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Hi everyone,

So how did I end up here? Well it's a story that involves lots of vigorous sex over a 2-3 year period.

I've been with my wife for 12 years, we met when we were 23 and now we're 35. We got married 2 years ago.

We've always had an open relationship which involved swinging and even a period where she worked as an escort so we could save for a deposit to get a mortgage and buy our first house along with our full time Monday to Friday jobs.

So a few years ago we got back into swinging in a big way and it was great fun. I stopped masturbation completely as I felt completely satisfied with all the regular sex I was getting.

In February this year we hosted a swinging party which was great fun. I had a woman on top who was riding my dick aggressively so I believe this is the incident that caused peronies.

2-3 months later my penis is now indented on the left side and curves to the left at a 20°-30° angle.

When swinging I would often shag for hours using Super Kamagra which is an oral jelly containing 100mg Sidenafil and 60mg Dapoxetine to delay orgasm as it's a treatment for premature ejectulation. I would take this along with a 60mg Cialis Tadalafil tablet.

My wife brought it to my attention that the top of my penis was soft when erect and how I wasn't interested in her as much as I use to be. We put this down to the swinging. Then when giving me a blowjob one evening she mentioned that I may have peronies as it's a plaques that causes curvature. I had heard of peyronies disease many years ago when I was a teenager. I had looked it up when I was concerned about a congenital curvature I have always had to the left.

Now my penis looks crooked but there isn't any pain. Wanting to get this problem sorted I looked up a urologist in my area on Google and found one in London as I'm based in South East of England.

They gave me a consultation on the phone and said how peyronies disease can cause erectile dysfunction which could explain my lack of interest in sex even though I put it down to be bored of swinging. I belive it to be a combination of the two that has contributed to my low libido.

So I met up at their clinic in London and I was examined by the urologist who confirmed peyronies after feeling a plaque on the left side of my penis and was told I was in the acute phase.

He recommended 6 sessions of ESWT known as shockwave therapy. He explained it as being a non invasive treatment that works for between 60-70% of men and that results weren't guaranteed.

Without any other options other than the NHS where they have long waiting lists and only offer surgery for severe cases (which mine isn't) I agreed to the shockwave therapy.

As expected it came with a big price tag. £3995 for 6 sessions of ESWT to treat both peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction. On top of that I bought the SOMAerect Response II vacuum pump for £375 bringing the total to £4370. This also included a supply of Acetyl-L-Carnitine,Vitamin D3 and K2 MCT oil, Vitamin E oil and 5mg Tadalafil.

I've had 5 treatments so far of the ESWT and have noticed harder erections, increased libido and I'm waking in the morning with erections. However I've noticed no improvement in penis curvature. I've been told it's a case of "wait and see". I'm hoping the plaque can be broken down and for my curvature to be reduced but it's no guarantee.

I've read some severe cases on here and hope mine doesn't progress and worsen over time. I'm fortunate to have a working penis and guess I'll just have to make do with it being crooked and be careful when having sex in the future.

I'm just grateful I haven't got a life threatening illness and put this all down to aging. As you get older things break. It's all part of life I guess.

It's probably also worth mentioning that I have two inguinal hernias in my groin which I've been on the waiting list on the NHS for 18 months. I was told by the urologist that the hernias are probably not helping either with blood flow to the penis. I go in for surgery in two weeks time after completing my last ESWT session next week.

So that's my story. I would like to say this forum is great. I've been reading it as a guest over the past few weeks and urge others to come forward with their story.

We're all in this together and I hope hearing my story has helped.
35 years old
Married and open relationship
In 2023 Peyronies caused by repeated micro trauma, first noticed in April 2024
20°-30° curvature to the left
Acetyl-L-Carnitine,Vitamin D3 & K2, 5mg daily Tadalafil


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These are before and after pictures.

The before picture was taken in April 2023 and the after picture in June 2024.

As you can see it curves to the left.

I always had a slight congenital curve and now it's an obvious 20-30° curve.

It's comfortable enough for sex and doesn't cause any pain.

Just keeping it in check as don't want the condition to worsen.

Your opinions are much appreciated.
35 years old
Married and open relationship
In 2023 Peyronies caused by repeated micro trauma, first noticed in April 2024
20°-30° curvature to the left
Acetyl-L-Carnitine,Vitamin D3 & K2, 5mg daily Tadalafil

Lostand Looking24

Your situation looks almost exactly like mine except mine is curved to the right and starts a little bit higher up the shaft than yours. Same exact cause probably, minus the swinging lol, too much vigorous sex and using cialis to be able to do even more, and a lot of cowgirl position.

If you hold your erection straight you might notice from the point of the curve starting to your head the shaft on that side is a bit thinner than the rest, and if you straighten it out with traction theres a chance it could straighten back out but with the girth difference still present, so you might want to take that into account if you want to straighten it back out (this is how mine is also).

Your current situation isn't going to cause you any issues at all once you get used to it mentally but that will take time, at which point you'll forget how it even was before this started and it will be as if its always been like that, because the deformity is small. But like I said you can straighten that out with traction most likely.

VED is also a good idea to get your erections stronger.

Lastly masturbation is gonna feel weird for a long time probably, it still does for me after a year, but there isnt going to be any noticeable difference during sex especially if you already had a congenital curve in the same direction beforehand
Symptoms at 22
Curve to the right that fluctuates between 20-30 degrees and indentation. Indent is exactly where the curve is.