patient, but I do feel better just being able to write this down!



Another in a long string of bad urology visits. I too went to a urologist who all he wanted to do was run tests on my urinary system. I found it amazing to go to someone because my erection had a bend in it and the doc was more interested in my urine stream. Needless to say, I stopped going to him.

It has been posted here many times to find a doctor who specialilzes in male sexual function/peyronies disease. They aren't easy to find. Hopefully this will change in the future as Peyronies becomes better understood and more doctors specialize in this area.
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