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I'm 24 years old, and was just recently diagnosed with what is "probably peyronie's disease."

It started about 2 months ago when I noticed an odd curve in my penis. It seemed like one day it just appeared; there was nothing gradual about it. It didn't bother me too much and I assumed whatever it was, it would go away quickly. After several weeks of it not getting any better, I started researching what it might be, and of course peyronie's comes up.

After seeing all of the pentox recommendations, I booked the quickest urologist appointment I could. The day of the appointment I decided to look at reviews for the doctor I would be seeing and they were all terrible. When I eventually met him, I immediately knew where the reviewers were coming from. No matter, I was mainly there for one thing: the pentox. He hadn't heard of it being used for peyronie's, but prescribed it to me anyway.

It's been 3 weeks now of taking the 3x 400mg dose. Haven't noticed too much but it doesn't "seem" to be getting worse so far.

So about my case specifically:

There are no nodules (confirmed by the uro), but my left corpus cavernosum feels "tighter" than the right, like the tissue for that area is harder. When semi erect, the resulting curvature is the most obvious at about 45 degrees. When fully erect, the curvature is mild, but there is a slight indention along the entire left side of my penis, whereas before there was more of a bulge. Unfortunately, this has caused a functional decrease in girth (which so far has been the most upsetting thing about this). I'm almost certain length has been affected as well, but I haven't broken out the measuring tape yet.

So, my plan currently is to continue taking pentox, but I'm also interested in a VED and/or traction device. Eventually, I'll be making my way to those boards, but if anyone here would like to give advice on a model that would fit my poor college student budget, please do. I'm also curious of how nondescript the delivery packaging would be, as I live in student apartments, where the mail is first intercepted by the office. Embarrassing.

Anyway, sorry about the long post, but thank you for reading. Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to forum. I'm 28 years old and i've peyronie since 14 months.


Welcome aboard.
Here in europe I ordered the ved from imedicare, a british company and had it delivered to my office. It was very plain pakaging, so nobody noticed what was in the parcel.
You are on pentox, that is great news. As you are young, (under 40 ;) ) you could ad Q10 to your treatment. Older males should take ubiquinol, which is reducted form of q10. very expensive. But I read that younger patients will have same effect with plain Q10 and that is pretty cheap.
Do some research in the oral treatments section. There also is a study in the ressources section.



Hi Johannes,

Runnerman just posted the same question about a low cost VED. Go to the VED section of the website and there are several options for making your own or converting a lower cost single cylinder to a 3-cylinder VED. I posted what I did and am finishing my 5th week of the 26 week protocol. It was easier than I expected to do and it seems to be working well. Please read and follow all the cautions about using a VED as it is easy and tempting to over pump to get faster results. Good luck.



Hello Johannes.

You started Pentox wich is essential, that's good. I also recommend ( like a lot of guys here ) Ubiquinol ( or Ubiquinone ). I'm under 40 years old (32), but i use Ubiquinol form ( maybe i'm wrong but i want the best, my wallet doesn't like it hehe ). Find Ubiquinol ( or ubiquinone ) from KANEKA's products, the best.

Pentox, Ubiquinol/ubiquinone and Acetyl-l-carnitine are my first choice for oral treatment against scar tissues ( again thanks for huge informations here ), i take 2 grams of acetyl-l-carnitine.

I didn't have really Erectile Dysfunction ( more psychological in my case ) but i take L-arginine ( 2 grams/day ) and PYCNOGENOL ( 120 mg/day ), but i can say without hesitation that in my case it helped very much, i saw the diference before and after ( especially when i added Pycnogenol ).

Don't forget to have a blood test which can show you your Vitamin D level and blood sugar level.

Like luciano i ordered a VED 3 cylinders from IMEDIcare ( based in UK ), and really no problem with them; I phoned to them before ordered and they were very clear with all informations ( even if i speak english like a spanish cow ).


You find the best place to have some informations against with this syndrome ( i don't like the term disease ). The only regret is that i finded this forum after 9 months with peyronie, it's never too late but it's good when you start fighting in early stage.

Last advice? I know it's dificult ( until now for me too sometimes ), a strong mental is essential, when the mind follow, the body is more "open" to receive. Good diet, exercices are also essentials.

Take care, good luck.



Hi Johannes.

Welcome here. Yes, it is very important to start treatments soon to keep progression at bay. 


Thanks for the replies, everyone. Although the topic of Peyronies Disease can take an emotional toll if I'm not careful, it's always nice to have people that I can relate to about it. Speaking of which, it turns out my 40 yr old brother brother had a run in with Peyronies Disease a few years ago. In his case, it went away completely with no treatment, in under a year. We'll see what becomes of mine.

In the meantime, I'll pick up some Q10 and give that a shot. I'm also pretty set on ordering a 3 cylinder VED now, but just need to do some more research on which one. I'll be doing that as soon as I have the time.

Thanks again for the comments and take care.