Water VED / hydropump concerns?

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Dear members of peyroniesforum,

After spending countless hours on this wonderfully helpful forum I've decided to finally create a profile and give my contribution to this forum. To begin with I have a question about using a hydropump or more specifically the bathmate which is a fairly cheap VED-like device which can be used while in the shower as the cylinder of the VED is filled with water. I mainly wanna hear if any of you have had any expereinces with the use of a water VED or recommendations regarding the use of such device? Or is a regular VED with air pumping to be preferred?

The use of a water VED like the bathmate strongly appeals to me for the ease of use as it is required to do only sessions once a day involving pumping of the penis for up to 15-20 mins. Or so I've heard.

My current situation and diagnosis is:
6 months ago I was diagnosed with peyronies by a doctor.
The last for 4-5 months the curve has remained at a constant 45 degree angle to the left.
I can feel a pea sized lumb along the left side of my shaft.
I can achieve and hold an erection with no trouble like i would prior to getting peyronies.
I'm 25 years old.

My current treatment is as follows:

Oral (treatment period so far ~3months):
400mg pentox, 3x daily
100mg ubiquinol, 3x daily
L-arginine 1000mg, 2x daily
Vitamine E 525IU, daily
Multivitamins and fish oil

Physical (treatment period so far ~2weeks):
Just recently started traction therapy with the andropeyronie. The thing is impossible to walk with, but for the last week I have managed 4-6+ hours of use daily still.

The thing is is I would relally like to add VED to my treatment plan and I would therefore like to hear your concerns regarding the use of hydropumps / the bathmate.




Welcome to the forum.
I can't give you an advice regarding the hydropump as I don't know the subject.

The oral treatment that you are doing is what I am doing also except not using Vitamine E and Multivitamins. I am taking 2*100mg Ubiquinol daily. For young people Ubiquinol can be replaced by CoQ10 that is much cheaper.

The daily traction recommended is minimum 4 hours so you are OK also from this point of view.

Good you begin your treatment early. It may be your treatment that stopped your Peyronies from progressing.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
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Got amazing support on the forum

Old Man


Some time in the past there were some guys who used the hydro type VED pump system. Locate the PM address for a member who has not posted for some time now - Tim468  

You can go into the members listing and scroll down the pages to his address and you can click on his I.D. user name and it will bring up his profile and you can email him if he lists an address or you can send him a private message.

He used a system he made himself and used it while taking a tub bath and reported great success. I have seen photos of the Bathmate, but have not had any personal experience with water VEDs. My main expertise is with the vacuum erection devices (VED) with experience of over 17 and 1/2 years, etc.

Old Man
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Three more stents in 2016. Hiatal hernia surgery 2017 with 1/3 stomach reduction. Many other surgeries too.


Thanks for the response Old Man and James.

In three weeks time I'll be back from vacation and by then I will have decided whether to use a hydropump or a regular VED. I'm looking forward to updating on my treatment progress by then. Have a nice summer everyone.



Hi, I still occasionally read and post here! My old email was hacked and so PM's via the forum are better, though I do not log on regularly to catch up and so a reply may take a while.

I used a standard VED setup in the tub, but did not really allow water into the cylinder. Instead, I would soak in a hot bath for a while (5 minutes?) and then start the pumping. By keeping the water level low enough and shifting around I could stay above the water level to get started.

I like this setup for several reasons, mostly convenience. First, the warm water lets me stretch out longer faster, possibly by the effects of heat on collagen (speculation!). Second, soap is a fine lubricant for the VED - and some form of lubrication is really needed! Third, when I am done, I am already "cleaned up" - when I used a VED with lubricant while lying in bed, I wanted to go clean up afterwards anyway. Fourth, taking a bath is a socially acceptable way to remain private every day for a half hour, without raising the suspicions of somewhat prying teenagers. Finally, by combining the VED with something I liked to do every day already, I assured that I would stick with it.

Interestingly, I have moved and do not find it as convenient to do in a shower as a tub, and the getting to full length takes longer. And standing in a shower for a while is more wasteful on water than lying in a tub for that length of time. Perhaps for those reasons, I do not do it daily anymore.

At the top of the page are my directions for creating an affordable 1 or 3 cylinder system affordably.

52, Peyronies Disease for 30 years, upward curve and some new lesions.