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I thought I'd share this...

First, I'm single and since the onset of this condition almost three years ago, I did not engage in sexaul relations (sorry for the Bill Clinton verbage).

But over that time, I managed the condition with VED, pentox and other supplements.  

I think relatively speaking, the damage has been tame overall (slight dent on the left side), and I did see the dent on the other side disappear.

That being said, It's taken most of the last three years to get my head back to normal and mitigate fear and anxiety.  I was with a woman last night sexually who I had never been with before.

Afterwards, I just asked her straight up if she noticed a dent in my penis.  At first, she just gave me a dumbfounded expression, like "what are you talking about?"  I explained in more detail.  She immediately said, no, she never noticed anything like that and remarked about how she spent a lot of time focusing on that part of my body.

So, hopefully this adds weight to the idea that what we notice will not necessarily be noticed by others, or at least to the extent that we notice things.

Thanks to Angus, Old Man and others who have preached these words to me and the board many times before.

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she didn't notice the dent??? how about your curvature? and if u dont mind may i know how much degree of your curvature?


Pre-peyronies, I always had about a 15 degree curve to the left; Peyronies Disease did not change it, or if so, I can't tell.

So, not much of a curve to notice.  I've had too manage a couple of dents over the last three years.

Currently:  L-Arginine (2g), Vit D3)


Quote from: cowboyfood on December 02, 2011, 01:46:23 PM

So, hopefully this adds weight to the idea that what we notice will not necessarily be noticed by others, or at least to the extent that we notice things.
You are definetly right!
(but still .. i am ready to bet she was blonde .....loooool) *bad joke, but it was too easy*

I have dent + hourglass + 35 degree curvature.. for 3y +
A year ago I met a girl... after long hesitation (on my part) we had sex.
Afterwards she told me that I was stupid and thinking too much about it.
We are still together.
So I agree: a big part of it is up our head.
but thats normal.
Now I am starting to think that I am lucky.. It could have hit me much worse.
(I am thinking of those here that have such strong a curvature and pain that they cant have sex at all)

Of course that depends on days. Somedays i get really depressed and think of the times where I used to be straight.
So as I said. its all up my head.


Old Man

Hey guys:

Just a thought on my part. Some curves/bends make for a better sexual experience for the gals. If one has an upward curve, it can reach the "G" more easily and will drive the partner wild when it strokes that area real well.

So, if ones curves/bends are not too severe to preclude successful penetration, one should feel lucky in view of what happens for the guys who can't penetrate, etc.

Just my 2 cents, Old Man
Age 92. Peyronies Disease at age 24, Peyronies Disease after
stage four radical prostatectomy in 1995, Heart surgery 2004 with three bypasses/three stents.
Three more stents in 2016. Hiatal hernia surgery 2017 with 1/3 stomach reduction. Many other surgeries too.


Can I say something:

We guys obsess about our penis our ladies are just glad to be with us no matter what. Like I have told many a young man "The size of your penis does not make you a man."

The beautiful green eyed lady I have been married to for over 43 years, (no she is not blond), has been with me through all my journey with peyronies, ED, venous leakage, corporal fibrosis. Then a failed implant attempt. Now a successful implant. The one statement she made to me still brings a joy to my life. "Jack, I did not marry you for your penis." She was by my side through my journey.

I lost over 1 1/2" inches to peyronies. It concerned me but never bothered her. When I came out of surgery at Vanderbilt she had talked with Dr. Milam. I saw that gleam in those beautiful green eyes and knew all was well.

The first night I was home after my implant was activated I lay on my back with a hard on sticking straight up, no pills, no shots just me. I was still 1 1/2" shorter than before peyronies but it did not matter any more.

Over the last 3 years I have been able to gain about 90% of the loss back because of the skills of Dr. Milam and the LGX. I asked her how I felt sexually now to her than before. She told me she never noticed the difference I feel just the same as always.

Guys, we have to stop obsessing over our problems. The women that love us don't care about the size or shape of our penis. That is a man thing. They love us for the man we are.

I have had the privilege of talking with many men that had progressed to the stage with this mess I have. It takes time for implant surgery to heal. One single young man kept telling me I can't a girl will reject me, I can't I have lost too much size to satisfy her, just on and on. Well about 2 months ago he meet a young lady and it was love at first sight for her. One evening after a date he was with her and she started to try to get into his pants. He told he whoa! you need to know something. She asked what? He told her "I'm Bionic." She asked what did that mean, he briefly told her he had an implant. She told him I don't care I want you anyway.

That night he learned a couple of things. The fact he had an implant did not matter, the size of his penis did not matter, that he could satisfy her and he could go longer than any guy his age. Since then they have been almost constant companions.

What I am trying to say is we can not let this damn disease get us down. There is help and hope for all of us. Love the lady you are with and she will give you more than you ever expected. The most important thing is NEVER - EVER / NEVER - EVER / NEVER - EVER - EVER GIVE UP!!!!

Just my feeling this morning.



CF I'm making this a sticky so it doesn't get lost in the threads. It's not locked, so everyone can still reply.

 For every guy reading this who is depressed with the Peyronies situation,
scroll down to the beginning of this thread and read it ALL. TWICE.  


Great thread.

I think I am ready to ask my girl what she thinks. I'm terrified though, since when we first met 5 years ago we had sex and she said "such a nice shape" regarding my erect penis back then. We got together again just the beginning of this year and I am assuming she isn't saying anything, since the changes took place just about 2 years ago. I lost the thickness I used to have and now have a slight hour glassing, though it's smoothed out a lot over the last year.

Reading over these stories I have to say this gives me a lot of courage and a better attitude. Girls just want a man. Thanks everyone.


Bravo, Jackp, for your heartfelt and fantastic post: wonderful therapy for the Peyronies Disease blues   This is a great forum, but by its nature it can reinforce our obsessions with that one little organ of ours.  What Jackp has written puts things back in perspective.  Those of us who are fortunate enough to have someone to love have a treasure worth far more than a straighter or longer penis.  For those who don't currently have someone, she (or he, for some) may be right around the next corner, and will love you for all of who you are, not just for that one small part of you.

Chris Overleaf

Great posts about the penis in our head if you know what I mean! What matters are real relationships, emotional and all kinds of sexual, with real people.


I will add here what Hawk once posted on the forum:

You are not offering a woman a dick that just happens to have a tolerable life support system attached to it.

Some shallow females never built a woman to go along with her vagina.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


I'll add a comment here too. I know someone who told a girl he was embarrassed with his 20-degree bend to one side. The girl smiled and said "that might just hit some new spots I've never felt before!"
So I agree with the posts about not obsessing. And never forget you have fingers, lips and a tongue.
Age 64, Peyronie's history 4 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no ED